Summer Games Done Quick 2018


I was reminded during the Axiom Verge speedrun that I absolutely love when the speedrunners of a game interact cooperatively with the developer of that game including patching in speedrun game modes/options after release. It’s such a relationship especially developer is so small.


i hardly ever get to watch SGDQ/AGDQ live (got a job which doesn’t work with it, and being the in UK i miss most of the peak runs i’d be interested in cos they’re at 3am) so i always love the compilation articles which come out afterwards. what i’m looking for in this thread is for folks to post “this run was rly good” so i can check it out later, thanks all in advance. xxxxx


Watched the stream for a bit a few hours ago to watch Dan Olson/Foldable Human play Amy (Amy%) and that was really enjoyable. Usually chat makes me lose interest in sticking around for any of these streams but they were surprisingly cordial (which i guess being sub only at 6 am on a weekday probably helps with). Its neat to see an actual 90% not awful chat actually react to jokes and stuff, completely new experience :smiley:


The chat was actually very kind to the runner who tried Enter The Gungeon and had terrible luck. A big part of speedrunning is that you fail, and he did an incredible job even if he couldn’t beat it in time.


Puwexil is amazing, and I love the GDQ tradition on ending the show on an RPG. It’s a great choice. Also Puwexil in particular just is so gentle and fun and informed about his craft, it’s great. One of my top five runs at GDQ is his surprise Illusion of Gaia run, actually. I’ve watched it like twenty times, it’s like antidote for anxiety on a bad day.


I love Enter the Gungeon and it hurt to see all that bad luck in the first run, but I’m glad the second run was much better. I still need to actually watch the completed run!


caught a little bit of the show yday and i feel like i want to acknowledge what great work GDQ do in moderating that community. considering What Games Culture Is - and especially What Streaming Culture Is - i feel like they have really worked hard to implement measures to make both the culture of the stream and the chat somewhat less toxic.

don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of missteps along the way, and it’s clearly an unfinished project, but i appreciate a large event which really makes the effort to keep things both inclusive and PG. it could so easily have walked in the opposite direction and i want to recognise the effort.

i don’t want to sound like i’m giving out cookies for doing the minimum but given that our frustrations are mostly about catchphrases like Hype and Kill The Animals and tonally bizarre statements about cancer, i can’t help but imagine how incredibly much worse it could be.


As we’re done, what did everyone enjoy? They’re yet to upload all the runs to their channel just yet, but as for what’s there so far at the time of writing:

Warcraft III Undead Campaign - bonkers micro control from the inimitable CovertMuffin

Deus Ex - funny, charming run by Heinki

Half-Life - I don’t know if there was necessarily new stuff in this but for anyone who’s familiar with the game, the movement is just really wonderful to watch (though watch out for motion sickness maybe)

Ocarina of Time Bingo run (not uploaded at time of writing) - nothing especially new in this as far as I could tell, and I wish it had been a race between 2 or more people, but at some point the runner goes into a really interesting history about the evolution of the bingo challenge and generator made for it


i find it harder lately to finish watching most of the marathon runs just cause the commentary is so unbelievably inconsistent and/or outright bad, but there were a couple from this year that i liked enough to recommend

Doom (2016) and Rise of the Tomb Raider were both great if you enjoy watching cool out-of-bounds nonsense. i always love seeing games with a high level of polish get peeled apart like that because it shows you how thin the line can be sometimes between a game that works and a game that doesnt. the tomb raider run is also by Studio, who is an all-time favourite of mine. i always make an effort to watch his work, even when the couch is annoying as hell :upside_down_face:

Resident Evil 4 is one of those runs that i respect a lot because the ammo + resource routing is very strict, so whenever a mistake happens the runner has to think on their feet to get back on track without messing up the rest of the run

and one of the games i never miss, regardless of the runner or couch, is Super Monkey Ball 2. this year had a really good couch that explained the fascinating game cube physics engine nonsense that makes that game what it is.


I actually found a decent few runs this year that I really loved! Not sure about the runners/couch outside of this event, but these had pretty good commentary.

The Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse race between Tinahacks and JTNoriMaki was thrilling to watch and came down to the very end.

The Pikmin 3 by 360Chrism was really fun especially since I am so bad at those games. It also includes a really impressive speedrun of a challenge mode stage that’s included in that game. It’s one of the coolest bits of multitasking I’ve ever seen.

Axiom Verge by GVirus was really interesting since I only really know bits and pieces about that game. I kind of checked out during the end of the run, but their praise of the developer was so sweet. It’s what I love seeing from the video game community.

Mega Man X2 (buster-only) by darrenville was a treat mostly because of the precise movements in the game and my nostalgia for the game itself.

Cuphead by TheMexicanRunner was SO fun to watch! The commentary is really good even through he flies through the game. They even slow down every so often to do a bit of voice-acting. Since they do 100%, you also get to see the entire game if you maybe don’t wanna grind through it.

There are a few other runs that haven’t quite been uploaded yet including the TAS run of Celeste that was unreal. I’m also really excited to put on their 100% run of FF6 as background noise since the projected time was around 7 hours. Overall, this was probably one of the better GDQ’s I’ve watched.


As I watch more of these, I find my interest has declined just because I’ve seen a bunch of the tricks before. A run that relies of a lot of OOB trickery (edit: or even a masterclass in rng manip as seen in some dragon quest runs) is interesting the first time, not so much after that even if new skips have been discovered. What hasn’t diminished is my appreciation of high level play execution rather than glitches and such.


I feel like looking back on the ones I liked this year had a lot of what you’re talking about in terms of high-level play. I watched the Doom (2016) speedrun last year and had no reason to watch it again, really. The Paper Mario Any% was kind of similar.


Go watch the Kid Kool run, if only so that you know that this game exists.


The Tomb Raider glitched run was pretty good and wholesome. Early 3D games have some weird behaviors!


My partner and I really enjoyed the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe speedrun by AeonFrodo! Seeing a talented speedrunner fall off of rainbow road made me feel so damn valid. I also thought the banter between the runner and couch was actually cute at points!


I didn’t realize the loaded implications of “cringe” when I used it, and I apologize. What I meant to avoid was runners who make inappropriate jokes and/or have commentary (couch or otherwise) that is not insightful or engaging. I would much rather keep the recs to positive and not dwell on negative reactions.


No worries, my post was more talking about the language in general that was already in-mind, not your post in particular.