Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE

Same. There’s plenty of third party games I’m glad to finally have the chance to play, especially a bunch of indie games, but no first party titles on the horizon for me… Smash and Pokémon and Fire Emblem have never done much for me. I want to hear more about the mech game but that’s probably 2019 I imagine.

Yeah, I hope Yoshi comes out this year so that all the series I don’t care about come out while I’m playing smash bros, freeing Nintendo up to release games I care about later.

I honestly really enjoyed the awkward patch notes style presentation. I watched the direct with a group chat of friends I’ve known since college, people who I played dozens of hours of smash bros brawl with back in the day, one of which has played in competitive smash tournaments. So Sakurai was speaking directly to people like us lol. It was kind of refreshing for an E3 thing to go into small mechanical details instead of an overblown faux-cinematic trailer. I was however disappointed it ended there with no mention of Metroid prime 4 to follow up the Ridley reveal.

Still, I missed most of Smash4 since I never had a WiiU, so I’m extra psyched for this one. The aforementioned friends all live in different states so being able to play smash again online will be wonderful.


Honestly it was kind of a turn off of Smash for me. I like Smash as a casual fighting game that you can play at parties but this just feels like they are trying to make it the next Street Fighter which is something I don’t want at all. It already sucks when someone is there that takes Smash really seriously and just stomps every one then wonders why no one wants to play it anymore. This just seems to be encouraging more of that.

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I don’t think any of these changes make the game inaccessible. I’m middle of the road when it comes to Smash skill in my friend group but I’m excited for a ton of the changes. The biggest thing that separated me from other people online skill wise was me not being able to short hop into moves. Short hops basically double the amount of moves for a character to use and a ton of characters are good because of their air moves. To pull them off you would have to tap jump really quickly and then input a normal move and that stuff was way too technical for me to do reliably. In this new one you just press jump and attack at the same time which is amazing for casual players. Other tweaks like Ryu automatically turning around to help you pull off moves, making air dodging easier or the trails coming off of characters that show their trajectory don’t help competitive people, they just help casual people to pull off what they’re trying to do.

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Both Melee and Smash 4 have been in the top 3 for EVO registration numbers for a few years now. No, Smash doesn’t quite pull in Street Fighter (or now DBFZ) numbers - but there’s no getting around the fact that the Smash games are currently some of the most popular competitive fighting games. Nintendo catering some to that base is only logical, and really the only strange thing is that they didn’t do it more with Smash 4 when they were clearly acknowledging the competitive base at that point (some sponsor money, the for glory mode).

I think Smash 5 will still work perfectly fine as a casual game with friends, while the increased focus on balance will just help the competitive community without hurting other fans.

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I predict I’m going to do the exact same thing with this game as I did with Smash 4. I’m gonna get excited in the lead up to the game, buy it at launch, spend a few weeks trying to git gud, never actually git gud, git frustrated, then only play at parties once a year. This time around, though, I’ll probably end up playing a lot with my son who was only 1 when Smash 4 came out.

It’s predict the same path for me for Mario Tennis in a couple weeks, too.

excited for this game to come out so all the melee players can go “its not melee” and go back to their game after a month and we can have 4 more years of every melee tournament being won by the same 3 people

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Some of the changes they showed like A+jump as a shortcut for shorthop attack, and being able to do any smash attack out of a dash easily (competitive players were already able to do advanced movement techniques to perform this) were literally designed to make things easier and more accessible though. They were easy to miss in the litany of other things they showed, but I don’t think Nintendo is trying to alienate the casual base at all.


I talked about Singleplayers stuff in the Nintendo thread, but I’m also definitely on-board with putting funky game modes in fighting games.

ARMS had a really great “party mode”. It has 1 big lobby that people can drop-in or drop-out of, and the game picks people from the lobby and pairs them up into various types of matches. So you get a great mix of standard 1v1s, 2v2s, free for alls, along with the wackier modes like basketball, volleyball, and target punch. I’d love to see something like this in Smash.


Wow, I can’t believe Simon made it into Smash! I thought people just saw him as a relic of 80’s gaming, but he seems to be implemented pretty well!


Someone suggested that all the dead characters in reveal trailers is gonna culminate in them being revived with the dragonballs in the Goku announcement trailer and honestly that sounds like the most hype shit.

At this point I completely beleive that Goku COULD be in this game. The chances of it happeneing are at least above 50% at this point. It’s time to fulfil the prophesy.


Forget Goku where’s Negan

Harada raised the bar, every fighting game now requires Negan


I no longer live in a world where I’m annoyed at the suggestion of Goku in Smash. So I’m all about this.

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Ridley and King K. Rool both being in Smash is a dream come true. I can’t wait to party down with some LARGE LIZARDS

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I wonder if the 3v3 or the 5v5 modes could see some play in competitive scenes?

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Can’t believe they announced Moses, a classic Nintendo character, for Smash.Bible_1


There’s actually still quite a lot unknown about this mode. Not sure if you are able to change stages between characters being knocked out for example. Does damage from the winner get carried over to the next match? etc. A lot of people definitely want to see this being used in place of the existing informal “crew battle” style of play, and it would be neat if an in-game mode could streamline it. Ideally, the mode would have customisable rulesets, which seems likely since Sakurai spent some time during the direct emphasising saving rulesets.

I think I would still be down for Goku in Smash if DBFZ didn’t have, like, 6 versions of him

I’m garbage at Smash despite owning every iteration. I typically play to unlock characters and trophies. I was planning on not getting Ultimate but the more announcements they make the more excited I get. The characters, the stages, the music! Except I know I will still be garbage and not really even enjoy the gameplay that much. But the characters all look great and the music selection with sleep play is a huge sell for me.
My dream is that the currently hidden section of the game is some kind of deep editing mode where you can set up little scenes and have the characters perform together. Change camera angles, add music, text balloons, etc. and then share maybe.
It will probably be a story mode of some kind but the characters already have so many unique animations, I feel like they could just let the player create their own story mode… Anyway, that is my fantasy.