Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


I was kinda down on incineroar but then i watched some of the treehouse stream where they showed off his moves and now I cant wait to suplex every nintendo character but especially cloud strife until they fly into the mesosphere. His animations are VERY good.


I’m not a super huge fan of Smash but gosh that art for the backgrounds in story mode reminded me of the wallpaper I had on my family PC for at least 5 years growing up. Kinda want to buy the game now.


man, i was so excited about Isaac when I saw him in the leak.

I have such fond memories of the GS franchise.


I’m glad incineroar got in. All the “fan favourites” are the favourites of 25y/o+ loud, online folks from games that are like 20 years old now. Let’s get something for the kids



I couldn’t find the picture but apparantly Incineroar has a Big the Cat skin and is thus protected in accordance with the Big The Cat Respect Zone Treaty of 1998.


Uh, seriously? Incineroar and… Piranha Plant?

But, like, I mean… Why?


Because they’re good boys, Jim.


I mean, Piranha Plant is really iconic. It’s been in over 70 different games.

The only decent argument I’ve heard against it being in the game would be:


Buddy that’s a selling point


Jesus, that’s so cursed. Cancel this game.


people went frame by frame through the trailer and saw that the center of the World of Light map is essentially like Smash/Nintendo City.

Buildings made out of Nintendo Consoles , seems like pieces of Lumiose City from Pokemon X and Y. Moray Towers from Splatoon also in there. That’s just what we know so far though.

i’m honestly all for a Smash world map.


Huh all this sounds a bit like the Secret War Battleworld from Marvel comics a few years ago. Almost everybody died and a bunch of heroes and villains were transported to Battleworld, which was a mish-mash of different Marvel locales, and they all duked it out.

Anyway the concept is common enough so it’s not like a straight riff, and I secretly like that sort of thing anyway :eyes: so yay looking forward to World of Light.


For anyone looking for their Main’s New Wardrobe.

Some highlights:

Shulk’s costumes all look super specific, but it’s been ages since I’ve played Xenoblade 1 so I don’t immediately recognise them all. I think there are Dunban and Ontos ones though so that’s all good, plus his Swimwear of course.

Sonic still got all those wristband variants from before. Dunno why he doesn’t have any major recolours, seems weird.

Dark Samus in that white skin is creepy as all fuck.

Pichu has all the villain hats and Pikachu has all the Player Character hats. That’s cute as hell. And Pichu confirmed for Delinquent.

Greninja can go all green to match Incineroar’s Big the Cat Skin. Date idea: Online Doubles Matches as Big and Froggy.

Meta Ridley!


here is the banner for classic mode they showed off at nintendo live. Cut off because not all the difficulty settings were unlocked (it looks to be the same granular 0 to probably 9 setting from smash 4)

i think i like this art more than the everyone is here banner


Damn, that character select screen is clean and all of those portraits are gorgeous!


Well thank christ for that


This thread has been a little quiet! But it’s one week until release and I decided to write a short primer on getting into (competitive) Smash Bros, due to interest for it in the Waypoint discord. I figured I may as well share it here as well, so here it is:

The “basics” part might be a little difficult to understand, but it more or less just goes through the controls, which should be easy enough to find better information on elsewhere (hopefully including in the game itself).


Yup! There is apparently a pretty robust “Help” section in the game to help out newcomers. In addition to your doc. IzawSmash’s “The Art of Smash 4” Youtube series is a good resource. It’ll be missing some of the gameplay changes in Ultimate, but the games are mechanically pretty similar so almost all of the stuff in the Basic and Intermediate videos should still apply.


I rewatched that series recently! It was partly the inspiration for me writing this, since I wanted that information as text, instead of a video. But for those interested, here’s the playlist for Izaw’s Art of Smash 4:

The first 4 videos are general guides that are progressively more advanced, and the rest are character-specific. I recommend just watching the first 4 videos and then watching a video for a character you’re interested in (though he doesn’t have everyone available there)