Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Drop out of World of Light every 3-4 fights to get a new character challenge, they don’t “stack” so be sure to back out of WoL frequently to not miss them. IIRC every time you lose to them, they get knocked down a little in difficulty.

Another slightly confusing system: spirit fighting style training. There’s about 10 trainers in all, three of which don’t show up until waaaay later in the WoL campaign. A single spirit can learn all styles, but only have one active. After learning a style, if you take it back to the gym, it’ll toggle that style back on.

Using the “Forget” gym will just toggle off any active styles, it doesn’t wipe that spirit’s learned styles or anything. If you fuse a spirit though, the resulting fusion will not inherit any of the learned styles (to my knowledge).

After you send a spirit to the leveling gym, style gyms, or on treasure hunts, there’s a cooldown period of about 10 minutes where immediately sending out that spirit will have slower results. From what I can tell, there’s no reason to have a spirit trained in all styles, but I’m doing it anyway since it’s a fun distraction.


To stack on this advice, I’ve read that you are more likely to get the door to reappear when you WIN any matches you play, rather than by simply playing matches. Anecdotally, this also seems to be my experience: I lose a fight, back out and look for the door, it ain’t there; I win a fight, back out and look for the door, more often than not it’s there. Usually takes two or more matches to bring it back.


This is how I did it and I would count it as the second most enjoyable method to just playing hours of matches with friends, which I also did to unlock characters on a friend’s console.

Are you referring to unlock fights or fights in general? I haven’t looked it up, but in my experience the door would never show up after losing an unlock fight (I assume because they were added to the queue of fighters who would show up there) and it would show up about as often as new challengers if I won the unlock fight.


im talking about any normal (not unlock) fights. Winning any kinds of non-unlock fights seems to make the door appear faster than losing normal fights does.


Huh, interesting!


UGH, WHEN DO I GET BOWSER JR? Where is my main, where is my boy?!


He’s one of the last unlocks. If you beat Classic mode as Fox a couple of times you’ll probably get him faster though.


I forgot about this.

I looked back and saw @Wittlich mentioned it above.

But also here’s the image for quick reference.


Boju was one of my favorite characters in sm4sh but something about him in this one doesn’t feel right to me and I can’t put my finger on it.


For me, it’s Bowser Jr., Wii Fit and Rosalina. I’ve already got Wii Fit, but I need all three! My life is incomplete without them!


Can I talk about this for a moment? How on EARTH did this make it to a shipping product?


Evidently, all roads lead not to Sonic


I think the team up there is less a racism thing and more a Donkey Kong and Mr. Sandman both starred as the two single hardest opponents in Punch-Out Wii. Then again, I’m Latino, not black, so I’m not the best authority.

There’s been so much racist shit in major game releases lately that this barely shocked me. I’m still hung up on pretty much the entirety of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Several of my PoC friends and I have talked about it. They clearly didn’t think it through, I mean, obviously, but a single person should have pointed out “Maybe making the black boxer, styled after Muhammad Ali, a giant ape isn’t the best decision.” Because regardless of intent the result is still there, the equating of a black boxer to an ape.

Also everything about red dead 2 pisses me off, then again as a native american I loathe all westerns on site to begin with, and everything on top of that only pissing me off more.


There’s a few stickers I think were poorly thought out


Oh they knew exactly what they were doing with that one


I dunno, that one is dark but it’s pretty funny.


Friend bought Smash and brought it over for the holidays, and I’m basically having the same feeling I had when I’ve played other Smash games, which is that it’s fun to play with friends, but I can’t keep track of enough of what’s going on on the screen to play against anyone. Classic is fun. Vs is Vs. There’s no Subspace Emissary and I don’t like boss fights or solo CPU fights enough to find World of Light interesting–(though from what I understand, they did some pretty neat stuff with it?)

All in all, glad I didn’t pay $60 for it and I’ll probably never buy it. IDK if it’s the lack of interest in any sort of fighting game without a story (e.g. ARMS), or if it’s the fact that I don’t have any nostalgia for 90% of the roster, but it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to me, so it’s maybe not the game for me. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here, and I’m glad other people are having fun with it.


I was honestly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it (and at how meaty it is—if you actually do all the battles, it probably goes to around 25~30 hours). Though I think you need to have a real nostalgic or emotional connection to a lot of Nintendo franchises for it to land. The “spirit battles” can be pretty clever (e.g., Shedinja being an invincible Game-and-Watch with brief periods of vulnerability and a lot of starting damage so it’s basically a one-hit kill), and some of the world designs and flourishes are pretty clever as well (e.g. the Street Fighter sub-world being a world map, and having the player avatar turn into a plane as it goes between the different fights). There was one particular sub-world (the Zelda one) that really got to me, but that was because I’m deep in that franchise and that world did some really, really effective calls to its motifs and mechanics. Felt like they really captured the spirit of it—not just empty callbacks like I had kind of expected.

Basically, as someone who’s almost finished with it, it is an extremely competent and effective “for the fans” type of experience. But if you’re not already a fan of Nintendo’s oeuvre, or of Smash Bros mechanics, there’s probably not that much there for you.


It’s even worse when you find out that Dee Jay from Street Fighter is represented by Diddy Kong.