Sucker Punch’s New Game Is Samurai-Focused ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’

IIRC Alex from Giant Bomb did ask them at E3 last year(?) and they said there would be a subtitle option.

Still remember that reveal trailer where the guy was like “I studied your language, samurai”… in English.

Galaxy Brain, the US version is just all of the action scenes strung together with a voice over narration bridging the gap of why you’re on a boat or in a desert from one scene to another like in Shogun Assassin. :smiley:

I’d pre-order if they pay Sho Kusugi to do an intro like he did for the Sho Kusugi’s Ninja Theater line of films where they’d take whatever random martial arts flicks and have Sho Kusugi walk out of a temple and say those magic words:


We got a State of Play presentation today, highlighting exploration, the two styles of combat and character customization. They also showed off the photo mode, a “Samurai Film” filter for the game and the Japanese language track

Honestly, I’m disappointed that this looks a lot like Assassin’s Creed. I’m sure it’s fun, I’m sure it’s a good way to spend 10,000,000 hours or whatever and I’m definitely gonna play it, but I was hoping for a bit more character. When I see footage of someone pressing a button to pick a flower without even getting off their horse, I know to adjust my expectations accordingly.

Seems pretty mediocre.

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Sucker Punch made The AAA Video Game. The Only Video Game Companies Can Make Without Guns In It.

(…and I’m pretty into it)

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I haven’t even watched the video yet but I want to beat @VulpesAbsurda to this.

You had me at petting foxes.

But actually more important:

Sucker Punch created a filter that makes the whole game look like a classic movie.

Kurosawa Seven Samurai filter I wanted F-ing confirmed!!!


I don’t think calling it a “Kurosawa filter” is accurate, because that dude made colored movies

And they’re brilliant


When I see footage of someone pressing a button to pick a flower without even getting off their horse, I know to adjust my expectations accordingly.

Couldn’t have said it better. And once the “you’ve liberated fort 1234367 sequence played”, I almost lost all interest. The whole ‘exploration’ part was a lot of “we’ve thought long and hard to create an organic and interesting world design and came up with the same old bs. Look, the line on the minimap is now a blowing wind”. I’m only in it for the art design at this point. Combat seems to take some things from Sekiro, as well as Nioh, though I doubt it will realize them as well as either of them. We’ll see.

It’s been 3 years since Breath of the Wild came out, but other OW games seem to refuse to even think about what made the basic exploration in that game special for a lot of people (even without doing that much different). And from what they’ve shown, it’s a mystery to me why they didn’t do it. They’ve everything they needed.


I was hoping the open world would be obtuse and not necessarily inviting, in the vein of RDR2. Just give me a really atmospheric experience to get lost in, but that was probably way too much to ask


Agreed. I thought it was particularly ironic since they spent all that time talking about having the wind and animals guide you instead of UI elements, all for the sake of immersion…and then 5 seconds later there is a glowing bamboo plant he picks while flying by on his horse.

It looks a lot like the latest two Assassin’s Creed’s, which I’ve enjoyed. And it is an interesting setting…but I don’t know, it didn’t really stand out to me. Visually I thought it felt a little washed out. Probably will wait for reviews.


Ghosts looks like precisely the sort of game that could make for an enjoyable weekend of gaming a few years down the line when other plans fell through. I’m sure I’ll be like “y’know what, not bad” sometime in 2023.

At this point can we just get the Darksiders devs to just clone BotW? I’ll suffer through the Todd McFarlane-ass Lore if it means moar Zelda.


You know it occurs to me, if their committed to having a black and white mode, that means they’ll have to coincidentally make the game very colorblind accessible.

This new Assassin’s Creed game looks really cool. But I thought they were doing vikings next?


I was gonna say…

Ya’ll, if you wanna play this game early, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey are out RIGHT NOW.


Well that was extremely underwhelming. I think i’m most excited now for the Said-esq Orientalism breakdowns of the game


I’m kinda here for a samurai game that does t play like Souls/Sekiro/Nioh because I don’t like those style of game much.

But damn this really does just look like AC Origins/Odyssey but in Japan, huh? A little underwhelming, still seems fun though.

Paper Mario Is coming out the same day though sooooo…maybe I’ll get it later.

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I had a similarly cold reception to this. Devs like Insomniac and Sucker Punch had a visual and mechanical distinction to their games (their last games, Sunset Overdrive and Infamous: Second Son are good examples), and there’s something deeply uncomfortable about seeing their unique visions get sanded down into a Horizon: Zero Dawn shaped mould of the Sony Prestige AAA Game.

I don’t doubt that it’ll be “Good” in the same way as like Spider-Man or God of War, but like them it’ll be a totally unmemorable experience. No friction, no soul, just a homogenous content delivery template.


Lotta people down on this videogame for being a videogame. (Full disclosure: I absolutely love open world bullshit.)

I’m not expecting this to be Game of the Year or anything, but it looks like a super-polished game with gorgeous visuals in an interesting setting, with some thoughtful and clever ways of making standard open world tropes seem at least a little unique. I would absolutely rather follow a fox or a sparrow to find secret locations than just have some controller rumble, or follow a gust of wind instead of a GPS line drawn on the ground.

And while I understand that the Horizon-esque on-the-run materials collecting feels out of place, I am sick to damn death of every game of the last five years deciding that holding a button for 1.5 seconds is somehow a more legitimate interaction than a simple press. Between the two options, I’ll take the one that doesn’t put unnecessary impediments in front of basic actions.

My biggest gripe is that it should either be called Ghosts of Tsushima or The Ghost of Tsushima (presumably the latter if it’s supposed to be specifically referring to Jin). “Ghost of Tsushima” is just awkward.


I don’t doubt that it’ll be “Good” in the same way as like Spider-Man or God of War, but like them it’ll be a totally unmemorable experience. No friction, no soul, just a homogenous content delivery template.

Woah, that’s a spicy take imo. I agree on Spider-Man, but hard disagree on the new God Of War. I very much loved its gameplay and level design and found it very well crafted, even if there’s of course room for a lot of improvement. I do take issue with the thematic execution of the story, but I don’t think that’s of relevance here.
The gameplay of Ghost looks boilerplate in comparison. Just the standard stuff thrown into there without even an attempt of shaping it into something interesting (which BotW and, yes, I think also GoW, even if to a lesser extend, did). Similar to Horizon, which was a shame, because I think the premise had a lot of potential.