Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


All characters should have been unlocked from the start if you’re in a mode with two or more players. There were probably lots of launch day parties spoiled due to having almost no one to play with in a game advertised with “EVERYONE IS HERE”.

I think that the solo matchmaking issues will slowly shake out as more and more of the initial players who left on default settings stop trying out the online modes.


This actually works btw if you want to quickly unlock everyone.

  1. Win or lose, once you face the challenger, do not play another match.
  2. Instead, press the Home button on your Switch controller to go back to the main menu, press X to quit the software, and confirm.
  3. Now reopen the game.
  4. Instead of doing a 10-minute round, this time create a new ruleset with a stock of one, which should allow for the fastest possible game.
  5. Play that match with your favorite fighter, and after you go through the postgame stats menu, a new challenger should approach for unlocking. (Protip: Play with a “human” opponent again, and then have them walk off the map as soon as the match starts.)


I managed to hit Elite Smash (with Captain Falcon) this morning. My GSP was about 930,000 at the time. I have been lucky enough to get mostly into 1v1 matches, and the handful of FFA matches were against pretty new/bad players anyway so they were easy to just win (or come 2nd in and you still get + GSP)

I’ve only quit out of 2 matches so far when the lag was unbearable and I just jumped off the stage a couple of times after losing my first stock.

I’m heading to my first Ultimate tournament later this evening and I’m ready to get demolished :muscle:


ah, my favorite video game website



Daaaaaaang first Natalie being the face of E3, now part of @Cado’s review featured in an accolades video? Waypoint’s def on the map!


I always loved the concept of Snake in Smash Bros more than I actually enjoyed playing as Snake in Brawl but with Ultimate I’ve spent some time actually getting used to playing him and am having a blast playing against randoms online with him.


This is now one of my favorite clips I’ve seen from Ultimate. Inspiring technique on display here


Clearly time for me to take my skills to Evo


I’ve kept up with playing almost exclusively Bowser through all of World of Light and am really enjoying him. Still getting used to the down smash, but I’m having a great time. At some point I’ll take a look at all of the other people and see if anyone else sticks with me.


Hey, just thought I’d gauge peoples interest in participating in Smash events on the forum.

  • I’d be interested in participating in a forum-wide tournament
  • I’d be interested in a regularly scheduled Waypoint battle arena
  • I’d be interested in either

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i will lose very badly but i will play


Yep, same.
Someone’s got to fill up those last place positions!


So, any Dragon Quest fans here?


I’m from North America.

I spit on copies of Dragon Quest games whenever I see them.


And someone’s gotta take 1st :wink:

Whew, alright had to get that outta my system real quick, I promise I won’t be this conceited when we play lol.


I’m a regular tournament-goer for Smash Ultimate, but I’m in Australia so I don’t think online lag will be fun if I play with people in a forum tournament. However spectators in an arena don’t seem to appear to add to latency so I’d be happy to just sit in on matches and watch them :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m MOSTLY enjoying the world of light mode but I despise every single ‘hostile assist trophies will appear’ fight

also my main tactic is: little mac, with the giant zapfish (makes him Big at the start of the fight), run forward and punch the enemy off the stage, but then sometimes there’s stamina battles where I have to Actually Fight Well? terrible.

also I just unlocked corrin the other day and I guess I completely forgot that they’re a dragon or whatever? I very much have not played the game they’re from.


This is a very enjoyable and educational watch, it’s not overproduced and very casual, which helps me at least absorb what’s being said a lot easier. Seeing some of the ways to combo into smashes seems like a solid way to up your game if you’re like me and still Very Scrubby. Also I’m still laughing at Gun Mario.

Edit: this is my first time seeing all the new final smash changes and I’m a big fan of the new short and sweet approach rather than stuff like the old Supersonic and R.O.B.


I’m currently trying to unlock all the characters before I have to go to a family Christmas dinner and the difficulty of some of these fights is nuts. I don’t like having to unlock characters, at all, but why isn’t it just the easiest cakewalk bullshit? WHY SAKURAI?!


And they (supposedly) just modified the difficulty of those new challenger fights with the most recent update…

Just a heads up, if you lose a fight to a new challenger, you can re-fight them if you go to the ‘Games & More’ section of the main menu and select the door icon at the bottom-right corner.

(The door icon won’t be there all the time; it will show up every couple fights if you’ve lost a new challenger fight)