Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


My framerate was kinda crappy, but i was also on handheld for some reason (now i’m on my TV). I just wish i knew how to switch back to my normal controls, i hate jumping with the stick


Gang up on pokemon trainer…


It’s not just you. When I set the lobby size to 8 I got a warning saying that the framerate might take a hit.


If y’all don’t want items or want FD/Battlefield lmk


I don’t mind using all stages, but maybe lessen items?


God damn, how do i change these controls back, i keep air dodging when i want to jump

EDIT: OH yeah i forgot its on the character select screen. Duh


@Terranova do you have them assigned to a certain name? you’ll have to change to that if so


It’s on low right now, I haven’t even tried medium or high because low is pretty crazy.

I’ll turn em off for a bit

EDIT: Never mind, I gotta shut down the lobby to do that it seems.


haha, was feeling dumb because of the Online, it already says i’m on “Nate” (which is the name i gave my control scheme) so i thought i was already on it. Now Simon is gonna be more effective


Raw skill right there


Alright, the time for games is over. It’s time to bring out…The King


Sorry, my Switch refused to acknowledge my wired connection until I slept it for some reason, the lag should be less miserable now.


There we go, now i’m playing much better (As i finish 4th) (though tbh Simon is not a good 4 player character)


I am not deliberately trying to be a dick, I swear


Alright, i just unlocked this character like 3 hours ago, and i’m gonna play him for the first time, get ready for some garbage hype


Getting KOed twice by two final smashes in quick succession is definitely an “I’m not even mad” way to come in third

Respect to Dede and Ganon, true kings


I can restart the lobby with chiller rules if y’all want


Kick his ass, Falcon!


Scisor, True MVP


Playing a character for the very first time went about as poorly as expected