Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE

With E3 almost here we’re probably going to get a good deal of info regarding the new game. I’m curious what everyone is hoping to see from the new entry.

While I liked Smash 4 when it came out, I’m hoping they go in a different direction with Smash 5. The character roster as it stands right now seems super bloated, and the past entry was really lacking when it came to single player modes and online play.

After moving from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (59 characters) to Tekken 7 (40 characters), I’m starting to realize how much more accessible a smaller roster is. Cutting a good chunk of the roster would make balancing a lot easier on the staff and hopefully free up some dev time to focus on online play or some extra single player modes. I could do without Dr. Mario, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Charizard, Lucario, Roy, Rosalina, Corrin, Palutena, Dark Pit, Lucina, Wii Fit Trainer, Shulk, Pac-Man and the Miis. De-cloning Ganondorf and Falco would also be a nice touch.
Hopefully Nintendo realizes how much money they could make on DLC characters and the game debuts with a more conservative roster.

Since this game seems to be what they are hoping to sell their online service with, I’m not too concerned with online play in this game. Since there’s going to be a larger player base than the last worst-selling entry I’m hoping for some more matchmaking choices than just “items or nah”.

As for single player, I’d like something inbetween Melee and Brawl. Subspace Emissary was really ambitious so I’m not hoping for something that big, but a story mode would be nice. I’m really hoping they lean into the vibe from the announcement trailer. A very serious take on the encroaching Smash hell dimension that forces video game characters into battle is pretty funny to me.

What are y’all looking for? What new characters, modes or other changes are you hoping for?


I’m hoping for Melee 2/Melee HD. I practically fall asleep when watching Smash 4 tournaments with how slow the pace of the fights are.

R.O.B or I riot


i want the excitebike

“tricky ricky stern with the final smash!”


What I need more than anything is a better competitive ranked ladder, something like Splatoon 2’s.

Also I want to be the first person in this thread to ask where Ridley is.

I was talking with my Overwatch group yesterday about Smash and we were thinking about ways to incorporate elements from Blizzard’s shooter into Smash. Stuff like alternate costumes, play of the games, and rotating arcade modes with weird rules all seem like great additions. But I would like to see it go farther, and include team based modes. Like, maybe have a large platforming stage with a payload that must be taken from one side to another while the opposing team tries to stop you. Or king of the hill modes, or CTF, or scavenger hunts. Basically, I want Nintendo to look beyond the fighting game paradigm and explore what elements from other genres that can complement Smash.


I just want a god damned menu I can navigate. Cut the roster in half if you must, but every time I played Smash on my WiiU the first five minutes were spent trying to figure out where in the blue hell the one mode I wanted was.


Announce Kiryu. You want to generate buzz? That’s how you do it.

As far as new characters go, I would be very into Waluigi, Funky Kong, Banjo/Kazooie and Geno.

I heard some people talk about John Cena, and while I wrote it off as a meme, the idea of having an actual person is pretty funny to me. As far as people who are known for fighting goes, I can’t think of anyone better than him. Plus his reveal trailer could easily get a ton of buzz.

EDIT: Forget John Cena, Jackie Chan for sma5h.

Wait. I feel like I should be more responsible for my Smash thread and not immediately start posting things like “Jackie Chan for sma5h”.

Counter(companion?) point: Put 2B in everything.

I generally only care for the competitive aspect of most fighting games so really anything they do with single player would be gravy for me.

On top of that I’m not particularly picky about the mechanics, I’m mostly just looking forward to a new game.

My only true hopes are that they bring Villager back and maybe give Waluigi his due diligence.

Edit: I just remembered we already know Inklings are gonna be in this game, that’s rad.

I mean, that nes karate game was supposed to be an adaptation of a Jackie Chan movie right?

Xenoverse is on the switch so

Gimme that Goku

I hope they show a trailer with Ridley and then Funky Kong comes up behind him, smashing a barrel over his head and killing him instantly. And then Funky Kong is confirmed for Sma5h.

Also, BotW Champions are probably gonna end up as assist trophies, the cruelest fate of all.

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I enjoy playing the smash games competitively, so I’ll mostly be interested in how it shapes up as an e-sport. Mechanics wise, I’d be pretty happy if it was just smash 4 with the rolls and air-dodges being much more punishable. Most characters defensive moves in smash 4 were just way too hard to punish and made for a much slower game than I would have liked.

As for characters, I’d love for Lucina to return and be something other than just “Marth but objectively worse.” I’d also like Robin to return because pink fem Robin was my main in smash 4, but I feel like she’s probably one of the characters most likely to get cut.


I would love Love LOVE to be in a world where I could get excited for a new Smash Bros., but we’re not in one.

We’re still in the timeline where the smash community has their vision for the series glued to a 17 year old game whose competitive meta is built around aspects unintended by the developers and will never be acknowledged by the developers as a a legit way to continue the series.

The community, both within the competitive scene and the casual talk of the series within games itself, continues to be arrogantly ignorant of this and does their best to continue their reputation as the most toxic part of the FGC to push all who think otherwise out.

I’m not just talking hypotheticals or anything. I ran monthly Smash 4 tournaments from launch to post-Bayonetta and made the mistake of running Melee as well. It hurt Smash 4 to do so. It hurt my tournaments to do so. It hurt my community to do so. A lot of good competitors (especially female competitors) left the scene due to the people Melee brought in.

I fully believe the healthiest thing that could happen to the series would be for the Melee competitive scene to die. If that takes Smash 5 to be awful competitively to do so, so be it. Then that’s what I want out of Smash 5. Make it the Mario Party of fighting games. It’ll still be fun to play casually.

Otherwise every game that comes out will be poisoned by the community as it stands today.


They’d have to go pretty crossover heavy for me to be interested. That and Xenoblade 2; put Pyra and Mythra in and make them work like Zelda/Sheik used to.

Will be interesting to see how things turn out, though. I believe this will be the first Smash they’ve made since becoming aware of their competitive community–though I’d still be surprised if they catered to them at all outside of on accident.

I am the heathen who likes Brawl the most due to it’s fantastic roster of characters and really enjoying the weightier, slower pace. I could not give less of a shit about smash bros as an E-Sport and hope they just make a really fun game without trying to please the fans of melee.

As for characters, my wishlist is Waluigi OF COURSE, somebody from Resident Evil or a return of Snake, making Olimar a fun character to use again and not the boring and useless one he was in smash4, paper mario, maybe somebody from Advance Wars (nintendo make a new advance wars you cowards) and just, surprise me nintendo!

I hope returning characters get redesigned in cool ways and there’s lots of fun new stages, but less constantly changing ones. The one thing I do miss about melee is the relative stability of most of the stages. Brawl onwards there were just too many overcomplicated stages where you spend half the time fighting the level instead of the other players, these should be kept to maybe 3 or 4 at most so they feel more special and dramatic.


Wow, I’m sure that direct alienated everyone who doesn’t care about Smash.

I know I said that I was hoping for a trimmed down roster and ended up getting everybody but I am really happy with what I’m seeing from Smash this E3. I wanted a slim roster so that the team could focus on balancing the new game, but it seems like they are just polishing and balancing the hell out of Smash 4. I was hoping for insight into single player and online modes, but instead got a detailed list of pretty much all of my problems with Smash 4 (a game I really like) being fixed. This is great news for me and a ton of other Smash players, but we were going to buy the game anyway so this strikes me as a weird approach. In the trailer they revealed that there were 60+ plus stages just through the background of footage, but never explicitly said it so only Smash fans who spend time looking this stuff up know about it. I’m sure they’re not going to have trouble selling this thing but the presentation still strikes me as weird.


I really hope you are right. If it’s anything like smash 4 it will manage to remain fairly balanced by having a bunch of characters that aren’t even considered for competitive play which is probably the best way to approach balancing a roster this large. Better to have two-thirds of the roster be unplayable than one character who is in the final match of every tournament.

I don’t care at all about Smash and yep! The direct made me a lot less excited to own a Nintendo Switch. 25 minutes of what seemed like patch notes made me want Smash Brothers even less.

I might get this one simply because Nintendo isn’t putting anything else out that I want this year.

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