Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


I got into Elite about 4 or 5 days after the game launched but I hardly play online quickplay so those characters fell out a long time ago and I’m not really fussed to get them back into Elite. Good luck on your quest for Elite though!


Getting into high ranks is generally my stopping point with competitive games. I don’t think I’m good enough at Smash to have to worry about hitting Elite, but it being character-specific is sort of comforting. Incineroar is a pro wrestler, I think they’d understand if we had to split up because they’re ready for the big leagues and I’m not.


I have like 2.5 mil GSP on DeDeDe because i am super lucky at free for all and team smash apparenlty


Got Elite Smash with Dedede, Dark Samus, R.O.B., and Game and Watch. I’ve played only a couple Elite battles and now kinda don’t wanna lose the status (:stuck_out_tongue:), so I haven’t played with any of them as of late.

Also interestingly, apparently the GSP you need to make it to to reach Elite has been slowly increasing since the game came out? I believe I only had to make it to about 2.4 or 2.5 mil a couple weeks ago, but as of last Sunday, now about 2.8.

@vivimd After playing you the other day, I’m quite confident that you are good enough to make it to elite!


Yeah, the GSP required increases because GSP is determined by “how many players you are better than” so as new players go online the pool increases. I remember after Christmas I hadn’t played for a couple days but my GSP shot up like 600K across the board.

Also my internet is back on the fritz so maybe don’t wait for me if you want to do another battle arena soon.


Aw, shucks. I feel like a shounen manga character who puts up an extremely token resistance to going on the adventure right now. Maybe I’ll get to grinding once GDQ is over.


Where once I had 2.6 mil GSP as Cloud, I’ve dropped to abount 1.5 mil and can’t seem to get back up again. My career’s in shambles.

Shulk still sitting pretty at 2.6 though, even though I’ve not played him as much.


I feel ya. As good as I think I am with Ryu, he’s dropped down to ~300,000 GSP and I just don’t have the heart to start his redemption arc. Best of luck to you though.


Hey @Hartnote, are you still having internet issues? If so, first of all, hope you’re able to get those resolved! And second, I can host a game this upcoming week if that’s okay.

Also, I’ve went ahead and created a thread to set up sessions and to use as a chat area if that’s cool.


Yeah, my internet is still cutting in and out, so I could possibly participate but can’t reliably commit to hosting anything yet. If you want to host one soon that would be great.


This is probably the most useful video in the series. Every easy win I’ve had was because the opponent had predictable approach options, and just about every loss was because I got tunnel-vision and started to fall into repetitive patterns.

Also, stick out for longer sets. I’ve had opponents who started out easy but became much tougher when they recognized my habits. These experiences are instrumental for learning how to be creative with your approach.


Regained my honor, up to 2.7 mil GSP with Cloud. Was on an absolute roll. I’ve gotten way better at hitting back-airs consistantly and on command and can vary my tactics and responses effectively. Road To Pro.

Also, the wifi on Arriva busses is sometimes good enough for online play, so I’ve designated Simon in his blue and silver palette as Arriva Man, who will be used to beat up randos while on busses. Fun times ahead.


This might require a preamble,

I’m posting this with intention on facilitating a discussion on the nature of taunting in it’s most infamous form in competitive games. I’m genuinely not sure how this is gonna play on Waypoint. If this is violating rules or the subject matter is just making people uncomfortable. Please reach out, I’ll delete it.

With that said. CW: Tea-bagging

Cecilia D’Anastasio posted this article on Kotaku today

My first thought was that I’d definitely noticed the uptick in this behavior online. After that, I started to think not just about how I’ve started doing it in Smash Ultimate as well, despite the fact I have never really done it in other online games, but that I have already so quickly justified it to myself. I don’t do it to just anyone, and I don’t do it to mock others, but if my opponent seems like a jerk, and tea-bagging will get under their skin and make them sloppy, then yeah it is completely justifiable to do so. At least that was my justification.

All that said, as Cecelia touches on, the tools for communication are just so limited online, that there are plenty of ways for tea-bagging to be interpreted. Is it someone being intentionally rude? Are they sympathizing over a mistake their opponent might have made? Are they just being silly? Who is to say?

