Sucker Punch’s New Game Is Samurai-Focused ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’

Admittedly, if I end up having to choose between this and AC Valhalla, I am going to pick Valhalla. But it does still look like a solid open world action-‘stealth’ game. The outfits are very pretty. I wish big game showcases like this State of Play zoomed out and showed someone holding the controller, playing the game, let me get an idea of how that combat feels and show me a few failures (missing the timing or something) so I can see what the flow is like. It seems like the combat has the most potential to be something a bit different.

Also the black and white mode seems… a bit too low contrast, for me at least.


I feel the same, but from the perspective of a huge fan of their PS2 work and everything they’ve done after that is shrug

I’d highly recommend people go play the four PS2 Ratchet and Clank games Insomniac did, then see what they did on PS3 and on with the series. They basically sanded down the cynical and pointed anti-consumerism satire into a bog-standard hero’s journey thing, and then the whole R&C movie thing happened and…it made me sad. Spider-Man felt like a fluke more than anything else, and I expect them to trip up when the sequel releases.

Both them and Sucker Punch tried to become more mature in their non-platforming projects, and none of what they managed ever really interested me or seems to have had much cultural staying power, weirdly. Seeing this just makes me remember when Sucker Punch used to make the Sly games, which had actual color design instead of a very bad black and white filter that amounts to lowering saturation to 0, and really well written characters and stories out of material you wouldn’t expect it from.

The Sly series stood out and they bowed out on a high note to go do other projects, which I respect…but man, all of these projects have just been so like every other game out there. Even Infamous ended up getting its thunder stolen by Prototype, which in itself was just an evolution of some old janky-ass Hulk games.

This just looks like open world game #7266483 but also white guys trying to make Japanese cinema.


The Infamous games still had a ton of SP’s design sensibilities, as far as genuinely really novel ideas for player abilities, and giving the character a sort of magnetic feel when traversing on top of narrow rooftop pathways and spires.

I didn’t see a shred of that legacy here. My cynicism is less rooted in “agh I just hate these sony prestige games”, it’s that these formerly unique creators are being heavily encouraged by the platform holder to make games that fit into a safe, homogenous package.

I’d compare it to the MCU where just about everything there hits a quality baseline of form and function, but rarely ever leaves a deeper impression on anybody. Sony making a new intro that looks almost indistinguishable from the one in newer Marvel movies, is them coming right out and saying that that’s what they’re trying to emulate.


The game looks pretty neat. I thought the video did a pretty good job contrasting the samurai and ghost playstyles.

Have you played Sunset Overdrive? Whatever problems it has - and it does - “sanded down” is definitely not one of them. Probably my favorite Insomniac game since Going Commando.

I can’t agree. The style the game was going for doesn’t really work with a realistic graphical style, or reach the potential that was there. It’s a similar reason I thing RAGE 2 fails where Borderlands excels, despite how lacking in necessary detail some of the early BL games were.

You really need strong color work to make a graphical style like that really pop, something I feel DOOM has excelled in since 3. Those games built themselves on mood and were really memorable as a result. Fear and dread with 3, anger with 2016, with Eternal tripping a bit but still using color well to establish the general tone of the areas you visit and the beings that inhabited them).

Sunset Overdrive never really had a mood to it. Spider-Man has a similar problem, but it benefits from the more mundane world contrasting with the superpowered people and high end technology used in weapons, which is something that gives it a more concrete identity, even if a particular image doesn’t pop in your mind outside some villain designs.

SO did have great fashion, but the world left no impact on me. Kind of reminds me of Metal Gear Rising in that respect, which has some great character design, but is trying to make a ridiculous action game in the Metal Gear world, so the end result is the exciting gameplay is set in mostly sterile contemporary buildings.

It was probably the last time I think Insomniac interested me, but there wasn’t enough hook visually. Without the fashions at work, the game would blend with the rest of the big budget gaming scene far too easily.

Have to agree here, I was excited because the minimal HUD at first made think they were really going for having the feel of just wandering out there and having to just roll with whatever you run into and being able to get lost like Zelda (be it Breath of the Wild or even the original) or King’s Field games or and such. Uninviting seems like a good way to describe it.

But I gotta be freak the minute I saw him pick up a flower like, oh god crafting, like you already know there’s going to be a limit to how good the game’s atmosphere can be. I don’t know, I know Breath of the Wild has it too technically but still if it’s just another find all the herbs/kill all the outposts game that kind of sends straight to the $14.99 or PS+ pile to me.