Summer Game Fest - The Keighleys Assimilate E3

So Geoff Keighley is apparently rallying the industry’s usual month of pre-E3 reveals (and E3 reveals) under one banner now. All summer long (which sounds like a threat).

Xbox is up first on 5/7 at 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific with a reveal of Xbox Series X gameplay.

What do folks think? Excited because video games are still going to happen? Exasperated because not even a global pandemic can halt capitalism’s insatiable appetite for consumption and demand for endless human sacrifice?


The second thing.

Like I get it, gotta make money, gotta sell some video games, but I was hoping to see some cracks in the edifice of the AAA monolith that could have allowed more independent artists to shine through.

There never was any hope, though. Just a fool’s hope.

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Admittedly I’m pretty excited. It seems like the industry was kinda pushing in this direction anyway (more events, not as large, and over a longer period of time).

Of course, time will tell how this actually shakes out, but I’ll point that Keighley says in this gamesindustry(dot)biz piece that he does wanna also try to bring special focus to independent games.

Say what you will about No Man’s Sky, but Keighley putting that No Man’s Sky in the old Spike VGAs was what really got that game on everyone’s map. Hopefully Keighley can live up to that promise.