Studio Behind Torchlight Shuts Down; Big Layoffs At Studio Behind Gigantic

Sad news - I loved Torchlight 1 & 2, and was meaning to pick up Hob and play it my next long weekend.

Kind of underlines earlier fretting about the future of single-player games, since Perfect World cites a focus on online games as the reason for shutting Runic. The full statement:

Following the news that Motiga has reduced the staff of its studio, Perfect World Entertainment can confirm that as the publisher of Gigantic, the game will continue to be available on our platforms. A core team of developers remains at Motiga, who will work with us to support the game and its players, including moving full steam ahead with the upcoming November update and future content. We cannot thank everyone enough for their contributions in making Gigantic the outstanding experience it is today.

Perfect World Entertainment recently closed the Seattle office of Runic Games as part of the company’s continued strategy to focus on online games as a service. We’re grateful to the team for all of their hard work bringing incredible experiences like Torchlight, Torchlight II and Hob to life. Runic Games will remain a part of Perfect World Entertainment’s portfolio of studios, and its games will continue to be available to players, as we stay committed to supporting and growing Runic Games’ beloved franchises.

The staff reduction at Motiga and the closure of Runic Games Seattle were unrelated. Perfect World Entertainment stands committed to delivering the best massively multiplayer online gameplay experiences to our players.

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Unbelievable…Torchlight was a huge success and it wasn’t enough money for the company even for the potential profits of a third game ?

Torchlight III wasn’t going to make MOBA or Battlegrounds money so why have them around? It’s a shame I really like Torchlight II and Hob sounds cool. Hopefully the devs can get something new up and going

I can’t help but imagine losing some of the people behind Rebel Galaxy didn’t help matters much. I know Hob took a long time to come out and came out fairly quietly.

I hate this with every fibre of my being. This just isn’t right. Both studios were making great games and should have had all the success in the world. My heart goes out to all the developers that poured their heart and soul into those games and are now looking for work… May you land on your feet swiftly at another developer or find peace with finally leaving this hell industry.


I very much don’t see how your question applies to my post?

Aw man for a really long time Torchlight was the best aRPG on the market. Man, it’s like you can only make really big games or really small ones and no middle ground.

I really liked Torchlight but never ended up picking up Torchlight 2, just because i somewhat got tired of the genre as a whole. Bummer to see the studio go, hopefully they all get picked up by somewhere else or form something new.

Sorry, I don’t know how I got to that conclusion from your original comment either. I must have completely misread it. I apologize.

I will remove that part of my previous post.

Super sad times and I hope everyone at Runic lands on their feet. Hob is gorgeous and charming, and it makes me sad to imagine what a huge impact it would have had if it were possible for Hob to have been released a couple of years ago, into a pre Breath of the Wild world.

It’s been a VERY long time since Torchlight 1 & 2, and while I can’t go into the details, profits from those games didn’t wind up going directly where we might have liked as fans. The industry and its publisher/developer relationships can be a very unfair place.

For those of you lamenting the death of Torchlight as a series, look closer:

“For those that love the Torchlight series, there will be some news coming.”

Runic might not be working on it, but there’s likely another game that has yet to be announced. If you go back and read about the development of the sequel, the plan was always to create a more massively multiplayer iteration of the series, these things just take a lot of time and effort.

Shoot, I hope everyone affected can find work elsewhere quickly.

I guess this is what happens when you put a lot of stake single player game in the current market… That really sucks. I’m honestly surprised, I know Torchlight is an immensely popular series. Hope all of the talented people from that studio find work as soon as they can!

man this blows a lot, i loved the torchlight series. hoping the people are able to find new places to work fast, though from what i saw on twitter a lot of studios were quick to invite ex-Runic people to apply for work.

also is it just me or does it feel really weird to buy in to the publisher line of “singleplayer doesn’t sell”? like i know people have been bringing it up here and there (with EA’s shutting of that star wars game as well) but like, this entire argument that singleplayer games are dying feels like it’s being brought down on consumers by publishers who are just looking at profits in shit like overwatch or dota. like to me it feels like we’re kind of buying in to some vizier rubbing his hands going “yeeees yeees! single player games are dead! everyone just wants to open loot boxes now!” as he rubs his hands and cackles louder every time someone spends 5 euros on 400+100 bonus platinum coins

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Also when people say single-player doesn’t sell, I get it but also I bought Torchlight 2 expressly for the co-op multiplayer and I only ever played it that way.

It’s not that singleplayer doesn’t sell, it’s that even the biggest and most successful singleplayer games don’t sell as much as successful multiplayer games. As basically the only criterion in the vizier’s perspective is bean counting and the vizier decides which games to fund (at least in at AAA scale), people are worried. I don’t think it’s buying in to acknowledge that, visibly, GTA5, CS, Overwatch, etc. are printing money in a way that Skyrim or Horizon or Torchlight never will. The insane thing is that obviously successful singleplayer games are still profitable, hugely so. Just not AS profitable, and the vizier wants moar money.