Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Marth and Lucina’s up-smash have hitboxes on their feet that drag the opponent into their sword. It’s been like that for a long time (as in, across many games).


Not hating on Dedede. He was one of my mains in Smash 4 (with the Cam’ron fleece obvi) where he was also bad. It’s just a shame that everyone else feel way more fluid but he and Bowser Jr (aka Wendy O) both feel the same. I’m just hoping for buffs so I can use them more because I miss them.


Yeah I really love Simon/Richter. They’re great additions and are super fun and different to play as.
I also really like Snake in this game, who I never really got a handle on in Brawl. And then I’ve also been playing a bunch of the usual suspects like Samus, Link, Kirby and Captain Falcon.

I have to second other people in this thread who’ve mentioned how well the big guys play in this too. I always liked Bowser in the previous games but he’s a real monster in this one. Ridley is great too.

Honestly, all of the newcomers are awesome.


Just to back up why that isn’t like way Op or something, they aren’t even the only one’s with an up-smash that hits in more directions that up. New Ganondorf’s up-smash hits in a 200 degree arc


Oh my god yes. I’m pretty sure my body’s now conditioned to involuntarily tense up whenever I see Ganon starting his up smash.

Also on that note, I could’ve sworn at some point I was killed standing to the left of a character who did their forward smash to the right. I wanna say it may have been Shulk, but can’t quite remember…


Yup, sword smashes also often have a hitbox on the back swing or follow through.


Alright my internet is back, so I’l be hosting a lobby tomorrow at 10pm EST to test things out!


Also, I realized you can make a pretty accurate Genji very easily in this game.


Pretty much all of his moves are covered here. Shuriken of Light takes care of his primary fire, Gale Stab and Skyward Slash Dash are basically just horizontal and vertical versions of his Swift Strike ability, and Reversal Slash is just Deflect. His Final Smash is…kind of like Dragonblade, too? Sort of? Look, lay off me.


Hey y’all, just a reminder that I’m hosting a battle arena in an hour and a half (10 pm EST). I’ll drop the room code here. In an hour or so.


Room name: Waypoint
Password: 56371941


Can you post the arena ID? I don’t think you can search by name.


Oh, it didn’t come up when I created it so I thought they have changed how IDs worked.


Sorry about that.

I’m Sean in there btw.


I’m trty0, kickin it old school with Game & Watch


hacker voice I’m in

(I’m Captain)


I just hopped in! I’m Nate!


It’s ya boy Justyn (or Bl1zzard)


My controller’s broken


I really dislike that you have to get out of line to switch your character…


yeah, nintendo and poor online functionality, hand in hand. Still, its fun. Somehow my normal control scheme got changed back to the default settings. Idk


Real talk though, was I fucking up your framerate at all? Or was that just on my end?