Subterfuge - Community Game

Hey you!

If like me you were enticed to subterfuge by Rob’s distracted performance during the podcast, why not try a few tutorials and come join the game “Digital Puramids”.

I did a brief search (on my phone however) and couldn’t find any other topics so thought this might be worth a go. Also I am a total beginner so hopefully the game won’t be completely savage. Also I haven’t cashed into the L2 pass so game is public. Also I don’t know how their servers work so this might be impossible.

Here’s hoping this works!

Ok this link may help:


I’m dropping myself into the water. Also have never played, so heads up on that.

Wanted to join but I see it’s already started. Snooze and lose just like in the game :slight_smile: I too heard about this game on the podcast and got very curious so I made a game. It currently has 8 more slots so go for it!

There is a great video series of this game over at cool ghosts. I am going to familiarize myself with the system then check it out

Remember when Adam Sessler was in the trailer for this

I am also intrigued and just downloaded.

I’m also into this. Would love to join a community game. Seems like this Digital Puramids game has already started.

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Oh friends I hope you’re well and doing okay.

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Maybe too late, but if anyone wanted to get a new game going I’m looking for some people to play with!

I still haven’t tried a game…I was working through the tutorial single player missions, but I think Rob’s account of their game might be enough for me. I brought it up at work, and we might try Diplomacy, which I hear is similar, but not real time.