'Super Mario Odyssey' is a Fever Dream of Creativity and Pure Joy

Nah, you’re good. The old school characters you capture are obvious in what they can do, while everything else is brand-new.


I am so hyped for this!! I have errands in the morning and hopefully by the time I get home my copy from Amazon will there waiting. Gonna try and grab the Amiibo while I’m out, they look so cute!

I just saw that for some special moves you have to use motion controls.

It’s pretty funny that Nintendo still do stuff like that.

I’ve read about the ability to make moons show up on the map - is it an exhaustive, “Oh no, the entire map is covered in moons” type thing or just “Here are the harder ones to find”?

And on a related note, does having them on the map feel like it wrecks the feeling of discovery, or does it generally steer towards “I never would’ve found that”? I ask because in BOTW, it felt like a conscious decision on their part to not give you that option, and it really helped that feeling of being an active participant in exploring the map. I’m usually more prone to want a map like that, though, so I’m curious what you think about whether that helps or hurts, if that makes sense.

There are something like 900 moons in this game, so it’s a little like the seeds from Breath of the Wild. You absolutely do not need to buy hints on where to find things in Odyssey, but I don’t know how you could reasonably find everything without the hints. Like I said in my writeup, it doesn’t feel like cheating, more like a friendly “Hey, poke around over there.” It’s useful.

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Wow, that’s a higher number than I’d seen anywhere. And apologies for making you restate yourself, I could’ve sworn that was something touched on elsewhere and I hadn’t seen your take on it. Turns out I can’t keep my articles straight!

What controller configuration did you play the game with? It sounds like the recommended setup is disconnected Joycons, which is fine since I’m usually playing docked, but I’ll be traveling in a few weeks and was hoping to continue playing on the go. Did you play much in portable mode?

You mentioned being occasionally frustrated by the motion controls in your tweet, can you expand on that?

There’s a piece on that at Kotaku:

Hmm. It’s too bad. The only real sour note I had with Breath of the Wild were those motion control only puzzles.

The Zelda puzzles seem like they could have worked except with the Switch it felt incredibly difficult to understand what origin in space the controller was using. It felt impossible to mentally map how I would twist the controller to how the object on the screen would interact. A similar problem came up with the bow when sometimes it felt like it chose a strange spot for “center” and the only way to fix it was to put the weapon away. Otherwise, it worked well, and I wonder what of it was a problem in Zelda specifically as opposed to perhaps calibration or input api surfaces the switch exposes being subpar.

Splatoon 2 doesn’t have those issues if I recall.

Ugh. I play the Switch exclusively in handheld mode so this is really disappointing. I know I can always pop the Joy-Cons out and kickstand the console up but I very much do not want to play like that.

Splatoon 2 mostly sidesteps it by making the button for re-center easy to hit and quick to use. The Zelda puzzles especially never really had a way to reset short of starting over.

How does an entire new single player campaign and a new batch of mp maps not count as a new game? its like trying to argue Street Fighter 4 is just another port of SF2, actually. Sequels that happen to keep the same basic framework arent quick and easy ports.

Man i REALLY don’t need to buy a switch right now, i have to find happiness without Mario

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Very glad to hear that the collectibles are appropriately tracked here. Was worrying it might have been a Super Mario Sunshine blue coin situation.

its sitting on my switch preloaded and it is slowly killing my entire body


I play Splatoon 2 with motion controls on in portable mode with no problem, but that’s just camera/aiming and it works fine. Having to shake the entire unit to pull off a move… seems inconsiderate, especially for a game that has been created with such thought and care. Hopefully there will be a patch or something - or maybe I won’t find it irksome! I need to play the dang thing first.

Dang, this is a good thing to know about – thanks for the link to a comprehensive article!

I love it when a game series that I love get’s near ubiquitous praise. It all but guarantees that I’m going to love it. Heck, I tend to love even the middling mario games.

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