Summer Game Fest - The Keighleys Assimilate E3

So Geoff Keighley is apparently rallying the industry’s usual month of pre-E3 reveals (and E3 reveals) under one banner now. All summer long (which sounds like a threat).

Xbox is up first on 5/7 at 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific with a reveal of Xbox Series X gameplay.

What do folks think? Excited because video games are still going to happen? Exasperated because not even a global pandemic can halt capitalism’s insatiable appetite for consumption and demand for endless human sacrifice?


The second thing.

Like I get it, gotta make money, gotta sell some video games, but I was hoping to see some cracks in the edifice of the AAA monolith that could have allowed more independent artists to shine through.

There never was any hope, though. Just a fool’s hope.

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Admittedly I’m pretty excited. It seems like the industry was kinda pushing in this direction anyway (more events, not as large, and over a longer period of time).

Of course, time will tell how this actually shakes out, but I’ll point that Keighley says in this gamesindustry(dot)biz piece that he does wanna also try to bring special focus to independent games.

Say what you will about No Man’s Sky, but Keighley putting that No Man’s Sky in the old Spike VGAs was what really got that game on everyone’s map. Hopefully Keighley can live up to that promise.

Okay, didn’t know if I should make a new thread but since this exists, I won’t. I know the BIG console showcases are going to get their own threads…but there was a total of THREE events that took place today that highlighted a ton of games, many of them looking really cool! Going to post some trailers to some that I thought were particularly neat:


Extremely good superhero vibes. Feels like it was plucked right out of an indie comic. Putting this one instantly on the radar.


So this gameplay footage was released at the IGN Summer of Gaming show. This looks like something that should have already been on my radar but that Trailer they showed at Future got me amped up. Looks like the speed of Doom…but you’re a ninja aka extremely cool stuff.


This game has more or less looked bland as white bread every time I’ve seen it but this trailer added JUST enough. Not saying this now looks like my next GOTY but the Looter Shasher might scratch an itch I didn’t know I needed to be scratched. Ending the trailer on a mini-boss though is super lame. I would get it if it was a true boss. This thing had a large hammer, you can show the people how you take that down.


Bullet Storm + Quake + Demonic Computer


Feeling extremely bad for this dev as the trailer was completely missing from the publisher’s string of five full trailers in a row. Only knew because it was the only game that showed up in New Blood’s quick montage without being shown. Game’s pitch seems to be “Thief with guns” or something along those lines. The trailer gives proper spooky vibes. A trailer is out so I might try it.

Also, New Blood seems to be a real interesting publisher. All the games shared a similar FPS aesthetic while having a different hook. Not sure if there is so potential negatives from the games looking so similar, but who am I to say.

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I’ve been a bit busy this week, between ongoing politics and having a tooth pulled, so I’m pretty sure I missed some cool game trailers in the six or whatever IGN/Guerilla/Games Radar/PC Gamer expos. That Gloomwood trailer looks really cool; if anyone else has highlights, I’m eager to see them.

A few things I caught that looked neat:

  • Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm FPS, with layering music tracks based on your keep-to-the-beat combo. I love rhythm games that aren’t strictly Guitar Hero/DDR-style, and also I like Arch Enemy, so I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.
  • Keylocker is a rhythm turn-based RPG. See above comment, except this one has cute colourful cyberpunk pixel art instead of heavy metal, and so it is cool in a different way.
  • Fae Tactics, a tactical RPG that is very Final Fantasy Tactics and that rocks. After being a bit disappointed by Wargroove (and more disappointed after the shit a few months ago), I’m still looking for something to bring out that classic tRPG feeling I miss so much.
  • Hundred Days, a vineyard management sim. I like farming/management sims, and wine-making is a pretty novel theme for one of those. I’m down.

Were there any mech games I missed? :eyes:

I think Motive is getting after that X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter bread and may the Force be with them.
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Some interesting bits about that game, mostly from GameSpot:

  • $40
  • no microtransactions
  • multi- and singleplayer (I personally don’t expect a big campaign, though)
  • cross-play
  • VR support on PS4 and PC

I hope they stick to no microtransactions, but I’ll believe it when it happens because we all know who their corporate masters are.

I’ve been playing a bit of Battlefront II lately and boy am I questioning my desire for Star Wars dogfighting. The ship battle modes in that game I find to be interminably long and flat experiences. I’m hoping they can find the fun in this game.

The dogfighting was my favorite part of BFII, so I’m extremely excited for this.

My wholly unsubstantiated read on the trailer is that it’s pretty multi-player focused (FIVE PILOTS, ONE SQUADRON), so I agree that the SP campaign is likely to be a cinematic tutorial for MP. I hope it’s a good MP game, but I think it’s difficult to get spaceships to feel good MP because I think it’s harder to inject level design to create variety, so I’m wishing Motive luck, but I’ll need to see some real gameplay on this one before I get excited.

There’s a moment in that trailer when the X-Wing pilot goes “full power to engines!” which sure is a specific reference to the power management mechanics in the X-Wing series games. That gives me hope.

That being said, not sure how comfortable I’d feel playing as space fash

I fully admit that the is a me problem rather than the game’s problem. Not sure what’s changed, as I played a crap ton of the Factor 5 Rogue games back in the day.

This seems confirmed in the lil blurb here

The whole 5v5 thing suggests to me they might be trying to push an esports angle to this in which case I am very excited to watch 10 nerds in soundproof booths yell at each other with VR headsets on

This website is really helpful for keeping track of all the announcements and trailers:


As long as Squadrons is basically Rogue Squadron 3 I’m good.

And don’t tell me there was a Rogue Squadron 3. No there wasn’t. :V

The EA Play event:
-Apex is getting a new season (next Tuesday), a Switch version, and crossplay
-There are forthcoming announcements about The Sims
-Josef Fares has a game about divorce (It Takes Two) that he decided to talk about over a weird hip-hop track
-Some indie game from a Zoink Studios? Lost In Random. Very Tim Burton.
-Greg Miller is the real Mr. Caffeine
-A Final Strike Games is making “Rocket Arena:” a rockets-only shooter. Cartoony.
-Star Wars: Squadrons discussion. John Williams still the GOAT.
-If you want sports commentary, I am not the dude for you.
-Talking about next-gen tech now. Those cars look like cars.
-Motive has a demo with a bunch of boxes running around.
-And the last thing is that they’re doing more Skate. Two dudes on camera saying people are thinking about it. No logo. No date. No nothing.


Lost in Random was the only thing that stuck out there, for me. That looked like Laika made a PS2-era mascot platformer, and I’m into it

Oh, and also that I do not care for Greg Miller.

Greg is a YouTube personality, for better or for worse.

I’m kind of pleasantly surprised that they didn’t go long on sports like they usually do, but I’m disappointed that there wasn’t any news of the Mass Effect remaster.

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