Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


oh god, are you serious?


Aaaaaand apparently the TAC spirit (a thief enemy from the Kirby series) is represented by the only black Villager.

What the fuck, Nintendo.


I have a wide variety of things I could say to this but I think I can sum it up with:




i suspect this is a way to avoid clipping during the animation as opposed to a glitch but either way…deeply upsetting. thank you.


I love goofy development shortcuts, that one reminds me of the sword kill animations in TF2, where instead of making a unique headless model for every character, it just shrinks their head to the lowest possible size to make it look like it was chopped off.

One of the more innocent and funny game mechanic jokes with the Spirits system is summoning a General Pepper spirit by fusing Colonel Campbell with a Labrador. Most of the summon recipe gags are pretty good like that.


Orbiting around a comfy 2 mil GSP as Cloud right now. I entered 2019 in the middle of a 10 win streak as him, so I’m feeling pretty good about this year.

I also hosted and participated in a tournament between me and 15 of my Amiibos.

Naturally I won, they’re all completely or nearly fresh, but it was a blast to watch. Early matches were a lot of blank stares between fighters that hadn’t learned how to do pretty much anything yet, but seeing what the ones I had used before had learned, and seeing that being learned by their opponents, was super cool to watch.

Lancelot’s a cocky asshole! He kept taunting and refused to pick up pokeballs or assist tropheys, even though he hadn’t worked out how to combo his side smash.

Dante managed to win against Priscilla despite the latter being a returning champ from Smash WiiU and him being completely fresh.

Arthur really beelines for assists and pokeballs. A man of the people. Also likes to try and fail to grab.

Balrog has developed an unusual fighting style where he spends most of his time crawling on the floor, and also knows rudimentary combos. I did not teach him this. I had not taught him anything. I do not know where he learned all this. He’s very strong.

Obviously my participation screwed the metrics a bit, but Arthur was the one facing me in the final round, Balrog before that, so I’m putting them down as my best fighters right now. Gonna train with them some more and see if a more brutal tournament can be organised.


Now that the holidays are over and everyone has gotten a handle on the game, I feel like now is a good time to start some Smash events. I was thinking we could start with a few scheduled casual lobbies and then do a tournament since interest seems high for both. Time zones may make it a little difficult but I was thinking 9 or 10pm EST may make it easy for people on both coasts of the Americas to take part. How do y’all feel about this?


throwing my hat in for 10 pm est, some of us out in the west gotta work late


Im awful at this game but really like it so I would totally be in for some casual fights with Waypoint folks!

Either time works for me but I’d only be available for a very limited number of days a week (maybe 3 max) because of work and school starting back up next week.


I’m totally down for that proposed time. Though I am concerned about others who likely can’t make this timezone (our European pals for instance). Perhaps different times on different days?


So, uh, who is everyone’s favorites on the roster. I really think i want to improve at Simon. I don’t know how good he is, but i love zoneing with his projectiles, i had a match where i perfectly KO’d a jumping opponent with a perfect axe, and i loved it. Simon for lifeeeee.


This game has an amazing soundtrack of both original music and remixes, but what are some of the songs you just can’t stand? I HATE the new F-Zero Medley with a passion.


The time zones really only apply to the Arena Battles. With Arena Battles there needs to be a host, and I would not be available to regularly host battles for people too far away (not to mention the lag would most likely be pretty bad). We could try out some weekend dates to allow cross-play with people further away if the demand is high enough and see if the lag is really bad, but if there’s someone in Europe who wants to volunteer to host some games that might be a better solution.

I always liked playing as the Big Boys in past games, and now that they’re actually good in Ultimate (except for Dedede :sleepy:) I’ve been having a blast with them. Donkey Kong, Bowser and King K Rool are three of my most played right now, but I’ve also been playing a lot of BOTW Link, Zelda, Pokemon Trainer and Inkling.


Young Link remains my go-to all the way back from Melee, but I just unlocked Incineroar and holy shit I love that wrasslin’ cat.

EDIT: Though, as someone who isn’t really here for hard-and-fast tier lists and couldn’t care less about the metagame there, I really haven’t had a bad time playing anyone. This game is just… fun to play, and thats from someone who isn’t the biggest Smash Bros. stan to begin with.


Ah ok, I was actually going to ask if the host needed to be present the entire time. Wonder why they didn’t add an option or something to allow the host to transfer host status to someone else.

Oooooooo boy, them’s fighting words :wink:

So, I have quite a few characters I regularly use, but I don’t wanna reveal my hand just yet. Absolute favorites though, are ahem Dedede, C. Falc, and I’m continuously striving to get better with Isabelle


One other thing (sorry for the double post), do we wanna start discussing things like rulesets early? Maybe another poll? Get things like stock vs. time, items, stage types, etc. sorted out? I imagine there’s probably a good bit of variance in people’s preferences.


Oh my god, I’ve been hearing this in the background and didn’t know it was by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, the composer and lyricist for the Daytona USA soundtrack. I love his corny eurobeat style.

Also, the remix of Kass’s theme from BOTW is a bop.


Depends on who I’m fighting,
I love playing Ganondorf so much, but using him against swordies is just pure suffering. So I use DK against characters with disjointed hit boxes.

Which means I end up playing DK More because people sure love tier-lists and tier-lists sure love swordies


I just saw a gif where Lucina gets a kill on Ike, who is next to her, with her up smash and was very concerned about that hit box…