Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Y’all see this :eyes: :thinking:


I feel like Isaac is one of the characters that keeps coming up as someone people want in Smash.


Very much so, ever since the game came out, I feel. I dunno how likely it is but I’d be really excited if he did!


i would really like issac and this looks promising that combined with the fact he hasn’t shown up in the assist trophy showcases so far. but people also pointed out if could just be a reference to monster hunter boxart.


apparently you can de-pixelate video footage, if you’re incredibly dedicated.


Yo, just got home from a Smash Ultimate demo event. Here’s my thoughts on what I played:

To get this out of the way first, we all played on some pretty laggy TVs. It was immediately noticeable on the character select screen, so it affected the gameplay a bit too. Secondly, we played almost exclusively timed matches in 4-player FFA with items on. Still a blast! But it wasn’t the best scenario to really get a feel for character’s moves and other properties. I played mostly Inkling (because I love Splatoon, plus the only newcomer in the build we played) and Marth (my current Smash 4 main).


Really good movement, dashing is extremely fast and reduces your hurtbox size because you turn into squid form. Using the shield+B to recover ink also reduces your hurtbox. I ran out of ink a lot (oops), which prevents you from using B moves (except recovery?) and weakens your other attacks. Splat bombs are a really good tool, but I didn’t find much use for neutral B (shoots your gun) and side B (the roller), because the animation to cancel out of the roll takes too long to really get a good punish even if you bury your opponent.


Everyone’s dash-dance is a lot better now than in Smash 4, but I felt Marth especially had a lot to gain out of it, since he’s very much a spacing character. Being able to do running tilts and smash attacks adds a lot to his gameplay. Side B (dancing blade) is a LOT faster now, which sort of makes it less tactical, since you can’t deliberately delay the hits to throw people’s shield/dodge timing off, or get that juicy last hit tipper kill. Also swapping to up-angled or down-angled dancing blade is harder due to the change. Otherwise Marth mostly feels like Marth.

I played a few other characters (Fox, Samus, Pokemon Trainer), but I didn’t really get much of a feel for them since it was pretty chaotic. The new knock-back mechanic that sends you really far really fast made it especially hard for me to follow the action in 4-player.


I’ve been doing some digging

This game came out 8 years ago…why would they do that now??? Also it came out Oct. 28th. There’s no Isaac AT. No golden sun music in metroid stages anymore…I’m not one for wild speculation usually but this is all adding up for me :o


so i’m a my music nerd and in smash for wiiu and 3DS i went in and first thing i did before playing anything was adjusting the music for every stage so it was over and done with (but also it was fun!) and i’m probably gonna do it first thing with Smash Ultimate to.

I’m super psyched that series specific tracks will be available for any stage that is also in that series however this has presented a problem in my head. It’s this extremely specific thing that probably no one else cares about but i have to mention.

What about mario… and zelda…

Those series will probably both have 50 tracks+ each (mario had 72 tracks alone in smash 4) and i was just hoping because of this change that they sort the appropriate tracks to the top of for each stage.

For what i mean:
for Delfino Plaza will Super Mario Sunshine music be sorted near the top or will i have to scroll?
for Great Plateau Tower will Breath of the Wild music be sorted near the top or will i have to scroll all the way down?

I’m sure they probably thought of this when they decided to let you use any song for a series in this game but i will be completely overwhelmed if i have to scroll through 100 mario songs for each mario stage lol. Keeping the most stage appropriate tracks near the top will help a lot.


The direct did show a sorting option for My Music, including something called “By Selection Likelihood”. Unfortunately, since it was shown for the Splatoon stage, it’s impossible to know for sure if that means the songs from the same game as the stage would be on top, but it seems likely.


each characters classic mode from that smash direct has a unique name and theme it seems?

Kirby’s is called Gourmet Clash and has them fighting Yoshi in the clip

Donkey Kong’s is called Journey to New Donk City and has him fighting Inklings on Moray Towers

and Roy’s is called A Journey of Swords and has him fighting other sword wielders

this seems kinda like event mode or like the boxing titles everyone has on the punch-out stage.

It also just dawned on me we have a new donk city and a new pork city stage.


The fact that these are preset now is what’s really convinced me that this Heroes and Villains angle is legit. I’m thinking that each one will end with a fight against a rival character, and I’ve had a lot of fun speculating about more obscure stuff.

Like, no way Snake doesn’t face off against R.O.B as a stand in for Metal Gear, right?


That’d be pretty amazing.

I’ve also been seeing people already building squads for squad strike and giving them fun names.

Let me put forth: Big Boy Season
King Dedede , King K. Rool , Ridley , Bowser and Ganondorf.

Is it a good team comp? probably not. but i’m all about coming up with fun scenarios and storylines in my head for Smash matches. So the ones they provide in game and the ones i make up on my own are what give me hours of content.

The Game Masters:
Pit , Simon and Megaman


If Geno actually makes it in, I’m gonna have to practice with Peach so that I can play squad strike as the Super Mario RPG crew. It’s not ideal, but yt kirby is close enough to Mallow for me.


I really hope the music unlocking process is either

  1. grabbing CDs
  2. there is no unlocking and it’s all just there from the start.

the thought of having to collect 100’s of songs through completing specific challenges is annoying to me.
they already made the stage thing perfect by not having you unlock any. Character unlocks also being fast and having multiple unlocks methods is good.

But i never want to have to unlock music again. just let me have all the music from the start plz. you even added a playlist feature!!! just let me have them all

Just make mii costume parts or trophies collectible. Those are fun to collect and if i don’t get them all i don’t feel bad.


The more I think about this game the more excited I am for it. Smash has always been more of a single player experience for me (barring a brief experimental dalliance with friends at uni), and this seems to offer a long tailed unlock path and is jammed to the gills with stuff. Looking more like a day one game for me with every passing announcement!


Nintendo put out some gameplay videos for gamescom. Game’s shaping up well but they really pushed the boat out on K.Rool in that match video. Looks like K.Rool takes a lot more damage than the other Big Boi’s do but can control the playfield a bit better with his faster movement speed and specials covering a lot of ground compared to the others. That Blunderbuss Cannonball set ups are absolutely disgusting (Trust me you know when you see it) Like, I’d love to see the tricks you can pull with it between pulling it back with the vacuum and the slow movement speed.


Please put this Big Blue remix from Mario Kart 8 on the Big Blue stage My Music Smash Ultimate i’m begging you


I want to follow up on the Bounty Hunter mission in melee for squad strike

Work for Hire
Samus, Captain Falcon, Snake

Its a pretty campy team which I guess makes sense for mercenarries, bounty hunters, philanthropic spies.


There’s an official Smash Bros pro controller! I’ll probably stick to the gamecube controller I’ve been using for 10+ years, but the new pro seems to come in a bundle with the game + steel case, so that’s neat.


I was tempted by the Switch pro controller, but I ended up just grabbing this so that I don’t need to buy a couple more $90 controllers to play this game with friends. I’m hoping I can just make it through this console generation with my two PS4 controllers and joycons.