Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE




So I am quite a seasoned Smash Bros player, with several thousand hours put in across the different previous titles. Unlocking characters is HARD. The CPU opponents when you get a new challenger approaching is really inconsistent. Some of them will kill themselves outright, while others were extremely difficult to me. The first time I faced Squirtle, I only landed two hits in before I died. All in all I would say I only won about 50% of new challengers the first time I faced them. I had to go back to re-challenge the other half.

World of Light’s difficulty also doesn’t seem fun or fair at all. I decided I wasn’t enjoying it really early on, so I spent more time in Classic mode, vs battles (against CPU and today, against friends), and online. Not a fan of how there is only one queue for quick-play, and the game will sort of half-attempt to match you against other players who chose a similar ruleset to what you set as your preference. I wish 1-on-1 and free-for-all matches just had entirely separate queues. I haven’t been given access to the Elite battle stuff yet, so I don’t know what the experience there is like.


Yeah, I’m expecting we’ll probably see some updates in the future to address some of the stuff you mentioned. I’ve only unlocked 10 or so characters so far, but I’ve also noticed an inconsistency in difficulty when facing the new challengers. I’m purely speculating, but possibly the difficulty may be tied to the difficulty of the previous battle right before unlocking them? So far, I’ve only done regular smash battles against CPUs, and a couple of characters’ Classic modes. So far, it felt like the new challengers that appeared after my (lvl 7) CPU battles have been easier than the ones that appeared after Classic mode, where I’ve ended with the Intensity between 8 and 9.5. Again, pure speculation, it could just be completely coincidential.

As for the online stuff, I hope we’ll see some changes there too. I have 1v1 selected in my preferred rules, and in like the 15 or so online battles I’ve done, still have yet to play a 1v1 match. However, every match I’ve come across has had items disabled (which is also in my preferred rules), so it’s working in some respect. Maybe they could find a way to let you rank or prioritize the different rules. For instance, my top priority is to have a stock match with no items, the time limit and stage options I’m more lenient on.

Haven’t touched World of Light yet, so no comments on that.


I’m so happy that Falco is finally fun to play again :sob:


I’m loving the World of Light stuff. A lot of it is just that I’m a sucker for all of the deep cut references, but there are a ton of fights that have a gimmick that manages to be really fun while being a clever reference.

I think my favorite one so far was Andy from Advanced Wars, he was Doctor Mario and had a huge squad of mini Snakes with him that he would heal periodically.

I also just fought the kid versions of Alm and Celica from the start of Shadows of Valentia, they were a pair of villagers that spent the whole fight running away, which is pretty much accurate.


I will say, even though I still haven’t tried World of Light, I just wanna shout out the Classic mode. Even though it’s essentially just like an Arcade mode from any fighting game, I like how each fighters set of fights follows a certain theme.

Marth for instance fights a bunch of dragon/reptile fighters (King K Rool, Ridley, a Rathalos(???)). Ryu’s fights meanwhile, have a Street Fighter theme with Stamina mode for all battles, and with each fighter representing a Street Fighter character (blue Zero Suit Samus = Chun-Li, Incineroar = Zangief, Green DK = Blanka). It’s all pretty cute


Just unlocked all the characters, I’ve messed with World of LIght a little and I enjoy it a lot, especially how characters from other series are represented with smash fighters. I’m excited to finally actually learn a character or two, as I had smash on my 3DS but never got too into it.


The world of light is weird. I like it, but I also find it frustrating and confusing at times. I like the clever themes and the references, but I feel like there are really weird swings in difficulty and the spirit system feels like it goes from being an interesting modifier to being absolutely necessary seemingly at random. While some of the gimmick levels are a lot of fun, some of them are simply infuriating and serve no purpose other than to make you equip the spirit that negates it. Oh boy, left is now right, the mechanic that his never been fun even once in history.

Also I really wish the character unlocks were just free to choose as opposed to stumbling around and hoping to find the character you want. I get why they do it that way, but it’s kind of annoying that I’ve been playing for maybe five hours and I’ve unlocked exactly one character I wanted.


Good news! Classic mode unlocks characters in a set order, depending on who you beat it with.


That’s all well and good, but unlocking them normally doesn’t unlock them for world of light.


I flat-out don’t understand the spirits rock-paper-scissors mechanic of attack/shield/throw or whatever in World of Light mode and fully have no intention of ever learning it. It’s so needlessly complicated, I wish this layer straight-up didn’t exist.


