Summer Games Done Quick 2018


Summer Games Done Quick 2018, put on by the Games Done Quick crew, is starting pretty much as I post this. For those of you who need it, here is the schedule for this year, and here is the ChitChat link for those who want a non-awful chat experience. Oh and here’s a link to the twitch stream as well!

I haven’t seen much of the past coverage of SGDQ by the Waypoint crew, so I’m curious how y’all will enjoy this year! Have fun watching the runs!


Aw heck yeah here we go

at AGDQ they went to a Pay To Comment system and goddamn it was the right choice.


Did they stop saying “hype”? I’ll watch if they stopped saying that.


bad news on that front


a small mercy is that they finish on things other than metroid now so there’s huge reduction in people gleefully yelling “kill the animals”


honestly SGDQ is the better marathon simply because no one sends in the “here’s 40 bucks to help for epically killing cancer” bullshit


hype count since i started watching five mintues ago: 1


MSF is an infinitely better charity than “pay us to think happy thoughts about a cancer cure” so SGDQ is automatically the better marathon.


ah gosh, they possibly did add hype to the list of dead/meaningless words :sweat_smile:


Hoping to catch Dan Olson on Tuesday. I think it’s 5.20pm CDT?


The cringe is always so bad at these events, and the couch and runner commentators can really determine whether or not I wanna watch the run. The Shantae race earlier was absolutely fantastic due to great commentary and runners. Another big thing I love about these events is all of the artists I like making pieces based on the games being run including @rainbowfission and Matt Cummings (EiffelArt on twitter).


I honestly think it’s a Power Move ending with a Puwexil Final Fantasy run. They’re closing out with essentially a very gentle math teacher explaining pseudo random number generators to you for seven hours straight.

Puwexil is legitimately amazing at what he does, dude is a walking encyclopedia. But he is very much not your typical twitch streamer.


Thank you so much! SGDQ’s been a really great motivator for me to draw in general and it’s also been great at making me learn different ways of doing art and it helped me get used to drawing digitally last year.


You seriously bring such a nice bit of joy to my twitter timeline whenever I see new art from you especially when you try different styles.


Maybe we could have a thread (or use this one) to recommend runs after the marathon ends. I always find that the runner/crew can make or break a run for me and avoiding some of the cringe would be great.



The Ninja Gaiden Black run last night was pretty good. I also liked the 3DS Majora’s Mask run, because it’s a completely different set of glitches than I’ve seen before. DOOM was kinda boring because it’s just “here’s our three ways to get out of bounds, we’ll be repeating these for an hour.”


While I am 100% a fan of sharing our favorite runs from this year, I would like to push back on identifying which come off as “cringy” on this thread. It can be rough to watch a performance when someone has poor diction or when the announcer is trying a little too hard to get his memes in, but I think it’s understand why you feel that way instead of leaving it at just a blanket of “cringe.” Speedrunning offers a competitive platform for individuals not represented in traditional sports, including people with disabilities, and I think Games Done Quick has done a (debatably) half-decent job in presenting non-traditional gamers to the point of picking less-represented runners over faster times.

Cringe culture serves to push marginalized and/or non-normative people out of the limelight by labeling their behavior as socially repulsive. The language has most often targeted people with disabilities and queer folk. It doesn’t provide any level of critical feedback, and might as well be added to my dead language glossary. Being more specific about what you didn’t enjoy can be more constructive and might even let people know if they could actually enjoy the run.

Am I going too far here? I think I have a strong response since I used to be really into /r/cringe culture until I realized I was just being an asshole. I found that my personal feeling of cringe would be better described as a level of uncomfortableness with someone I was unfamiliar with, and was tied into my own anxieties.


I 100% agree. People label everything as cringe when most of the time GDC is just, like, enthusiastic and cheesy.


A necessary step in growing up, that all too many skip right over!


Bangai-O got a run last night, which I guess automatically makes this the best GDQ ever.

(Really wish the original game would get a proper re-release. There were a couple of follow-ups that were unpleasantly difficult.)