StreamFriends Alumni


Hey! Were you part of the StreamFriends community? Were you? Say if you were and maybe we can share some memories or favorite moments!


When Austin did his Guide to Games on Valkyrie Chronicles it reminded me of the time the StreamFriends played through a few hours of the game and just how restful it was to listen to Austin, Jack, Ali, and Art talk about bread and fake Europe’s pastoral landscapes.


I remember being up at like 3AM my time and having to tell Phil that it was OK to shoot the sniper riffle in that part of Mirror’s Edge where you have to shoot the sniper riffle (he was attempting the don’t shoot anybody achievement).

I didn’t watch a lot of Stream Friends because of the time difference.


Only insofar as I found the archives much later D:

The ballad of Alanna Regrets is a story I will never forget.


I was on the Sonic Boom stream with Phil, Ali, and Dylan!



also don’t ask me about panama hats


christ I remember being there for that


I will stand by that “The Crew” stream until the day I die though


As Jeverage, I was more of an archive viewer when stuff appeared on YouTube so not really that involved in any community other than enjoying a lot of the stuff.

Loads of great stuff including Weird USA and Beyond: Two Souls.


I didn’t watch much Stream Friends, but I remain a fan of Run Button



Recovery Search and Rescue was extremely good content

Also Brother Wheelie and the gang


I loved that bizarre trainwreck of a Knack stream where Run Button and StreamFriends were on each other’s skype calls and nobody could tell what was going on in any of the games


I mostly just lurked, but the entire panama hats stream was wild.

#14 CW: A really bruised (possibly broken) ankle


streamwolves never die

i came in kinda late and should’ve interacted more w/folks but i have a lot of great memories of SF :’)


Every single TrashCake stream was a delight.

I also remember one year, Phil playing a ton of awful spoopy games for Halloween and we all had to endure the awfulness that was Pineview Lane.



that’s one of if not my favorite videos on earth


I love this video because it proves I gave Phil Kollar the rude boy of games journalism nickname forever

Also any time Keith got way too deep into a bit was instantly a classic


I caught the The Crew road trip episode while I was tripping balls on painkillers recovering from having my wisdom teeth out. It was a pretty solid experience, would recommend.