'Super Mario Odyssey' is a Fever Dream of Creativity and Pure Joy

Ah, I think that was how it went down actually, I remember turning and the water actually hitting him. Next thing I know he was down. It all seemed really weird as it felt like I only got him once. But I took it and moved on.

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Alright, so Odyssey is a bloody damn good game, but I got a real bone to pick with what happens at 500 moons.

So I understand that this area is meant to be a gauntlet that you get through in one go. Can totally appreciate that. But there should definitely be a checkpoint when you go into the underground area. The bit where you need to use the bird with the beak to fling yourself upward onto swinging panels is insanely unforgiving - one miss and you’re dead. Then it’s allllll the way back to the start, to repeat the last 10 minutes. Again, I totally understand that it’s a gauntlet, but seriously, checkpoint the middle. By that point you’ve earned a little reprieve, and forcing the player to redo such a massive amount of game area is bad game design. It doesn’t increase the challenge by making you repeat all that, and it doesn’t lessen the challenge to put a checkpoint there.

It’s really brought the game down for me, and it could be fixed so easily. It’s such a damn shame, because the entire game is just wonderful, even the challenging parts. This bit is just not fun at all.

Without getting into spoiler territory, I “finished” the main part of the game, then get enough stars/moons to get to the rabbit isle thing.

I tried what I would term the “gauntlet” part of that level 4-5 times, failed miserably and put the game down. It seems super hard compared to everything else I have done thus far. Which is fine, as I guess it is post-game stuff. But is that an indication of everything else that is to come? As if so, I will just leave the game there I think as I don’t want to get frustrated.

If I have worded that poorly, then Dark side of the moon, four Broodles, three hearts, I can get to the third Broodle sometimes. Then have to restart the whole thing. This is not fun.

Have you tried using assist mode? Gives you 6 hearts as standard and they recharge when you stand still which most bosses give you a chance to do after you hit them. It doesn’t take anything away from you for using this mode, I love it.

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That hadn’t even occurred to me. I guess I could continue to use that later on if things remain tough. Thanks!

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