Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


So…there is a leak out there detailing the final new fighters that seems pretty dang legit.

if it is legit, I don’t even know who I’d still be waiting on for DLC. Squall from FFVIII, which would actually never happen?

SuperMe and cookieuniverse, y’all may be very happy with the direct


At this point I’ve already been asumung Shadow is in it and the question is just “do they use All Hail Shadow for his introduction or I Am All of Me”. I’m leaning towards the latter, as much as I’d want All Hail Shadow. I recon they’ll go with an instrumental and I dunno how you’d be so cruel as to use an instrumental version of All Hail.

The leak seemed pretty legit, though there were a few things stopping me just taking it as gospel. Partiucularly the fact that existing characters have been moved around to make room for the new additions, which I reckon Nintendo would try to avoid. But I can also see them weighing their options and deciding to shuffle stuff anyway, so who knows. It’s a solid set of characters.

Still waiting for Goku. At this point he may be DLC, but I bet he’s coming. There’ll be a joke about how many episodes we’ve been waiting and everything.


Crash Bandicoot and Spyro

Calling it now



Give me an Assassin and I’ll be there day one.


I hope they’ll announce return of Snake’s ass.


I hope they announce a demo of some kind. It will probably be similar to the Test-* demos they had for Splatoon, ARMS, Mario Tennis, etc. because I suspect that model works well for them since they keep doing it.


I wonder if they would? It’s hard to put my finger on, but I wonder if Smash Bros is just too much of a known property and also maybe they feel it wouldn’t translate? I remember for Smash 4 they featured it as a kisok at malls in major cities. I wonder if they might do that this time around too. It seems like something they could get away with limiting early access to.


It’s not unprecedented. There was a demo for Smash on the 3DS with 5 playable characters a couple weeks before release. I could see them doing something along the same lines where the original 8 characters are playable or something.


5 more hours until the direct! Also, there will be a treehouse live segment immediately after, so I’m sure they will go into the details of the as-of-yet unannounced mode, since regular multiplayer is a fairly known quantity (minus the minutiae of how the new gameplay mechanics affect specific interactions, new assist trophies, etc.). I hope there will be a big co-op element like in Subspace Emissary again. I don’t think a new Smash game can truly feel like it’s the ultimate version of Smash without that.

edit: also saw that the treehouse segment will feature other games, so who knows how in-depth they’re planning to go with Smash. Still exciting anyway!


Does anyone else feel particularly insulted by that direct? Because I sure do.

“You know all those characters you’ve been begging us to add and that we, thus far, have been adhering to? Sorry, your final big reveal before release is a fucking piranha plant. Buy our DLC we explicitly told you we’re not revealing.”


Come on, this game has over 70 characters in it. Hundreds of people worked very hard on it. Sakurai himself told us months ago not to expect many more characters.


Spirits looks like a solid main gameplay loop outside of the story mode. There may be a Shadow-shaped hole in my heart, but the story mode looks dope and it’s not like I was ever gonna Not Like this game anyway. It was a weird one, with Nintendo once again insiting on breaking down stuff like The Help Menu.

I just hope that Sakurai joking about his tendancy to overwork is an inside joke and not him actually overworking himself, or heaven forbid that this is another game made under unlivable hours. I’ve no idea what goes into making a smash bros game, but I hope Sakurai and everyone on that team is ACTUALLY gotting the sleep they joke about not getting.


The only good Smash opinion has been rendered.

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No one has ever heard of Incincesaur or what it was.

Otherwise I’m just happy that it’s finally confirmed that Kirby is the most powerful being in the universe.


Please consider deleting this example of blatant disrespect for my large wrestling heel cat son.

He is a very good boy beloved by dozens.


I will defend fire wrestler hell cat with my fuckin life.


nah piranha plant rules lmao frick the haters


The main reason why I am disappointed by that direct is that I totally bought a fake leak saying that, among others, Geno and Banjo Kazooie were in this game. Incineroar and Piranha Plant both look like they’re going to be really fun to play as, and actually seem like unique fighters without being overly gimmicky like most of the Smash 4 additions. Geno didn’t get relegated to being an assist trophy (or god forbid a spirit) yet so there is still hope.

The DLC for the last game were almost all third party or legacy characters, and we’re all out of legacy characters so I’m expecting mostly 3rd party for the upcoming DLC. The fact that they also come with a stage and music tracks hint towards new franchises. I know Square is real stingy with letting Nintendo use music tracks so maybe having them be paid will make it easier to share revenue with other companies.

I’m not sure how I feel about Spirits mode. I like how they replace trophies and the character customization is intriguing, but a lot of those special fights look REAL annoying. Not psyched to fight 4 invisible Dedede’s that are spamming Gordos.

However, this game has Ridley, Inklings, K. Rool, Simon Belmont, and addresses basically every problem I had with the last two games, so I feel very spoiled. I’m a little disappointed by this direct but still ecstatic about this game.


Sorry to break it to you, but I’m pretty Geno was shown as a spirit.
During the “Battle Arena” segment, there’s a few frames where you can see someone playing as Shulk with a geno icon attached, which everyone’s taking to mean (and most likely does mean) he’s a spirit.

I find it pretty odd that they saved characters like these three for the final direct instead of someone like Ridley, but other than that I think the direct covered some interesting stuff.


Oh…oh god you’re right.