It’s really simple which is whys it’s so frustrating because it’s practically meaningless. Pick a spirit that has the advantage, preferably a high level one and… That’s it.

There are some fights that are essentially impossible for someone at my skill level without spirit advantage, and it’s not fun in any way to beat your head against it otherwise.


sorry yeah, I suppose I should have said it’s a “needless complication”, rather than complicated.


I’m really enjoying it so far and that’s coming from someone who has really never liked Smash except at the occasional party.

My biggest gripe would be the netcode. Granted the only other fighting games I’ve played online are MK and King of Fighters but the netcode in this feels terrible. I’m playing on a gigabit fiber optic connection in Dallas against someone in Houston that is also on fiber and it stutters about every 15 seconds. I would think it’s probably a wi-fi issue but we’re both also in the same room as our routers.


I haven’t heard anybody say anything good about the online so far. Obviously most people are probably gonna be on wi-fi but doesn’t seem like that’s the main issue.


Are you using snacks? I didn’t realize they existed for quite a while but you can level very quickly with them. I think a large snack gives 40-50 levels to a level 1 Spirit. It makes keeping up much more manageable.


Oh my spirits have been feasting on snacks. I just hold the feed button down until they’re 99.

It still doesn’t make the system feel well thought out, it just feels like they installed a pressure release valve on a grind that was broken.


Tip that the game doesn’t tell you: there’s a sort feature for enhanceable spirits in the level-up menu. Note that it also displays spirits that have already been enhanced, this doesn’t mean they can be enhanced again.

I like the spirits system, it’s a “fair” version of a mobile gachapon game progression. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of of 4’s single-player features, and honestly a little more engaging than the campaign in Brawl (which, let’s be honest, was a ho-hum side scrolling beat-em-up with cool cutscenes).


Pretty early on in World of Light I was able to make a Level 99 Legendary spirit of each type, so the game became a cakewalk pretty quickly. I found the only way to make it challenging after that was to self-impose restrictions on myself. All spirit teams I use now need to be from my player character’s series, which makes hunting for spirits a bit more fun for me. I’ve also been dismissing any spirits that I don’t recognize. I’ve been enjoying the mode, though.

As for the main game, the only main gripe I have is with the online mode. In quickplay I haven’t gotten a single game that matched my requested rules or ran smoothly. The only way I’ve found to have a decent 1v1 match was to make my own room and only allow two players, but those fights don’t affect GSP or give smash tags or anything. I’m sure it’ll be addressed since it’s selling so well and is the biggest draw for their online service, but right now it’s pretty awful.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying the game feels unresponsive but I haven’t found that at all. To me this game feels great to play. It also helps that almost all of the characters I enjoy playing as got buffed enough to be viable. New Zelda and Mr Game and Watch feel great, Game and Watch feels like a new character with his revamped moveset.

EDIT: Forgot to mention how much I liked the Donkey Kong and Street Fighter themed areas of WoL (minor spoilers). The huge soundtrack really adds a ton to some of the content. The main driving force for playing through the single player content right now is trying to unlock this (song spoilers) so that I can use it as the default song in every Donkey Kong stage.


I’m loving the game so far, the new characters are great, the world of light fights are creative, and the gameplay just generally feels better even if I can’t really put my fingers on why.

That said, man this game stumbles in ways that only Modern Nintendo could.

The character unlock system is Not Great. I’m not a huge believer that having to unlock all the characters is bad. Unlocking new characters in Melee felt like solving some kinda mystery to me when I was younger. Removing character unlocks entirely feels like taking that same feeling of magic from the kids who are playing Ultimate as their first Smash game. That said, Ultimate’s unlock system takes entirely too long. I know who I want to play, I know what my friends want to play, and most importantly I know what the roster looks like, so give me an easy way to get all the characters please. Having to slog through a lot of classic mode to unlock what I want or just hope the characters I want just randomly show up when i’m playing is really not fun.

Additionally, online is a joke. Despite having good internet, I’ve yet to play a match that isn’t choppy as hell. The “preferred rules” also might as well not exist, if I’m lucky I get into matches with ONE of my preferred rules, and I’ve played a more than a couple matches with none of my preferred rules on. The idea that I’m paying a fee to use online this bad is appalling. Nintendo is a AAA Game company in 2018, there really isn’t an excuse for their continued failure to make a palatable online experience.