All of this is being FURTHER complicated by the act itself. Tea-bagging isn’t just squatting rapidly, there’s a shared understanding of it depicting a sexual act. I know that’s a…lets call it limited or incomplete description of tea-bagging. I’m sure there are people out there who could discuss how it’s can be seen as a depiction of an unwanted/non-consenual/violent sexual act. I leave this out, apart from this brief aside, because I’m not one of the people who could make this argument eloquently, and I don’t want to misrepresent and misinterpret their position.

ALLLLLLL that said. Mind games are part and parcel with competitive games, ESPECIALLY fighting games. Disrespecting your opponents is just one aspect of mind games. Even fighting game darling, SonicFox, does it.

In the end, is tea-bagging in Smash online okay? Is it too disrespectful, even if we are including general disrespect as a form of mind game? Does the lack of communication or shared understanding complicate tea-bagging too much? Do you think taunting in general might be a bit too much for online play?


Huh this is quite an interesting topic…(and a good article, thanks for sharing it!)

Like you and Cecilia, my feelings are also complicated on the issue. On the one hand, I absolutely can’t stand teabagging, and I think it makes the person doing it look immature as hell. But, I’m 100% okay with taunting in games as I consider it a part of the “mind games” aspect of fighting games, and I see nothing wrong with using it to celebrate an impressive play or as a show of arrogance between two high skill players.

Now Smash on the other hand…Because there’s no option for taunting, I’m conflicted on the use of teabagging to replace it…I personally don’t do it and actually haven’t had an encounter with someone doing it as of yet. But if an opponent KO’d me in a really cheap or annoying way and teabagged me first, I think I’d feel really tempted to return the favor on my next kill.

To complicate this all even further, while I don’t teabag specifically, I do perform my own special form of taunting when playing online and have been doing so since the last game. I perform some specific action that’s different based on the character and use it to represent my taunt. For instance, with Captain Falcon I’ll “do laps” and run across the stage back and forth, waiting for my opponent to respawn, and with King Dedede, I (ironically) hold his crouch which is a very provoking “I hunger, come feed me some grapes”-style lay down animation.

Again, even when I do it, it’s in the scenarios described above, and when I do mean it as truly good natured fun, I usually use one of the post match “Well Played”, etc. messages at the end of the game.


I have only been teabagged once (afaik) in my hundred or so matches and it was a Ganondorf a few rematches in who I had built a nice rapport with, so I can’t speak to the ubiquity or meanness in Smash that the article describes. But I’ve never really had a problem with the act itself in other games. Anyone doing it to be legitimately mean is not someone I plan to be playing with for long, they probably can’t back it up anyway, and crouching rapidly is generally a hilarious animation to look at regardless of what model is doing it. But the connotation is really gross and potentially hurtful and I wish it had just never been made. If it had a different name I could probably just have lived my life without ever making that association, and even knowing it my brain doesn’t interpret it that way when it happens to me.


My internet was out but I was still feenin for Smash, so I decided to try to 100% the single player content. I got pretty far, with only one challenge and 15 spirits remaining, but I just realized that since I don’t own Pokemon: Let’s Go, I will never be able to :frowning:.

I played myself.

Also, re: teabagging, I didn’t realize that’s what people were doing until pretty recently. Unlike in a first person shooter, when you die you are nowhere near whoever killed you so the Smash teabag seems way more abstract, to the point where I don’t really find it gross. I generally don’t ever do it, but I’ve had a couple people do it repeatedly after each kill. If I end up beating them, I’ll give them a quick little crouch at the end, because I’m classy but not perfect.


I love how GSP system takes all the feel bad from ladder systems and just pumps it up to the extreme. “You lost a close hard fought match? Well you just lost 300 Thousand points you absolute loser” like its so demoralizing how fucking swingy that damn number is.


I’ve been playing a decent amount of SSBU online and it’s mostly pretty annoying when someone teabags. I hate that there’s no taunt options in quick play because the taunts do the same thing but feel less annoying for some reason. The taunts in-game at least tell you something about the character and their personality, whereas teabagging just makes you look like a douche.


Taunting is definitely better feeling than teabagging. At least when someone like Isabelle taunts its cute as hell.

Currently playing only offline since idk if I want to pay for switch online? But I’m practicing ZSS, Wolf and Peach in addition to my usuals of Lucina and Cloud. Probably going to whittle it down to only 2 or 3 once I start playing online.


I still haven’t done any online am not sure that I really want to? I guess it would be fun to get more competitive, but I was also a “playing with friends” and doing the single player kind of guy with these games. Maybe when I’m done sinking time into RPGs, I’ll give it a try.