Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell Live


When it came out, Carrie and Lowell was revelatory to me. I always liked some of Sufjan’s stuff, but Carrie and Lowell was so personal and sad and sweet and beautiful. I cried the first time I listened to it and after it came out listened to it many many more times after. I was so excited when I read earlier this year that he was putting out a live version, and the video is now up on Vimeo! So let’s watch this live performance and really just soak in the beauty.

Edit: If you just want to listen to the music, you can purchase/stream the record on a variety of platforms.


Thanks for this! ಥ_ಥ


Ah had missed you could watch the live performance, thanks for sharing. I absolutly adore Carrie & Lowell, but I’ve yet to give the live album a full listen but so far I am not super into the live sound/production. I hope the video will make me adjust better to it.


I was feeling the same way when streaming just the audio of the album but I’m really digging the video so far, about 18:45 in.


Good to hear! Remember watching some live videos from when the tour was happening and loving the light show/design so looking forward to nestling down to it when I get the time.


Especially on the track Death with Dignity, there’s some effective use of home video footage that really twangs those ol’ heartstrings.


I… very nearly posted this in the music recommendation or what you’re currently listening to threads, so I’m glad it’s cropped up on its own! I really do think Carrie & Lowell is Sufjan’s best album yet–he’s always been able to make fantastic stuff, but the ratio of hits to misses on each album, when he gets sidetracked with self-indulgent or referential work, is really almost linear from his oldest stuff to his newest stuff. Carrie & Lowell is gold from top to bottom, Age of Adz is mostly fantastic, Illinoise has a lot of good songs, some good songs in Michigan, a stray good song here or there in Seven Swans…

He’s always been able to produce the quality, but now he has the experience to produce that quality with consistency, and I really think we’re in a golden age in Sufjan’s career.


I like this perspective, although I never got into Adz like I did Illinoise personally, I’ll have to go back and listen to Adz more.


Adz definitely swings the pendulum a bit far in the direction of autotune and distortion, as Sufjan dives into electronic modification of his stuff more than anything previous: it’s sort of a learning curve for his latest Christmas album’s Silver & Gold or Christmas Unicorn, to say nothing of how he uses such distortion to convey grief and dissonance on Carrie & Lowell. Adz is certainly a thing to itself, but it adds (or adz, aha) a useful tool to Sufjan’s belt that he’s put to good, albeit slightly more restrained, use since. Sisyphus, his project with Son Lux and Serengeti, is a good example of that as well, I think.


I suppose in a way that makes Adz to Sufjan as 808s is to Kanye (which is a comparison that makes me thrilled for Sufjan’s future because I tend to like post-808s Kanye stuff more than pre, although each has its place)


I have a signed copy of Carrie and Lowell it’s an amazing album. I missed him when he was in Orlando :frowning: