Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle Arena/Tournament Hosting and Chat Corner


Alrighty folks, the plan is to host another battle arena later today. Shooting for 10:00pm EST. The ruleset will be:

  • 4 Player smash (top two stay)
  • 3 Stock (8 minutes)
  • No Items
  • No final smash
  • Random stages

Like usual, I’ll jump back in here close to start time with the arena details (name, password). Looking forward to seeing some of y’all later!


Hey folks, setting up now. To join, just go to Online -> Battle Arenas -> Join Arena -> Enter Arena ID.

Arena ID: G4BHB
Password: 88664422


I’m in! Name is Nate, as always!


Real talk i have no idea how to use the ness up b, i know how it works, but i just can’t ever do the input


I swear I was hitting up smash…


I’m no Ness expert, but I believe usually people initially point the thunder away from the stage and do a quick circle with it if that helps.

Oh I saw lol


i need to go get some water, i’ll be right back. go without me, i’m alright


High energy, move that body!


alright, i’m hydrated and back in buisness


@vivimd di-di-did you just drop a…bowling ball on that innocent child’s head?



alright people, i’m goign to retire for the night. Thanks so much for making this happen, always a blast!


Wario killed by his own hog :frowning:


Wendy killed by her own family :frowning:


Alright this’ll be my last match y’all


Glad this went late. I thought I’d only get a couple matches in with y’all


Glad you were able to join!

Not a problem, thanks for stopping in!

And thanks everyone who joined! Had a great time once again!


Thanks again for the games, y’all!

I’m not complaining, since I pick random so I don’t have to play the characters I use all the time, but I do think it’s interesting that in all the games we’ve played I’ve never once been given a character I’d describe as my main, while my Ken expertise continues to grow…


Once I get really good all of a sudden somehow it’s over for y’all