Summer Games Done Quick 2017

SGDQ began today and will be going on until July 9. All of the money raised will go to Doctors Without Borders. As of the time I’m posting this, HalfCoordinated is speed running Nier: Automata one handed and is trying to get Ending A. Here’s the schedule for the next week (It automatically adjusts to your time). Anyone watching?


Thanks for the reminder and the schedule. These always pass me by and I remember that they’re happening until they’re halfway over.

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NieR: Automata fans owe it to themselves to check out the hashtag #got2bradical on Twitter right now.


I’d also point out that, over on the Waypoint Fan Discord, we have a dedicated channel for #sgdq chatter if you want to liveblog it as it comes. Much better than the Twitch chat, at any rate.

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I’m so ready for some glitching through walls!

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Really glad we’re keeping up the tradition of letting transphobic bro dudes on



Guys in stars-and-stripes dresses are inherently transphobic? Because as far as I’ve watched this current run, they haven’t made any direct comments or insults denigrating trans people.

yes, guys in dresses as a funny joke is inherently transphobic. what part of that do you not get

The part where wearing a dress, in a case such as this where the joke is the pattern of the fabric and not the act of wearing a dress in and of itself, is an innate indication of a fear of or hatred toward trans people. At no point during the stream, as far as I am aware, was the simple fact that they wore dresses used as the joke.

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ask yourself: if the joke was simply the fabric then WHY was it a dress. surely it would have been easier to find, oh i don’t know, an actual flag? if that was the only facet of what’s happening here?

the act of a man, as a part of a joke, wearing a dress (regardless of whatever context is present) cements the idea of certain bodies in certain clothing as humourous and not to be taken seriously.

as an adult you should know better what the -phobia suffix actually means in these uses. it refers to a wide umbrella of activities that reveal biases and cultural patterns, conscious or not, against certain demographic groups. things can be homophobic or transphobic without being the Westboro Baptist Church, and we shouldn’t have to explain that to you


anyways i thought the super monkey ball run was great! that’s gotta be my favourite speedrunning game to watch of all time

Actually, no, because as an adult, I’m fully aware that there are a lot of things in the world that I’m not familiar with, that I will misunderstand, and that simply being an adult won’t grant some magical key to unlocking contextual knowledge that I lack. If you’re an adult, then you should understand that, too.

I grew up in an isolated part of the U.S. with very little contact with minorities or open trans/gay/bi people. I’ve made many such contacts since then, have learned a lot and continue to learn. But I’m also aware that there are people my age that still completely lack that education or cultural experience. That doesn’t excuse bigoted behavior, but being an adult doesn’t automatically grant knowledge.

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For the record I was actually referring to the “did you assume my gender?” Joke that happened a bit earlier though I DO find the dresses kinda uncomfortable.

Like there’s a CHANCE those people weren’t doing it as a mean joke but I dunno.


I won’t say it makes it any more okay but, men dressing as women has been a normalized thing in comedy movies, routines, etc for a long long time. Unintentional harassment by way of ignorance still sucks (and is very common since modern social politics isn’t really taught much if at all) but at least it’s not the vindictive type… I’m assuming.

Don’t know if I’m out of line by saying this but, as someone who also didn’t cue into the potential trans-phobia right away I can kind of understand/sympathize with the series of thought-processes that would lead to thinking such an act could just be a harmless jape but not be so close-minded that I could not immediately see the error of such a way.

Anyway that Half Life segment after was really fun. And Half Life 2 up right now is going great.

yeah and I’m sure the bit in the Mr Vile song about how he sucks rocks (do we really think that’s their original lyric) wasn’t originally intended as kinda homophobic buuuuut it still is sorry pals

aaaanyway I was gonna stay up and watch the heartgold run but I got bored around when it became soulsilver
"well this run didn’t work so we’re just switching to a save we set up earlier" oh okay
I don’t know it kind of sucks that I don’t really understand how they manipulated what to catch raikou because I didn’t get to see them do it

I have really mixed feelings on the “dudes in dresses as a joke” thing because yeah, it’s bad for previously stated reasons but it also allows closeted transfeminine people to explore their gender identity in a relatively safe context. I used to really hate this kind of humor, and it still makes me pretty uncomfortable in a lot of cases, but then I realized that I wore feminine clothes, make up, and purses “as a joke” frequently long before realizing I’m a woman and these experiences were really helpful to reflect on at the start of my transition.


Everyone should check out the Tetris The Grand Master 3 run when it goes up on youtube because holy crap I was floored during that thing

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i really appreciate this majora’s mask runner not assuming people watching know the plot/structure of the game

That’s absolutely a fair counterpoint. I think sometimes it can be relatively easy to tell when it’s mean-spirited vs. when it’s someone exploring their gender but as I type that I realize that… I’ve probably been wrong about that a lot.

So yeah, it’s a complicated issue.

Yeah it’s tricky because sometimes it’s both.