Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


Exactly. Their track record for end-of-direct character reveals has been stellar so far. Making their final one before release being a random Mario Bros. mook, regardless of how mechanically interesting it is, is incredibly disappointing.


I mean “random Mario Bros mook” is a weird way to describe one of the most iconic enemies from the entire 30+ years of that franchise? Like sure it’s not a showstopper like Cloud or Ridley but as a free bonus character for buying the game, along with that fantastic trailer, I really cannot imagine being upset about it.

Pre-release Smash usually sucks a ton because everyone is either getting sooooo worked up into believing leaks are true or getting upset because their specific tastes aren’t being catered to enough.


I’m hesitant posting this because it does feel like kicking a couple folks while they’re down, but I really don’t understand how the Smash community still believes that Geno or Issac are making it into Smash. They are characters that Nintendo clearly hasn’t shown any interest in acknowledging for years, and believing that Nintendo will suddenly care about them is only going to lead to disappointment.

If the reasoning is “but fans want them”, when has audience opinion (especially the opinions of their international audience) ever stopped Nintendo from making bad decisions? The bad decision being ignoring fan favorites all together, Piranha Plant rules and deserves no disrespect.


King K Rool got in. At that point, pretty much anything is possible.

Geno also did get a nod as a curser in Mario & Luigi in a major minigame within the game. I didn’t really expect either to make it but that’s only because the roster was so insanely huge at this point that I felt there wasn’t any room left for new additions.


Geno would be a pretty good choice for a DLC character. Smart Nintendo callback, passionate fanbase.

Isaac on the other hand…like, sure, Golden Sun was popular for a minute but an assist trophy feels right about where a character from that series should be.


King K Rool wasn’t nearly as much of a long shot as people have made him out to be.

Donkey Kong is an important character in the Nintendo catalog, and important characters get their arch-nemesis in Smash.

The gulf between an arch-nemesis that admittedly hasn’t shown up in a long minute, and the MC from a dead series and a party member from a great RPG series that Nintendo doesn’t respect as much as it should, is huge.


The gap in time between their last appearances isn’t as vast as you’d think. I mean, Donkey Kong got to major console releases and not a single sign of K Rool was to be found. He was more a Rare character, and those have been mostly buried by Nintendo, so seeing him actually return was a genuine surprise.


I hadn’t considered the Rare character aspect, I still don’t think he was as much of a long shot as people thought, but that is a good point in doubting he’d make it.


Glad they added Endeavor’s pet cat to the game would have preferred All for One but I can’t complain.

No but seriously who is the cat and why does he do sick wrestling moves this is definitely something I should already know about


Was thinking about the DLC and my main guesses are:

-Sora from Kingdom Hearts(SE relationship already secured, KH3 going to be coming out)
-Pokemon from the new mainline game(comes out 2019, would probably be the final DLC in Feb 2020)
-Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade 2

That leaves two more and I don’t really have guesses for those lol. Maybe Geno and another 3rd party character.


That’s Incineroar! The final evolution of the Fire starter pokemon Litten.



You should play Pokemon Sun/Moon and pick the cool little cat at the beginning!


Spirits or World of Light seems like a combo of multiple old modes.

Subspace/Adventure/Smash Run/Events/Trophies/Stickers

still curious. is there no more home run contest? i love home run contest. side modes are a lot of fun. also no talk of a stage creator so i wonder if it’s just gone.

Seems like a lot of missing modes. idk.

i appreciate all we got but i feel we lost a lot of fun modes and collectibles for spirits mode. i’ll probably enjoy the story content and boss fights they made. but it just feels like they inserted a gacha game into smash bros.

and i know it’s an unpopular opinion but i really hate gachas. they seem like endless time sinks full of overly complex menus and mechanics and level ups and rarities and just guh. i could not understand a single thing they were talking about with regards to all those fricking menus upon menus.

also this is just a personal thing i’ve hated since brawl: don’t make my unlock music. please.


This direct felt a little flat to me, Incineroar and Ken are neat but not super exciting since I was hoping for a weirder pokemon rep from sun and moon instead of the obvious choice of Fire Pro Wrestlecat. Does look like a fun character to play though. Spirits mode I am skeptical of and is the kind of stat-adjusting thing I generally have no interest in in otherwise non-customizable games like smash. It is a cute way to bring in lesser characters though.


Piranha Plant fucking rules. I love it. It looks like so much fun to play. That’s exactly the kind of hilarious, stupid character I want to see from these games, and I will take 100 of those over one “fan-favorite” character any day. I want surprises that arent just another guy who punches and shoots lasers! I hope at least half of the DLC characters are similarly left-field surprises! And I hope Sakurai laughs all the way to the bank then goes on a very long vacation far away from gamers yelling at him about Geno, Goku, Banjo Kazooie, minecraft guy, and whatever else.


:clap:DON’T :clap: DISRESPECT :clap: MINCRAFT :clap: STEVE :clap:


Minecraft Steven may be beloved to children everywhere but I will not respect him and he can kiss my entire round, non-pixelated butt cheek… Notch doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of having his character become a smash brother…

Ok I’m willing to bargain. Stevie Minecart can be in smash (for the children) but only if Notch gives away all of his money to charity and promises to retire to his candy mansion and never post online again


Yeah, I didn’t expect Geno for Smash 4, but after they did the character poll and released Mii costumes for Inkling, K. Rool and Geno, i thought Geno’s chances were good for the next game. Then when Inkling and K. Rool both got revealed he started to seem like a really reasonable pick. I wanted him in the game in hopes of him becoming popular to a new generation, but as an actual character he would probably be projectile based which isn’t my jam. I’m a huge fan of Metroid but I never play as Samus for that reason.

Also, y’all stop hating on Incineroar he is furry Zangief who has to actively not celebrate after landing a hit which is hilarious. When I heard rumours of him being added I was not down but after seeing him I now know he is a very good little man.


Incineroar didn’t get into Pokken since they already had 3 fire-types, and Smash just doesn’t have many grappler archetypes to speak of. It makes sense as a Sun/Moon inclusion.

They might have benefited from a more consistent rollout of character announcements. Additions like Simon, K. Rool, and Ridley are probably the most exciting inclusions, and two of them were shown in the same stream. Ken, Incineroar, and Piranha Plant are good ramp-up reveals, but comparatively tame in terms of fan excitement.

It doesn’t matter, it’ll be the same game, no one is really second-guessing their buy-in here. At worst it’ll make people a little less likely to gush about the game to other people.


"Piranha Plant, together with a new stage and music tracks, will be available for purchase as DLC in the future. "


At least there’s a month grace period for PP rather than the usual modern fighter thing of “pre-order or pay the $5 troll toll”.