'Street Fighter 2' Is Back, Sold out, Might Set Your SNES on Fire


M. Bison says: “Only (shor)yuken prevent SNES fires.”

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I heard that they actually figured out how to make a sudden death cartridge. And if you ever lose a fight the game explodes inside of your SNES. Not sure how they did it though. Probably a ghost or something.


Finally a $100 flammable version of a $10 game.


Still preferable to playing Way of the Hadou.


The disclaimer goes on to say that the game is being sold “as is,” that Nintendo of America is in no way associated with the release, and that neither iam8bit nor Capcom imply or offer any warranty for the item, or make any claim that the cartridge is safe for use.

Something tells me this won’t hold up in court. It’d be one thing if these were fake replicas that people tried to cram into their SNES, but they’re real, working cartridges. Doesn’t buying a product and using it as intended come with an inherit claim that it’s safe?

Whatever happens I’m anxious to see how this turns out. I hope everything’s fine of course, but I’m also a little morbidly curious to see what happens to a company when they sell bombs to die hard fans and ruin their vintage hardware.


Iam8bit already uses pretty low quality stuff in their cartridges and often delivers way later than expected so it’s a given they’re going to try to cover their bases in all ways but don’t have to try too hard because retro game collectors are more than happy to drop $$$$ on reproductions like this (and obviously it being an official one made it sell out even faster).

For something like this where it’s a port of World Warrior, they realize people are going to get it, play it like three times and then either let it sit on a shelf forever or throw it on Ebay so someone else can do the same.