StopHateBot Helps Twitch Streamers Block ŞĻûŘs

Today, some Twitch streamers are taking a break from the platform to raise awareness about hate raids, when users flood their stream chats with hateful, sometimes racist messages. Their goal is not to drive fans to other platforms, but to force Twitch to pay attention and take action on an issue the company hasn’t solved.

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I love that the community is developing bots to help stop this. But, like a lot of people, I’m frustrated with Twitch themselves for not addressing this. I feel like Twitch has the tools that with a little extra functionality could go a long way to address this issue. Vods and chat logs are recorded by Twitch for up to 14 days (30 and 60 for affiliates and partners respectively). Have a way for a streamer to report a hate raid that logs the date and time. You have usernames, IP addresses, and message history for anyone who participated in the raid. If a streamer sent the raid, log that too. Then, just issue blanket bans from the platform. This should be a no tolerance thing, in my opinion. This does nothing to stop the raid in the moment, I know. And there will be ways to get around it, but I think that after a few mass bannings, the willingness to participate in shit like this will go downhill fast.

But, maybe I’m too optimistic in that?


You’re right and everything this bot is doing are things Twitch themselves could be doing in a much faster method by parsing messages as they’re sent.

As an aside the problem with IP bans is they’re easily circumvented and if it’s a shared IP or a dynamic IP you could end up with people who shouldn’t be banned getting banned.

Automated combating of hate speech is very interesting IMO because it seems like an ever evolving challenge. Im a bit surprised, but not too surprised, that this is a very under researched area it seems. To my knowledge for example there’s no company out there trying to sell a hate speech detector for various platforms or games. The few projects on GitHub that are trying to tackle this have little in the way of progress and very few stars. Kinda says a lot about where tech as a whole is concerned with this.