Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Just confirmed on the Nintendo Power podcast yesterday that Squad Strike is in fact one continuous battle.
Where when a character dies the next one in line on your team spawns in.

I had kinda assumed this was the case but the wording in the direct made it a bit hard to parse.
I’m still confused as to what rulesets and modifiers will be allowed for it and if it’ll be in the online mode (probably not?) but at least from this it doesn’t seem like you get booted to a menu screen or whatever between character deaths and it just presumably flows smoothly from one to the next?


A Nintendo Direct is scheduled for tomorrow and I’m starting to feel really ashamed of how much of my mental energy today has been reserved for wishing that Geno gets revealed.

In my mind, Geno getting added to the roster will introduce him to a whole new generation which will then result in Square and Nintendo collaborating on a follow up to one of my favourite games of all time.

In actuality, Skull Kid is going to be revealed and I am going to be sad.

I hate when companies steal my mental energy :frowning:


Yeah Skull Kid isn’t my top pick either but i’d be fine with his inclusion.

I’ve had a lot of people say to probably not expect more than 1 new character reveal in the nintendo direct (i agree with this) and that a 7th gen pokemon might happen. As much as i’d love Geno or Isaac to be revealed i feel like those are fan favorites you save up? Whereas a new pokemon could easily be shown after pokemon information.

I’d rather Decidueye than Incineroar but people seem to really be pulling for the latter. I’m never really excited for new pokemon reveals (i’ve always liked them better as rpg characters rather than fighters) but it’d make sense to reveal a less hyped character during a general nintendo direct as i doubt we get any info on smash modes this soon after the august smash direct.

Also if you have Banjo and Kazooie you save that for the final announcement haha.


I’m going to play it safe and assume we won’t get anything beyond a Pokemon Let’s Go section that segues into a character reveal for the wrestle cat. I’d prefer the other 2 starters or even forms other than their final ones, but it seems unlikely.

I am hoping that if we’re all very good that Sakurai will bless us with a new Echo Fighter, but I know in my heart that it is not meant to be, but I also know in my heart that it will be Shadow to continue the villains theme going on. I have a conflicted heart.

Geno has gone from feeling like a character that Just Won’t Happen, Ever, to feeling more likely than not at this point. This is the Smash where all your dreams come true. Not a huge Geno fan, but he’d bring great music with him, and watching reaction videos of people obtaining true bliss at seeing their favs get announced gives me strength. But yeah, definitely the kind of character they save for the end of a Smash direct.


I think smash team will maybe do some more “maverick” choices depending on what they can do. I read an interview the other day where Sakurai was discussing with Tetsuya Nomura how they came to a Final Fantasy rep. Sakurai went in thinking that Terra or Cid would be the one he’s most likely to get and Cloud was a bit of a wish he’d leave on the table. But Square thought Cloud would be a great idea and told Sakurai he absolutely could have Cloud.

So while I feel they are going to tick off boxes some fan favorites in echoes and newcomers. They might pull a surprise or two out depending on who they were talking to and their willingness to work with Sakurai as his only real demand is that the 3rd party entrusts the character to the smash team completely. Just to keep the shock factor coming. I mean, the Cloud announcement just broke the internet for an hour after. They would love that reaction again. It also means DLC plans are going to be fascinating to see because Nintendo and Namco really are going to see this as a big golden goose.


Yeah i totally see them pulling something out of left field. However i think the fact they’re really pulling from the character ballot this time and making a lot of dreams come true they’re making a lot people think anything can happen meaning almost anyone you can think of would have a lot of excitement around their announcement but also a lot “i knew it” happening as well. I think if you wanna “break the internet” you announce Banjo and Kazooie.

