Suda51 Answers Our Big Questions, Such As: "Is Pineapple on Pizza OK?"


We also talk about making another 'No More Heroes' game. And his favorite wrestling move.

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I don’t know much about wrestling, but Suda’s answer is very good on a few different levels.

Also his shoes are apparently ultra-cyberpunk shoes? Or, like, the shoes of tomorrow? Damn, Suda.


Sakanaction owns, their stuff is on iTunes, y’all should listen.


Silver Case got a mention in this, anyone played it? Worth checking out? I totally forgot it got a PS4 release kinda recently.


Definitely, it’s an incredibly stylish game pushing the boundaries of visual story telling. It is as fascinating as it is obtuse and offers glimpses of a dysfunctional Japanese society in ways that weren’t really explored back then.

And it allows you to play it’s equally brilliant distant sequel Flower, Sun, and Rain


Nice, will give it a go then. Flower, Sun, and Rain has also really intrigued me for a while thanks to @austin_walker talking it up. Well, maybe not talking it up so much as just…talking about it?


Man I love Suda51 so much. That dude is always coming at stuff in the weirdest way possible and I appreciate it immensely. Killer 7 remains easily my favorite game, depending on the day.


Suda and also Swery are, like, the pinnacle of excellence.


For you (and any other Sakanaction fans out there), is there a particular album you’d recommend to start out with? I’ve been digging into their YouTube offerings and I’m super intrigued.


Did he not want to talk that much or did you guys not have that much time?

Seems kinda like a fluff piece. I revisited Killer7 this year and finally played through it start to finish. It was soooo good, I think one of my favs, like of all time…so I guess I was kinda looking for a bit of a deeper convo.


Klepek mentions at the top (third paragraph, I think?) that he only had a few minutes to do the interview. I’m sure Suda is a busy man at PAX, especially if the new No More Heroes has the indie collaboration that folks have speculated might be included.

With that said, I’d also welcome deeper conversations. If any other posters have links to previous interviews with Suda (Klepek-conducted or otherwise), I’d be super interested in seeing them!


Inverse has a very good interview with Suda where he remembered that his game was influenced by the Kobe child murders that was all over the national news. He also speaks of the distant sequel Flower, Sun, and Rain.

His greatest answer :


DocumentalLy is probably the best synthesis of their folk rock meets techno style and I think it’s my favorite of their albums, but their follow-up (and most recent, though still nearly five years old!!) self-titled album is also great. There are amazing selected tracks from their previous albums too (“Ame(B)” and “Aruku Around” are standouts).

Their YouTube videos are blocked in the US for copyright reasons so I don’t know what’s available there, but DocumentaLy has “Bach no Senritsu o Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu”, “Identity”, and “Endless” while Sakanaction has “Yoru no Odoriko”, “Music” and “Boku to Hana”.

I hope you enjoy them!


This interview was a lot of fun to read, I really enjoyed it! I actually hadn’t known about Travis Strikes Again before now, because I live under a Suda51-shaped rock, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the core philosophy that seems to be behind it. I can’t wait to see who he’s pulling in to work with him.

Thanks for the great interview, Klepek!