Streaming Stressful Games to a Crowd Actually Makes Them More Enjoyable

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I stream my fighting game bouts now, which takes the edge off of the stress of 1v1 online matches. Where I used to get really salty, I now shrug off the Ls. I guess there’s something to be said of having a crowd watching you that stops you from groaning in frustration. Probably should just learn to be able to do that myself, alone, without the help of a group of people, but so it goes.

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I don’t stream but I do talk at loud to an imaginary audience a lot (and write on a blog whose audience is mostly imaginary). Even so, I couldn’t stream a hard game. I don’t have the patience, I have a terrible temper, and I would just break down into rage almost immediately. Mad respect for those who can do it though.


I’ve had the joy and privilege of watching your Dead Cells streams, and had also followed your Mario Maker mornings in YouTube. It’s really wonderful to watch a TRUE GAMER™ blossom. Since Dead Cells didn’t “put up the kind of fight I was expecting”, would you consider streaming a game you would want to learn that’s outside your wheelhouse? If the sense of community and connecting to the fans during a game learning experience is quite enjoyable for you, maybe it’s time you dipped your toes into some strategy and tactics titles?