Also i’m just preparing myself to have 0 character dlc. Maybe we’ll get stages and mii costumes but that development team has been working on smash since the start of smash for wiiu’s development. The time between the end of Smash 4’s DLC releases and final patches and the beginning of development for Ultimate doesn’t seem all that large if there was any off time at all. So i feel like they’ll be done with it outside of balance patches after it releases. I feel like the expectation from the smash team is that if they give fans this much content that will be enough. Honestly the way it is , is already enough and i’d be fine if we didn’t get much more. But would i like DLC characters? hell yeah. I’m just trying to temper my hype a bit.


Not exactly a surprise since she was popular on the ballot. But more surprising she’s not an Echo. Isabelle got confirmed during the direct. Seems like a Dr. Mario style alternate take than a full echo as she has some of villagers specials but her normals and one or two specials have different properties. Wonder if the fishing rod is her throw. Cool little surprise though.


Shoulda paid your taxes, Geno


Geno not being in smash yet is very serious. Please do not make light of this situation in the future.


Can’t believe we’ve lost two characters to tax related reasons already.



outside of the leaker who has been correct on every character he’s guessed so far the other reason i think ken from street fighter will be a ryu echo is this:

one of the new things they added to ryu in ultimate is in 1 on 1 fights he always faces his opponent to reduce accidental command inputs which makes me think “hey it’d be really rad if ken was in this game and had the same feature and you could have ryu vs. ken in smash”

i just think it’d be weird if they added this and then didn’t make a ken echo who had the same thing. true it could just be because you could mess up the motions very easily in smash 4 due ryu being able to turn around which he doesn’t in street fighter but idk. i think ken is super likely.

also they added a lot more street fighter music this time around.


As long as they add an Akuma assist trophy that performs the raging demon, they can put in weird-face Ken from SF5 for all I care.


I almost feel like Akuma would be more likely than Ken as an echo fighter since there’s now such an emphasis on villains. Ken is so similar that he could just be an alt costume like Alph is for Olimar. Plus Akuma has added popularity after he got Heihachi pregnant in Tekken 7 or whatever.


He actually had a role in story mode and that still shocks me, especially how it basically makes him impossible to remove from franchise lore because everything he does is MASSIVE.



Heihachi’s wife was actually the original source of the devil gene, having it herself (apparently they’re just going to ignore whatever the fuck was up with Jinpachi in 5), and Heihachi killed her when she attacked him as a demon and revealed her plan to curse his family. This is also why he threw Kazyua in a volcano, fearing he had the same gene (and he did).

Akuma gets dragged into the rich people with problems start world war 3 drama because he knew Heihachi’s wife, saying she saved his life once, so he’s fulfilling a request she made to him - kill her husband and son.

This is massively important because after Heihachi realizes Akuma is going to go after Kazuya as well, who he’s currently at war with (as in very literal war), he decides to use Akuma by simply taping Kazuya and Akuma fighting, since in order to beat someone as strong as Akuma, Kazuya has to use his devil powers. Needless to say, that freaks the shit out of the public.

Akuma’s entire presence in the story basically becomes the catalyst to end the battle between the two once and for all, where Heihachi finally dies and for real, the single biggest story beat in the series since…well, ever.

In other words, everything that’s going to happen in Tekken 8 is ENTIRELY BECAUSE of Akuma’s involvement.

Oh and I’m iffy on Akuma being the echo fighter because he has a few moves iconic to him that might be a bit much for that, but we do also have Dark Samus around so who knows.


Honestly at this point, the whole echo fighter thing seems just way too inconsistent and arbitrary. The characters should be stand-alone like Dr. Mario or Isabelle or alt costumes like Alph and the Koopalings, not this weird middle ground that keeps getting more and more muddled.


I’ve been happy with a lot of the character model upgrades and enhanced facial expressions seen in ultimate so far.

This is another good change (left is smash 4 lucina , right is ultimate lucina):


40 minutes

what are ya’ll’s predictions?
i think a good chunk will be dedicated to new and returning modes. especially spirits mode.
and of course new characters but yeah.


give me someone from golden sun or give me death


I’m pulling for Banjo but Isaac and Geno would be wonderful to.

Also Shadow is my most wanted echo. ALL HAIL SHADOW