Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Vicky Steele wipes out!

So many good nintendo one-offs. I personally want Dillion to roll in.

Also, Ninja Turtles.


Stage hazard toggle and Omega stage forms are a big deal as far as the tournament scene goes. Right now they mostly play on the Animal Crossing and Battlefield stages (the “only final destination” thing is just a dumbass meme) since they’re of the few that have platforms but no distracting hazards.

And also, the dodge diminishing returns will be a massive deterrent to most of the ranked players I deal with who abuse obnoxious keep-away strats. It’s the worst.

The lack of defensive options, and the disincentivizing of aggressive play, has been the primary reason subsequent Smash games have never had the legacy of Melee, way more-so than the lack of mechanical tricks.


The more I think about it the more I think the most exciting non-character related reveal from that event, to me at least, was the Final Smash Metal opetion. Changing Final Smashes from a once-per-game-maybe thing to a distinct and reliably performable part of a character’s skillset sounds super good. Can’t wait to have a go.


I think what is so surreal for me is that it’s the first time Nintendo has really acknowledged they have history with Rare because they tried to bury it after that ugly mess with GoldenEye HD not working out and MS pulling a strop (Like not renewing the DKC games on Wii Virtual Console when the licence came up. Turns out MS own the codebase on those. They did put them back on the Wii U VC along with Donkey Kong 64 which shows relations improved immensely at those companies after MS changed around their management). Actually putting Krystal in as an assist with her Rare design was wild but K.Rool is so incredible because what could have been a hack job, they nailed every aspect Rare wanted to get across and modernised it. The animal like running is a wonderful new touch but everything pulled from the DKC games makes sense.

And what really stood out to me is that the Smash team get why the character was a big deal to people’s childhoods because the original boss battles were insanely bombastic, cleverly made and with great music (The final boss of DK 64 is an absolutely wild and absurd five round fight that’s probably the best thing about that game) and the idea of this big, nasty crocodile who constantly changes costumes like a pantomine villain is so great design. So replicating that is no mean feat. To do it with a character that hasn’t really appeared in a main series game since 1999 is astonishing.

Alongside that, Rare retweeted it from Nintendo which is absolutely buck wild that a 1st party company is promoting another first party game never mind that it’s Rare And Nintendo. Both Gregg and Steve Mayles (Lead design and art on the first two DKC games and DK 64) posted a bit on twitter how he was conceived and how they actually couldn’t believe he made it to Smash (While Gregg bemoaned the “Slightly rubbish name”) and the original DKC team who are on twitter were delighted as heck. So between the incredble memes, the inside baseball and that the industry is maturing enough to celebrate it. It’s a wonderful thing to see when most of the time gaming twitter is a barren hellscape of fanboys and volcanic takes.

Also the “Will they actually pull off Banjo-Kazooie?” conspiracy starts here. Even though your heart knows Fulgore is the Rare character you really want.


Considering that you now log into an Xbox Live account on the Switch version of Minecraft for online access, the two businesses seem to have reached an amenable agreement, and Banjo-Kazooie tie-ins are not unlikely.

But really, people not familiar with the extended legacy of Nintendo are going to be wicked confused when they see the entire roster screen in the full game.


Magical anime boys as far as the eye can see, and Snake.


I really hope that the ability to turn of stage hazards means that competitively we will see stages that aren’t just flat.

Or flat with a flat platform or two.


I’m pretty sure that you could toggle stage hazards in Smash 4, although I might be mistaken considering the amount that I’ve seen people bringing it up about Ultimate.

This game obviously has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more stages to choose from than any other Smash game, but the presence of hazards isn’t the only thing that determine the small amount of stages that get picked.

It essentially boils down to the same reason so many competitive games only see a handful of characters played, which is that only certain stages actually provide the competitive advantage or obstacles for your opponent necessary to win.

Pardon if I’m the one who’s missing something here though, I’d also be down to see as much overall variety as possible.


IDK if the competitive scene is why most people are excited by the hazard toggle. I just think it will add a lot to the couch multiplayer and (hopefully) casual online games. I like so many of the stage layouts but have no patience for their gimmicks or bosses, even as a casual player.


Stage hazards were only removed in Smash 4 during matches with 5 or more players. There was never an optional toggle for it. I’m fairly up-to-date with with the competitive smash scene, so these seem to be the main discussions that are happening with regards to that:

  • Which stages exactly should be used, and what method to determine a starting stage (realistically there are probably about 20-30 stages that are “legal” without hazards, but we still don’t know what hazards mean exactly. Will Lylat stop tilting if hazards are off? Then there are stages like Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 that are redundant if they don’t transform anyway)
  • Whether or not morph stages should be implemented, and how (each player chooses 1 stage? loser chooses both stages?)
  • Whether or not to allow the use of the metered Final Smash (we still don’t know exactly how much weaker the new final smashes are. Some detractors argue that a single meter that cannot be used for anything other than the final smash is one-dimensional and boring, anyway. Other fighting games with meters let you use part of the meter for different things, or use the whole meter for the supers, but the Smash meter is just for the final smash and nothing else)


Ahhh, thanks! That makes sense.

I guess I just assumed they meant hazards like stage bosses, since it was brought up in the context of the Castlevania stage.

Dropping hazards like Pokemon Stadium transformations or Wispy Woods on Dreamland would be a whole different can of worms.

I think allowing the Final Smash meter would be interesting on a trial basis, but I wouldn’t have faith they’d be balanced in the same way supers in other games are.


My cousin was trying to explain about the stage hazards and I couldn’t understand a thing, thanks for clarifying it lol.


Moses was a baby in that game. That’s clearly Noah, an echo fighter for David.


Y’all think this is going to end up having the level of continued support that Splatoon and Arms have been getting? Because…this game big already.


Post-launch character DLC is very likely. But I wouldn’t expect it to be free like it has been with their other games, since people have shown that they’ll gladly fork over money for new DLC characters in a Smash game.


Can’t believe I messed up my biblical figures so badly.

Please don’t tell my priest.


I remember the Wii U store went down when Cloud was put up for sale on top of a number of websites burning in flames when Nintendo announced Cloud during a direct (Power of the cloud, pffft). DLC is absolutely certain, especially now Echo fighters have really given them an out in making similar characters. It will be interesting though how long they support post launch between Echo Fighters, New Characters and new stages as I’d imagine Nintendo and Namco have absolutely planned a strategy for post-launch.


I’ve been invited to a private event tomorrow to play a demo of Smash Ultimate! I’m looking forward to checking out Inkling since I’m a huge Splatoon fan, and probably will also play a bunch of Pokemon Trainer, and Marth (my Smash 4 main). I heard Fox was heavily nerfed so I gotta see that for myself, and possibly cry at the results. Anyway, I’m really excited!!


please lmk if they made short-hopping easy enough so that my baby hands can actually do it.


I think at the very least, every character’s jump-squat frames have been set to be the same? So you won’t have problems trying to short-hop while swapping between characters. There’s also the press jump and A at the same time to do an instant short-hop aerial that they showed off at E3. I’ll let you know how it feels though! I’ll definitely post my thoughts here when I’m back from the demo event.