Super Mario Maker 2 Level Sharing Thread

Tags: Short and Sweet, Themed
Style: SMBU
Theme: Snowy
Other Details: This Level is likely to be an Expert, if not Super Expert, difficulty. It’s the fifth level of a series of levels I’m working on, and it’s likely the most difficult I’ve made. The level name is Haos.

Things That Go Oink In The Night

Level ID: YD1-7Y6-J2G
Tags: Themed, Short and Sweet
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Ghost House (Night)


Hey all. Please check out my new uploads.
Zelda: A Link Between Dimensions: !8Q-1VV-FLF
Island of Misfit Boss Fights: 1QC-JNP-S8G
Also, I always check out others courses, but if you leave The comment “Cool beans” I’ll know you’re from this forum. Meaning I’ll rain some heavy love throughout your archive. Thanks for your time.

Goomba Inferno

Level ID: XW7-B9L-0WG
Tags: Standard
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Castle

A more standard course, went with the flow on this one with some self limits in play, turned pretty good imo.

See my twitter below for a video preview!

I’ve been away for a second, but I made a course for my visual rhetoric class called “My Schedule”


Super themed, mostly just a concept course

Deadly Desert Dash

Level ID: L42-SRR-BMF
Tags: Standard, Themed
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Desert

I’ve had quite a bit of spare time this past week or so so here’s another one, lmao

With this one I wanted to create a course based on you being chased or you out chasing other things and I must admit it came out super well, ideas flowed well for this one.

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ALSO I would like to take this chance to thank Patrick for playing my 999 course today on stream and it going over WAY better than I expected, thank you for playing it and I’m glad Patrick really enjoyed it. For anyone who didn’t catch it 1hr and 3mins is my course begins but naturally, check out the whole thing if you can because it was a real fun stream, especially Patrick finally beating Jess’ course, lol

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What You See Is What You Get

Level ID: V82-N32-GCG
Tags: Standard, Themed
Course Style: SMW
Course Theme: Ghost House

This course explores using the horizontal scroll of the screen to feel your way through the course, took some testing to make sure you could find your way at all times. Think I cracked it!

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Checked out your level and a couple others. Fun levels and top notch level design.

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All right. I get 3 levels I’m peddling today.
The End is Nigh: 0MJ-WGY-6FF
Whack-a-Mole Arcade: 0MS-T10-J0G
Ice Climber: LQ3-QJ3-YJG
Hope you enjoy and I’ll be looking forward to checking out your courses. Have a good weekend.

This is my first Mario Maker level, any feedback is greatly appreciated:

Parapa Palace

Much thanks!

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I really liked this level! It felt like playing and exploring a Zelda dungeon. I’m surprised this was your first level, because it was really polished and suggested you had a lot of experience!

The only feedback I have is the length. Not so much that it’s too long, but it could have used a checkpoint somewhere. I know you can’t have checkpoints with clear conditions, so maybe you could have done the clear condition with two pink coins and a key instead?

Still, I really liked this and I hope it to see more from you!

Hello all. I got one of my older levels.
Wiggler Romp Pinball: N4Y-DN4-DKG
Style: NSMBU
Theme: Forest
Difficulty: Easy
I’m trying to hit the 100 plays plateau for a course. This ones the closest I got to that goal. As usual plays and likes gets return plays and likes. So feel free to check out my others. Thanks for your time and I have a good one.

Time for me to bump this again I guess, lmao, been a while! I’m back making courses semi-regular now anyway, work pending ofc. Anyway, for the course.

Insurmountable Mirage

Level ID: W0J-9RC-MLG
Tags: Themed
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Desert

This one is probably a bit harder than usual, but it’s purely on jumping execution vs you’re going to die, your timer is more your enemy on this one, possibly, lmao

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Checked out your course. Didn’t do to hot on it. Left a like and a comment on that one and one I actually cleared. If played a lot of your courses in the past. Really well made and fun. If your interested in trying some of mine, my maker Id is 1DV-3HS-MRF. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for giving it a go, lmao, it’s quite a difficult one that and rare for me, frankly. Anyway, I have another one!

Goombrat Glide

Level ID: R4Y-N6T-9NG
Tags: Standard, Speedrun
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Ground, Sky

An easier one this time! Shouldn’t have any difficulties with this one, but if you want to make it hard on yourself give it a speedrun as I made it hard to do so!

See my twitter below for a video preview!

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So, this week’s update will add the ability to play as Link, with unique abilities! This is just the push I needed to get back into the game! Anyone else planning to make some Link-based levels?


Here’s the trailer for the update, really glad they’re finally adding new stuff like this


Hey Guys I live stream Mario maker 2 and I need Levels send me some to play:)

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Link’s Goomba Hunt

Level ID: KTR-1PG-4PG
Tags: Standard, Short and Sweet
Course Style: SMB
Course Theme: Forest

This course is focused on Link’s bow skills! There are a few secrets you can do with bombs though too. Have fun!

See my twitter below for a video preview!

This was great! Actually the first level I played with the new update. Glad to see how much fun the Link mechanics can be already.

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