Suikoden 2 is the best JRPG of all time, discuss

  • Yes, of course
  • No

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Sorry buddy. I can’t go with you on this journey, but I’ll fight anyone who says you don’t have the right to try.


They are allowed to be young and wrong. That’s their right.

BEST is strong, but I’ll vote yes for the sentiment of it, because that game sure is special. It, along with 1, definitely need some sort of joint rerelease at some point, though. I would love it if the strategy combat in 2 was in any way fun. I’d love that a lot.


Did you see him suplex that train tho

I seen him, shit I bought the shirt, but I also seent my chef turn out to be the rogue leader of a cabal of assassin chefs sent to steal his ultimate recipes in Suikoden 2.


When it comes to JRPGs, the stuff at the top is all so overwhelmingly good that I feel it really comes down to personal experience, and almost to which one you encountered first.


I can agree with that.

I really do need to play this. When it came out as a PS1 Classic I downloaded S1 and 2 onto my Vita. Got a handful of hours into S1 but put it down and haven’t gone back.

Suikoden 2 is definitely legendary. I don’t wanna be superlative but it’s definitely a must-play in my eyes. Luca Blight is such a singular, iconic, and memorable villain in video games. And what a fight.


I don’t think I’ve seen a JRPG do a villain any better than Luca Blight.

They built him like a monster, made him seem unstoppable. No reasoning with him, no remorse. When I think back on this game, I think of him.

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I dunno about best but I love the heck out of this. Well either of the first two. I think besides Chronotrigger (obvious, I know) they are the only JRPG’s I have played through multiple times. Struggling to think of any others. I loved seeing my castle improve. I know loads of games do it but for some reason I took all that stuff as a personal challenge to make it the best it could be.

it remains pretty high on my pile of shame if that means anything, unfortunately new shiny games keep grabbing my attention before I get around to a full run through that series

I’ve been super super curious about getting into these series for a little while now how difficult would you say it is to get along with in terms of the ol’ Old RPG Struggle?

1 is harder than 2 but I cannot stress how rewarding the cameos in 2 from 1 are if you recognize them. 2 is great, I have never had any issue with pacing.

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I dreamed of playing this game when it came out but I was never able to raise the money to buy it before it was obscure/I’d forgotten all about it. The ads, artwork and mystery around the game were so alluring. It just sounded like nothing else and reviews at the time were pretty positive.

All that to say: I’d still love to play it but I don’t have a PS3 and I’m not about to drop $120 for it on eBay. Hopefully it’ll be available on PS4 PSN some day.

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I tried playing 3 once. I lost track of what I was supposed to do in the first big city and never found my way out. Like so many other potential adventures.

3 has a tragic backstory about it’s production and you can tell playing it because it is so strong in the first half.

Do you have a Vita? Both of them are available on there.

Unfortunately no, only a PS4.