'Super Mario Odyssey' Could Be 2017's Best... Adventure Game?

90 minutes with Mario's latest adventure reveal not only a fun platformer, but also a deep connection to classic point and click adventure games.

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Nice to see Nintendos year of reinventing themselves in honor of the mad chaos god of change Tzeentch is still good and strong.

Embrace the madness Nintendo, get stranger! I want the next Metroid to be Souls inspired and Donkey Kong to be a flight simulator.

That’s how I saw the giant Meat Mario slab, and it’s how the other folks saw the rad 2D Mario puzzle I stumbled upon in the beachy Bubblaine Kingdom.

Focusing on the highlighted part… I’m not sure I have any idea what this refers to and I’m moderately intrigued and slightly baffled.

The game has sections where Mario can merge into a wall ala A link between worlds and I assume this refers to that

I think that makes sense for ‘the 2D Mario puzzle’, but Meat Mario…?

Regardless, Riendeau’s advanced opinion is interesting. I’ve always felt that a lot of games have indirect adventure DNA built into the, especially anything with an ‘open world’ where you need abilities to access new areas (like Metroidvanias). The progression of finding keys to locks you know exist (whether a troll blocking your way or an impassible green door) makes adventure games seem like, in theory, a simplified version of what other games do indirectly (not using ‘simplified’ pejoratively, here).

(P.S. Y’all, we’re five weeks out from this game. What the heck?)