Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


oh no… not this stage…


Game Theory: Cloud’s big metal sword magnetically attracted to dedede’s hammer?!?!?!


Gonna stay on the stands for a bit, let ya’ll take a breather

That’s pretty fuckin low Dedede


Assist tropheys are racking up those KOs tonight


There’s no such thing as a self made king!


@trty0 The King would have to respectfully disagree

@CaptainMorton I promise, I’m not purposely targeting you with all those Dedede final smashes lol.


I have never had more respect for an FE, ever


The Balls are not inert


Inspired to bring out my own Lucina, whom I am worse ad compared to Cloud, but I’m hoping to channel some of his energy by using her Lightning skin


If y’all keep humiliating me I’m gonna have to bring my pokemon friends back


@just_benj Wow, didn’t know you were a Waypoint member, Dunkey


A king has fallen today. Let us remember him fondly


The anime was too strong



15 characters


Y’all wouldn’t harm a hair on sweet Isabelle’s head would you? :relaxed:


Well, i mean, if she needs to get fit…


Switching to Dankey Kang. It’s time to embrace the T H I C C N E S S


Question: Does changing lobby music change it for everyone or do we all manually have to set it to DK Rap


This is not the DK Rap. How dare you trick me like this.


Sorry I saw Gangplank Galeon and was compelled to select it and now I’m gyrating g around the room at mach speed