Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle Arena/Tournament Hosting and Chat Corner


Hey Waypointers and Smash Bros fans!

Some of you have expressed interest in some semi-regular meet-ups and throw-downs in the form of Battle Arenas and Tournaments.

This thread is to serve as a place to set up these events and to use as a chat room of sorts for trash talking (and positive words of encouragement!) during these sessions. The other Smash Bros. Ultimate thread is still being used for general Smash Ultimate discourse. See you all on the Battlefield or errr-- Final Destination!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE

Alright folks, I’m planning on setting up a Battle Arena this upcoming week. I’m shooting for Tuesday 10:00pm EST. The ruleset will be:

  • 4 Player smash (top two stay)
  • 3 Stock (8 minutes)
  • No Items
  • No final smash
  • Random stage from a player’s preferred stages

Rules aren’t set in stone, so I’m open to negotiations.

Check this space Tuesday around 9:30pm or so for the arena name, password, etc.


I might not be able to attend due to work, but I’ll try my best!


I have a D&D session that night, but definitely interested! I’ll try to check in when I’m done and see if folks are still fighting!


Looking forward to it!


Just a reminder, I’m hosting a battle arena later today about 6 hours from now. Arena details to follow closer to the start time!


Alright folks, it’s almost time! To join, just go to Online -> Battle Arenas -> Join -> Search by ID.

Arena ID: LFMQ9
Password: 22446688



15 charatcers


I don’t know that I’ll stay for too long, but I’ll play


If you don’t SD at least twice a game you’re not trying hard enough


I don’t think I like Donkey Kong


Lets see how long my internet stays up!

Cloud you got this.

EDIT: internet could handle one match it turns out.


I almost had it…


Alright, time for my REAL character


The game go mad when it saw Isabelle having such a violent deah


No matter who wins, we lose


I’m creating a change. org petition to remove all bounce pads


Okay so I think I misunderstood the option for stages. Apparently it will at random pick one of our “preferred stages”, so we’ll be seeing a lot of repeat levels.

Don’t know if people are fine with it, or want more variety


I can’t believe Random has given me Ken more than any other character. Does it think I’m going to learn Ken? I’m not going to learn Ken.


The reason we’re seeing Suzaku is because it’s my preferred stage

Also, WOW, I have no idea what I’m doing