Supporting Waypoint - share your favourite Waypoint stories/pieces


Hey! Lets share and discuss some of our favourite Waypoint articles from the past year!

I have been a fan of Waypoint since day one but for a long time I didn’t really read a lot of the articles on the actual site. I think this is mostly because I took the written content for granted. But ever since Austin and the others actually started asking the listeners and viewers of waypoint radio to read more of the articles they write by emphasising how important it is for both them personally and for the continued life of the site I have made a rule for myself to read at least one waypoint article every day. (Unsurprisingly this rule wasn’t hard to uphold since I’m generally able to find a new interesting story pretty much everyday on the frontpage).

Over the past year I probably have missed out on some of the best work that Waypoint has put out so I thought this thread might be a good way for me to build a backlog of stories to read but also a good way to look back, highlight, appreciate and show out support for the amazing work that Waypoint has done so far.

I’ll start by linking Lost, Afraid and Snow-Blind in ‘The Division: Survival’ which is part of Jack de Quidt’s column “A Postcard From…”. It’s just really good and made me realise how much I like Jacks writing overall.


I remain a big Halo fan, so the untold story of the series’ development really resonated with me. Looks like Danika agrees because it’s the site’s pinned tweet!


Yes! It came out during a time when I was drowning in stuff I had to read for school so the length of it made me put it aside. I’ll try to get through it this weekend, thanks for the reminder.