Super Mario Maker 2 Level Sharing Thread

I’m very excited for Mario Maker 2 but a common criticism of the first game (which i’m sure will carry over to this new one) is that it’s hard to find good levels.

So i thought i’d create this thread for everyone to share the levels they’ve made and any cool ones they’ve found.

To help people out here is a list of things you could include in your post:

  • Level ID
  • Any Level Tags
  • Course Style (SMB,SMB3,SMW,NSMB,SM3DW)
  • Course Theme (Ground,Underground,Underwater,Sky,Desert,Snowy,Ghost House,Airship,Bowser’s Castle)
  • Other details you want to include to describe the level because everyone is looking for something different

I will be in this thread in 24 hours.

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  • Level ID: VG7-DWJ-1RF
  • Tags: Short and Sweet, Standard
  • Course Style: SMB3
  • Course Theme: Ground
  • Other details: I just wanted to make a pretty basic 1-1 style intro level. It’s mostly me playing with slopes a bit tbh.

I enjoyed making levels a lot on MM so I’m looking forward to really getting sunk into SMM2 this weekend and also seeing what the community makes!

  • Level ID: 836-V0S-H2G
  • Tags: Standard
  • Course Style: SMB3
  • Theme: Desert
  • Other Details: Nothing too ambitious, just playing around with some of the new parts.

Me and this thread:
(CW food binging)



Level ID: S55-FR3-J2g
Course style : SMW
Theme : Snowy
Just trying out the snow theme and Icicles.


Heavenly Way

Tags: Short and Sweet, Standard
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Desert, Sky

I made a crapload of levels in Mario Maker 1 and I mainly make fun levels that are pretty normal difficulty wise so if that sounds rad to you give me a follow!

My Mario Maker 1 profile is here if you want to see what I’ve done in the past (80+ levels):


Just finished my second level, it’s just me playing around with the 3D World stuff!


  • Level ID: 3L3-VH7-SFF
  • Tags: Short and Sweet, Standard
  • Course Style: 3D World
  • Course Theme: Sky

Now that that is done, i’m going to try out each of the levels posted in this thread so far :smiley:


Course ID: 85Y-HM9-7LG
Game Style: Super Mario 3d World
Course Theme: Ground
Description: An easy level that I made any feedback is welcome

Course ID: D5X-W9W-VVG
Game Style: Super Mario 3d World
Course Theme: Castle
Description: A castle level that I made feedback is welcome


Chillange Rooms

  • Level ID: V8S-Q3N-4VG
  • Tags: Short and Sweet, Standard
  • Course Style: Super Mario World
  • Theme: Ground
    Description: Some easy challenge rooms with enemies, generally a chill time, first level i’ve ever made haha.

Alright, I’ve played everyone’s stages so far! Y’all made some fun stuff :slight_smile:

I haven’t explored the tools in this game, but it’s not possible to make a world of other’s levels is it? A waypoint community playlist would be cool!

Unfortunately no :frowning:

Ah shucks. Well, I’ll be loading these up nonetheless!

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I haven’t been able to focus on work since I got this notification.


I haven’t made anything yet but I would like to point out that as far as I can tell so far cosmetics for maker miis are not gender locked in anyway. Is Nintendo starting to learn?


Here are my day 1 levels:

Spinning Spinning Skyway: XF4-WKV-FBG
A Super Mario World Grass/Sky level, “Themed”.
A re-imagining of one of the first levels I made in SMM1, pretty much just based on spin jumping off of stuff. Aside from the basic idea, though, it ended up being pretty different.

Skeleton Town: FFD-T7G-P2G
An SMB1 Desert level, “Standard”.
I just wanted to make a simple, linear SMB1-style level, so here’s one of those.


Thwomp Romp: 3D6-YWP-3RG
SMW style, underground, tagged as “short and sweet”
Wanted to try out the parachuted sideways thwomps, made a real jerk of a level doing so. Not bad for the first level in years.


I thought I’d share Dan Ryckert’s first level here:


It’s a short and sweet SMB3 style stage with some lite puzzle mechanics. It has a cute city theme to it and was rather charming, by Dan’s standards.


I’ve made two levels so far:

Troublesome Thwomps

  • B8S-XCJ-3WF
  • Puzzle-solving, Themed
  • SMW / Castle

A level involving various challenges around Thwomps and spin jumps

Perilous Piping

  • HGV-JC1-Y0H
  • Standard, Themed
  • SMB3 / Forest

A level that plays with pipes and piranha plants