Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: EVERYONE IS HERE


I’m likely not getting it 'till christmas so I’m playing through Symphony of the Night’s Richter Mode in the hope that it makes me good with the Belmont Boys.

Also lamenting the severe lack of Final Fantasy music. 2 tracks is a paltry offering. I get why, Square makes a lot of cash of sountracks as I understand, but it still sucks. Maybe if one of the DLCs is another Final Fantasy character that number will get padded out, but I doubt it’ll happen.

… but also, put Lightning in Smash.


I never saw it coming


Persona music in Smash yo. And a stage too, this is such a treat.


Put Makoto in Smash.


I want a Ryuji Ness echo.

Squint at Marth or Lucina and you have Yusuke. Same with Inkling and Futaba.


they gotta put either kiryu or majima in this game at some point or theres gonna be riots

Edit: Real talk: I really love that the first DLC announcement is so out of left field that it feels like theres like nothing they can’t get outside of like Master Chief or Kratos.


Put Sora in Smash!!! I belive now!!!


I could even see Master Chief at this point.


Sakurai said the DLC characters were picked from a list that came from Nintendo. I don’t get why Nintendo would want Joker. Switch port I guess? If so, hopefully so that we get Shin Megami Tensei 5 localized.


Joker’s coming to 3DS at least with the next Persona Q.


This game is weirder than I remember Smash being.

There is a Game and Wario stage that is just called Gamer. It’s a dark room with a TV with ominous music playing and occasionally a women comes through the door (or through the TV) and starts looking for you. If she see you she sprouts horns and shrieks and you take a ton of damage.

I got grabbed by a Mimikyu and pulled under it’s costume and my character never came back out, I just lost a stock without being knocked out of the ring. I think it just straight up killed me?


I think all that statement meant was that they are not going to consider a fan ballot like they did for Smash 4 DLC.


Put the Prince of All Cosmos in Smash! It’s the least you could do after failing to advertise the Switch re-release of Katamari Damacy!!!


Yeah apparently that comes out today? I just happened to randomly notice it in a Gamestop ad. Smash just swallows everything in its orbit lol.


i will consider this my reward for my years of service


That stage was in 4 and iirc in an interview it came out it was supposed to be about trying to secretly play games late at night without your mom catching you.


Been playing this whenever I can get the chance today (so commute, lunch, etc) and I’m loving it so far.
Getting destroyed by a fight in World of Light with strong winds though, I need to get better at this.

Joker from Persona 5 is such a bizarrely weird choice of character for the DLC but I’m entirely on board.


Apparantly Reggie said that ALL the DLC fighters are gonna be from games new to the Smash series, so this is gonna be WILD.

Like, Shadow’s out of runnings and that’s sad, but at this point Goku’s gotta be an absolute certainty right?!?!?

Hell, there’s already a Solaire amiibo, that puts him a more likely candidate that Joker, who is actually happening. So many possibilities.


Okay, I would sincerely be into Master Chief being in Smash. I would be a Master Chief main.


It’s actually from the Wii U iteratiron of Warioware, Game & Wario. In Game & Wario there were basically 8 modes/minigames in which you had to do a thing on your tv screen while also using the tablet to play microgames.

In Gamer, you played a Warioware character (9volt) who was trying to play games in his bed. If I recall, you would play microgames on the tablet while keeping an eye on the TV. If you saw his mom approach you would have to flip the tablet over, and 9 volt would put away his game player. So the stage is a recreation of that.

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