'Super Mario Odyssey' is a Fever Dream of Creativity and Pure Joy

Just did the New Donk Festival thing, I now cheerfully withdraw my previous comment about that world.


I was 100% thinking “He totally hasn’t done the festival yet”


Yep, that section is tremendous. I was confident Golf Story would win my award for “most times smiling whilst playing a game” (needs a better title) but Mario is not going quietly.

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Must admit, I’m really digging the motion controls for Odyssey. Granted, the main appeal of the switch is to play games anywhere, and that certainly worked in favour of Zelda and most other games released this year. I’ve only played Odyssey on the TV with both controllers in hand, I haven’t yet played it on the actual screen itself. I find shaking the controller, or throwing your cap with hand gesture works into the fun and joyousness of the whole game. It’s not a particularly nuanced form of control but it kind of carries the giddy energy of what is on screen.

Motion controls i’m fine with it’s just when they don’t put in alternatives for while you’re in handheld mode. It’s a bit annoying but I can live with it.

Donk Festival talk: I love how the crowd jumps whenever Pauline sings ‘jump’ in the song.


Another person who just finished that part ending New Donk City and, yeah, it’s incredible. However, I was concerned that the game might have hit its peak with that Kingdom and spectacular moment (which I think may top Nier: Automata’s ending for me?) but I chose the Seaside Kingdom next and I think that’s been my favourite so far and shudder at the thought of how much more there is to go and what interesting things they might do next. Such a fantastic game.


Some of the forms you take on, while having much shallower move sets than Mario, actually compete with him for sheer joy of movement and feel like other Nintendo quality platformers just PACKED into the experience.

I kind of want an entire Splatoon themed Hydrokinetic Octopus game now, or a FlickBeak Tengu game!


Just posting this to vent my frustration at my own inept play. The squid boss can kiss my backside.

Just in case: Initially when I was getting a handle on the Hydrokinetic Octopus controls, I didn’t know that you could shoot water downward and laterally at the same time. I’m not sure that’ll actually help, but the form sure felt less agile prior to realizing I could hold both buttons at the same time.

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I will never get this jump rope moon and i’ll never leave the Metro Kingdom until I have all the moons.

Send help.

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Oh, that might well help. I just spend ages trying to get towards him and then he moves away before I can turn and get him. Liked all the other bosses but for some reason this one is proving troublesome.

So I finished the main story, and it was awesome! And then I got to explore the Mushroom Kingdom, which was even more awesome, especially since you can dress up as 1996-ass polygonal Mario.

However, I also bought like 20 of those moons/Power Stars at the hat shop there, under the impression they were a limited resource. But from what I’m hearing those Moons are bottomless, albeit not counting toward your actual record total. So if I go the full nine yards and find every regular Moon in the game am I just going to have a bunch of extra Moons? I’m not angry or peeved or anything, it’s just weird they didn’t communicate that up front.

@CreamyGoodness: “I will never get this jump rope moon…”

Oh my god I’ve been avoiding revisiting that and the volleyball challenges for a bit now… Wish us luck!

@HermanBloom: “…I just spend ages trying to get towards him and then he moves away before I can turn and get him…”

Wait… you’re not trying to hit him from the side while moving away, are you? I think I just creamed him with water from above, they shouldn’t make you use a harder technique until the inevitable refight!

@Link: “…But from what I’m hearing those Moons are bottomless, albeit not counting toward your actual record total…”

Oh man, that sucks if true, I’m trying to save up coins for a costume that costs 9999, so I’m super glad I haven’t invested in any of those moons. That WOULD be a very un-mario like structure, but maybe they just wanted there to be an infinite coin dump? How strange.

Your moon total caps off at 999, so it’s not quite infinite. You have to buy ~100 i think to reach 999, though.

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Okay, I can live with that. 999 is a good number.

Had a huge Mario movement breakthrough this week!

Ever since finding out from the Gold Foot Race Koopas how powerful throwing your hat and diving onto it midair was, I’ve been struggling to do the move consistently. 50% of my attempts would result in a ground pound and instant death, because the in-game help text oversimplifies Dive as:

“While Mario is falling in midair: (ZL] + (Y)”

So I was trying to hit both buttons at the same time and cursing the inconsistency: “Why the hell can’t dive just be another button like (X) or (A)?!” While it’s true that Nintendo’s control philosophy of “many actions arise from few inputs” can seem myopic from the perspective of someone who’s mastered complex action games that leverage almost every button on a modern controller, in this case I’m going to have to bow down to the masters, because I was taught how to FLY by someone with a decade less console gaming experience.

A friend who is measurably worse at action games explained the HatDive move to me like this: “Oh, you know how he like spins in midair before slamming down? You just attack during that and he dives!”

…It’s not (ZL) + (Y), it’s:

“While Mario is falling in midair: (ZL] -> (Y)”

With this breakthrough, I’m consistently saving myself from missed jumps by wall kicking and doing this up and out to safety, I’m chaining further dives to make jumps that curve and reach seemingly impossible ledges, hell, if they hadn’t coded Mario to fall through Cappy when trying to do the move again unless your feet have touched a surface, I’d literally be infinitely chaining HatDives to fly around!

[Some GDQ runner is probably going to find a frame perfect trick to do this, just you watch! -Ed]

Before this breakthrough I was sort of on team “use all the buttons so that motion controls are never needed”, but now… If Odyssey regularly used more inputs than Move, Jump, Attack, Duck, and Flick. I’m not sure it would have organically taught a child to school me this way.

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Broke down and bought Mario. Holy crap. I’m having trouble putting it down.

Just in case you’re still struggling with the squid boss - there are certain spots in the level you can chase him up and he gets stuck. It’s super easy to corner him then jump on him that way :slight_smile:

I can’t remember who said it, but this game definitely is elevated by its ending. Holy cow that is some good stuff!

I had a sneaking suspicion we’d end up on on the moon, but damn that was even better than I expected. When I jumped for the first time and it was a proper low gravity jump… oh, that feeling! Plus the end with Bowser was such a treat, and then the way they play it off with Peach is pretty excellent. Seriously, seriously hoping Nintendo decide to announce DLC - Peach’s Odyssey. Because hell yes! Lastly, the Mushroom Kingdom is such a joy! The classic outfit is just the cake topper here. The way they’ve handled achievements is axtually pretty great as well.

421 moons in and I’m still having a blast. Curious about what’s at 500. There really is some challenging areas introduced post game too - one particular wall running area in the sand kingdom was great but also infuriating. Don’t think I’m ever going to 100% this game, but unlocking this games secrets as it unfolds further and further is just wonderful.

I was trying to get him from above but the water wasn’t doing anything, and as I tried to turn he would just shoot off. I got him in the end, but I have no idea how.