Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Hey that’s perfectly fine. Also just a heads up we occasionally do some Waypoint only battle arenas, if you want to play some online with a nice group of people :slightly_smiling_face: I’m thinking of setting up one sometime next week


Hey y’all. If anyone is interested in checking out competitive Smash and hasn’t seen much of it up til now, this weekend is Genesis 6, which is going to be one of the biggest Smash tournaments in the world. Ultimate has over 2000 entrants, and it’s going to be an amazing spectacle. Many high level Melee players will be competing in an Ultimate tournament for the first time, like Armada and Plup. It’ll also be a great opportunity to see how different regions stack up to each other, since top players from Japan, Europe, and elsewhere will be flying in. I’m really interested to see how their regions’ best players like Zackray, Shuton, and Gluttony will stack up against the home crowd. Tweek, Nairo and MKLeo are the top 3 seeds in this tournament, though Nairo has yet to win a tournament, having claimed 2nd place several times.

Here’s the schedule so you know where and when to watch (times in PST):


For those of you who have registered your copy of Smash Ultimate, Piranha Plant is now available to play! Just tried 'em out, and I gotta say…I’m a be-leaf-er!


Nintendo also did a much better job this time of detailing all the balance changes to characters in their patch notes!


Here’s the detailed patch notes for character changes:

There are also other more general changes, like the addition of 4-player spirit board fights, pressing two jump buttons at the same time to short hop, the addition of previously exclusive spirits like the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee and the limited time Mario spirits from that event.


Quick warning of the current save-corrupting bug with PP.


I’m hoping it’s just “growing” pains :wink:
Seriously though thanks for the heads up, that’s terrifying.


Oh dear. I beat Classic Mode with PP last night. Hopefully I’ll be okay.

Edit: I misread the post, it is all-star mode. I haven’t played that mode yet so I guess I’m safe.


To celebrate by Mum’s birthday, I held an Amiibo tournament in her honor. The winner will be joining us as we go out for a Chinese Buffet tonight. Who won, you may ask? Find out in this twitter moment of:


Everyone continues to be here! Joker is arriving tomorrow, after being first announced last December at the Game Awards. Also coming tomorrow is the stage builder, and “Smash World” functionality for the Nintendo online mobile app, where you can watch clips and download stages that people have made.


Joker looks very stylish, lots of nice touches. His move set seems cool. I worry about the recovery.


That was an extremely powerful Mass Destruction intro, I reeled back in my seat from the strength of that BABY BABY BABY BABY


Seconding the excitement for Joker, but also that Stage Builder is everything I wanted from the Brawl one as a kid, so younger me is feeling very fulfilled right now.


I’m really happy with the level of detail they put into both Joker and the stage. If this is what we can expect from the rest of the DLC, I am extremely happy with having bought the fighters pass.


It took all night and a wicked headache but I finally got comfortable with Joker. Now I want to get him into Elite Smash. I didn’t expect to love Joker as much as I did Piranha Plant but I’m very happy that I do as he is much more competent in a competitive setting.