‘Super Lucky’s Tale’ Deserves Better Than Dying Under Mario’s Shadow


Most of my gaming time the last few weeks has been dominated by Super Mario Odyssey, the latest from a supremely talented team, whose pedigree— Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario 3D World—is unparalleled when it comes to jumping from one platform to another. Odyssey is a terrific game, so it seemed like an especially cruel decision on Microsoft’s part to release Super Lucky’s Tale only a few days later. Maybe, a cynic could argue, it was Microsoft’s way of letting a game quietly die, knowing few would notice. As it turns out, Super Lucky’s Tale deserved a better fate.

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It’s cute, pleasant, and looks sharp on the new Xbox. I’m liking it so far.


I finished the game up yesterday and almost rushed to post about it in the overlooked games thread but felt it was premature. Its really solid and its too bad the only recognition im seeing it get in wider gaming circles is to prop it up as a joke alongside Bubsy and Sonic as bad alsorans released in Odysseys wake


Lucky’s Tale was perfectly ok (which, not being a huge fan of the genre, is about all I’m qualified to say) so I’m glad they got another go at working on that formula, this time on a bigger platform (no pun intended).

There are definitely people for who gaming means Nintendo (especially in places where official Nintendo PR was sold as “enthusiast press” to kids who didn’t know any better & a story was told about how domestic games development had destroyed itself and only Nintendo sailing in had saved the hobby - bit different to the stories from elsewhere in the world where bedroom coders and microcomputers took centre stage during the US upheaval, providing affordable and programmable gaming platforms). For them, this year is a Mario year. But it’s also the year of an exceptional Sonic game and many other platformers, like this one. Hopefully there is plenty of space for more than one game this year, especially as they’re not all available on every platform.


I feel like I am obligated to comment on this but I have nothing to say. It looks cute?


It seems like very few 3d platformers review well, save for Mario (I still fought the camera and controls a bit even in Odyssey)

A cutesy, half-priced game, looks sharp, and xbox play anywhere as well. Hopefully the kids/family audience is enough to generate acceptable returns, and Xbox gives the devs and IP another chance.


I’d like to try Super Lucky’s Tale . . . but only in VR. I can understand offering a non-VR version because VR is still a small market, but I feel like it’s kind of a slap in the face to the audience who played the first game. I wonder how many people with a Rift or who found a way to play using ReVive will pick this up?

Still hoping there might be news next year of a VR add-on, upgrade, or update when Microsoft reveals more about their options. Until then, this is a pass.