Study of gaming motivations


Something for the psychology of gaming crowd:

Some of the interesting results of the data is conclusions around the meaning of “hardcore” being gendered (examining those who self-identify as “hardcore”, ranked by their motivations for playing games in terms of enthusiasm). If you’ve read “git gud” (at the cost of any other concept of attainment or mastery) as closely linked to toxic masculinity, this is yet more data establishing that potential link (in the pocket of self-selecting “hardcore” players).

Other than “destruction”, women in the study who considered themselves “hardcore” were motivated above the average of all respondents in every category (ok, only hitting the 54-56% percentiles in a few but enough space from that 50% median to give a clear bar when plotted). Men who identified as “hardcore” ranked exceptionally high for “competition” and “challenge” (high meaning there was likely a very broad spread in the wider population and a lot of the “hardcore” men all clustered at an extreme of that scale in terms of enthusiasm for those motivations).

[It’s worth also pointing out that these are far from good predictive classifiers (something we sometimes de-emphasise when doing such data analysis and looking for what seems to be the headline results). You would not get any marks for using the motivation towards competition of an individual to predict their gender based. Even just using these limited breakdowns we can clearly see that this would put most “hardcore” women into the male classification while “casual” men would be counted as women. This data is not about Venus vs Mars, it’s noting a reasonably wide difference in averages between two overlapping populations as interesting.]

There’s a lot more in the linked piece to dig into but that headline is a good jumping off point.

Thoughts on "casual" games? What does that term mean to you?