Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle Arena/Tournament Hosting and Chat Corner


Tatsumaki to his death DOES feel like the way Ken would go out


Turns out a winning strategy is pace around wondering what it’s like to have real recovery


Sorry Ganon

(for the ‘9’)


Can it be…? Is it time to bring out THE KING?


I’m gonna tap out for the night


Haven’t played Robin since Smash 4, Elwind really goes now, huh?


Nice having ya @trty0, thanks for stopping by!


Mad respect Bowser for the KO + SD attempt. Something I’d definitely do!


Good to know that’s got I frames on the start. I’m mad salty about it but good to know


I swear, I ABSOLUTELY thought I was done for!


YO my counters are NOT coming out in time. This input delay is throwing me off lol


Ryu, a fool: gets several skilled KOs with careful use of full moveset
Luigi, wise: exploding side-B, taunt


Were we all secretly terrified of getting hit by DK’s side-B becuase we knew it would immediately be followed by a fully charged punch? Who could say…?


Well, internet said no contest I guess. Probably a sign for me to pack it in. Thanks for the games!


Probably. Thanks again y’all, these are a lot of fun.


Thank you all for joining! Glad y’all had a good time!


Thinking of doing another Battle Arena sometime in the next couple days. I’m curious, for those interested, what day(s) would work best for you?

Right now I’m defaulting to Tuesday (Jan 29) at 10pm EST again, but I’m definitely open to suggestions.


I should be able to make it! I also have Monday and Wednesday relatively free if those work better.


Hmmmm…actually Tuesday is National Kingdom Hearts III Day isn’t it? Maybe Monday would be better…


I would be able to make Monday or Tuesday as of now!