Story Mode, Multiplayer, and More Make Us Want to Play 'No Man's Sky'


The Atlas Rises patch adds a brand-new storyline.

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I think everyone in here is probably in favour of “improved waypointing”, right?

This patch sounds deeply interesting. I will always, to an extent, carry a torch for this game that I never played, if only in spite of the obvious love that was poured into a product that was widely scorned at release. I hope this patch is great and that Hello Games sees success out of it.


I’ve got 50 hours logged in steam, and generally agree with H Bomberguy’s take on the game, having also skipped out on all of the hype after the initial announcement trailer.

I think I stopped just before the game would have truly become a pointless slog, so I look forward to starting over with this new patch and running through the new story.


I’m gonna jump back in and give it a shot. Haven’t played since a week after release, but this is looking good. The FOV slider is a huge deal for me. I have terrible eyesight and get headaches easily, and boy was the FOV ruining me in NMS.


As someone who put in maybe 20ish hours into the game prior to any updates (still missing a freighter) I’ll definitely be jumping in after just getting board of what was possible to do. Never jumped in when they added the base building but with updated graphics and fast travel seems like a no brainer to support a single focal point as your home base and just roam the galaxy scavenging new story elements and resources.


I jumped back in briefly when they added base building and freighters, but other games got in the way of really digging in, so I’ve also got two updates worth of stuff to catch up with.


I’m glad that No Man’s Sky has morphed into a version of Elite Dangerous that I actually understand.

And quite frankly, limiting multiplayer interactions to proximity voice chat is…kind of great? It’s enough to where I don’t feel alone in the galaxy anymore (I never did like vanilla NMS’s version of isolation - felt more boring than contemplative), but I don’t have to worry about grieving from others or inconveniencing my co-op partner (a problem I personally ran into with games like Minecraft all the time, lol)


If anyone hasn’t been following NMS, this update was preceded by an ARG titled, “Waking Titan,” that was developed by Alice & Smith and was meant to re-engage the community. The ARG was really exciting and hard to describe because of how complex it was. You can read up on it here,

It started with cassette tapes that were sent to the mods of the NMS Reddit communities. When analyzed, the audio’s wavelengths revealed code which decrytped into the phrase, “portals.” At this time the Waking Titan ARG was thought to be separate from the NMS ARG. There was some similar themes and neither devs would deny they were connected though. This caused some arguing and controversy in the community and even brought back some of the more abusive folks that had left. They thought that people they were stupid for thinking they were connected and the ARG dev was trying to piggyback off of NMS’s community.

During the ARG, they had a NPC moderating a forum to guide us and she even made videos that summarized what had happened as the ARG went on. Then her account went silent and everyone began to worry. Spoiler, it was later revealed her, “echo” or consciousness was uploaded onto a server to become a sentient AI of sorts and later went on to modify the simulation (NMS). We all knew she was an NPC but just thought she was a mod working for the devs, not part of the story. Which made her disappearance confusing and now that I look back on it, brilliant.

The whole thing was really fun and ended with a live twitch stream of a hamster and the activation of a sentient AI.

I thought it was a brilliant way for Hello Games to interact with the community. After launch they had received death threats and put their heads down and got to work. Innes McKendrick, a Hello Games dev, gave a talk at GDC, about the abuse and how he is potentially making the game better for the same people who abused him.

The whole NMS story like a study in human psychology. It’s fascinating to watch that community. The update launched yesterday and people started writing negative reviews without playing the update. A number of people who claimed HG would never work on the game and that the devs were scammers have admitted to re-buying the game and apologizing.


Hopped in for about an hour - the quests/etc stand out the most so far and they have changed a TON since I last played. I’ll give it a few nights and explore before making a final decision but this certainly seems like a better game than it was at release though I still spent a lot of time in that version of the game.


It’s a kinda incredible patch. The game looks very different suddenly. Lots of good improvements. You move faster, which is a huge plus. And FOV option is a blessing.

I do like the game, but I’m not sure how much. A couple of hours then I wake up to the grind and get kinda sick of it. But the joy of exploration usually draws me back in.


The real question is: Have the sandworms been added?


Man, I loved the game at launch and kinda fell off after devouring it extensively around said launch. I’d meant to go back after the previous update but never found the time. I think I gotta do it now… once I’m able to in about three weeks. D: hope I don’t forget again!!


Update 1.31 went up. Good to see them working hard.

Also, Recent reviews are positive on steam now. Everybody loves a comeback story. First Impressions of the update are good. There are still some QOL things that need smoothing over with all the new stuff but seem easily fixable. The devs are quickly responding to bugs and suggestions.



Is there any chance of this coming out on Switch? It’s pretty much the only machine I use these days but this game has fascinated me from day one, and I feel compelled for some reason to reward the dev’s for plugging away at this. Some company in the UK is offering it up for £10 but I feel even at that price for my PS4 I am not sure when I would ever actually play it.


It still has some performance issues on powerful PCs, so I don’t think it’s too likely.

Maybe a slightly scaled-back port in a few years, but that’s the best I’d hope for.


Damn, well at least that removes one aspect from the equation.

Hovering over the Buy button. The Boy doesn’t really need feeding, is what I am telling myself.


Much like Austin I really liked the game when it was first released and spent around 40 hours exploring planets and taking some of the best screenshots I’ve ever taken in a video game.

And much like last year I am in need for some relaxation and escapism right now to be able to deal with the real world. Excited for No man’s sky to, once again, help me do just that.


I took the plunge and got this. Spent a couple of hours with it over the weekend. Seems right up my street. I did get attacked by flying robots who killed me for no reason I can fathom, and my life support ran out without me even seeing any of the resources it said I needed to replenish it, but I got off the planet, the music seems very good and I generally liked just walking around mining stuff.


I put in about 5 hours before the Atlas patch, mostly just cruising around in my ship.

I am astounded by how much more engaging this game is now. Between the new waypoint system (heh) and some semblance of a narrative driving my actions, I feel more purposeful when I’m playing. Not to say it was bad in its previous form, but I do appreciate being pointed in the right direction right now.


Not going to give a blow by blow account, as I assume most/all of you have already experienced this, but another few hours last night and I am really digging this game. I still feel fairly lost but have decided the game wants you to feel this way, so I am OK with it (and it sounds like with this patch, I have been given way more direction than the game’s initial release state).

I find many of the systems clunky as well, but there is just something right there at the core that has made me a) enjoy just mining stuff (though that Inventory limit, holy smokes) and b) want to get the next story beat.