Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


The only thing worse than anime boys? Anime boys with thick britsh accents.

And what the hell was the pokemon? That was the most cursed shit.


i’m a sit a few out, excersize is tiring :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I only have a few more in me.


thats fair, me too probably haha








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I’m not really feelin it.


Alirght, i’m retiring for the night. Thanks everyone for a heck of a great time tonight, i hope we do this again!


This is probably my last one


That was a riot, well up for more of that. I think I did pretty well for myself too.


Good game all! Had a bunch of fun and would love to play again!

Thanks again @Hartnote for setting this all up!

Sidenote, if anyone wants to add me on Switch feel free! You can go to Vault-> Records-> Past Opponents


I had a good time, even if I was going easy on ya’ll


Yeah, that was a lot of fun! Despite some awful bits the lag wasn’t terrible with 8 slots open.

I’ll try to make this a somewhat regular thing. I’ll start a new topic though because this is definitely going to muddy up the main thread if it stays like this.


That was fun, thanks for the games! I’d be down for a less chaotic ruleset next time, some of the stages were a little rough, and while I can just throw most Final Smashes and Pokeballs away, there’s no real way around Assist Trophies.


Seconded that y’all can add me too if youse wanty.


Yeah, sorry about that. After the first game I realized I had picked the wrong ruleset, but everyone showed up all at once so I didn’t want to back out. I’m making another ruleset right now so these games. I’m open to requests. I’m turning the FS meter off and getting rid of the small or gimmicky stages (Warioware with 4 people was pretty rough). Do we want some items or none at all?


No worries, I wouldn’t have wanted to shut down the lobby and force everyone to rejoin either. I personally prefer no items but I’ll play either way.


I’ll echo vivimd and put in a vote for no items, but I can totally play with them on if everyone else prefers them.


Almost got Ganondorf to 2.9 mil GSP last night. I’m gonna get that beautiful beast of a man to Elite Smash EVEN IF IF KILLS ME

any of y’all make it into Elite Smash