Style Savvy Fans are About to get a Special Christmas Present

On Wednesday, Nintendo blindsided North American Style Savvy fans not only with a release date for the latest game in the series, but also with a shiny new demo in the eShop.

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I think this is the second article I’ve seen regarding Styling Star as a “Christmas present” but Nintendo is still charging full 3DS game price for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said I’m a tad disappointed that this is digital only. I’m guessing Fashion Forward didn’t sell too well. I bought it at launch but didn’t find the time to play much.

So recently I popped Trendsetters back in my 3DS, It just feels so good to dress up a mannequin on your store window and have a customer SO EXCITED about that they buy the whole ensemble. This happened three times in a single day! Such a fun game.

It will always be a stain on humanity that Style Savvy consistently under-performed while people were falling all over themselves to buy Ubisoft’s Imagine: ____ Fashion games.

Nintendo not really bothering to advertise the series here, while the Imagine series filled the shelves of every department store’s DS section for years, didn’t help matters. I remember last holiday season seeing one commercial and one in-store display that had a small chunk of it devoted to Fashion Forward, and that was the most non-gaming-website marketing I’d seen for any of the games, ever.

It’s also pretty hard to explain to people that the series is actually reeeeally good and more than just dress-up. Though that part’s fun, too! Fashion Forward is honestly the only reason I own a 3DS at this point, and all of the additions and changes in Styling Star sound great (the change back to Trendsetters’ “fill up the Fashion Chalice with Style Water to unlock new stuff” system especially). Gonna get it day one, gonna sell StageDive exclusively as always, gonna have a good time.

I’ll never get why Style Savvy is such a high quality release and why it’s always such a low-key release in the US.
It’s still worthy of a physical release in the EU so I’ll gladly oblige.
Thank god they brought back the male fashion to the game, although I guess it’s back with the expectation of using female gaze for that, can’t win them all I guess.
I have no idea what I wouldn’t do to get a similar game on a different subject, IDK like selling cars or whatever really. All the systems are really well made and really well put together, kind of a shame it’s only targeted at half the potential market…
I wouldn’t trade what we already have though, I just want more.
If Ubisoft can sell 50 versions of Imagine Whatever or LĂ©a Passion Something, Nintendo can give us a line of products by the guys doing Style Savvy!

Nintendo did a big push on the DS for the series, even doing commercials with Beyonce. I guess they didn’t really make as much as they’d like because I’ve rarely seen them advertise the game since. It also seems like the huge casual audience of that generation sort of died down when the 3ds happened, so that probably didn’t help.

still, these games looks really cool! im hoping I can properly give them a try soon! is there a good one to start with or should I just jump on this one?

I’ve played all of the Style Savvy games so far and there’s basically no story ties and each games(mostly) builds on the features of the previous games, so if you’re jumping in, the newest one is probably best(or the upcoming one in this case).

I’ve heard the series hasn’t really done well in the past in NA previously, which would explain this being a rather low-key release there by Nintendo standards. Still, they’re good games.

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I loved Trendsetters, but really disappointed Styling Star isn’t getting a retail release. I’ll take it tho.