Supposedly Fun Games You'll Never Play (...Out of Sentiment)


Oh speaking of Half-life, and therefore Valve, I’m pretty much done with them altogether. Not only is Valve’s output continuing to be the most soul-sucking capitalist hellscapes on the market, but they’ve shown time and time again that they are willing to keep Steam as a platform for the worst side of the gaming, public and developers, to spew their vile shit through any means they can on the service.

While I’m typing this, I’ve been working to transfer my wishlist from Steam over to Humble, but hit a snag - Humble’s wishlist only goes up to 100.

Which sucks cause that’s one more hurdle from getting to a point where I use Steam purely to play the games I own that are stuck on there.


JonTron being in Hat in Time is definitely a good reason to skip it, but it’s also worth remembering that the lead dev is apparently a colossal asshole in his own right:


(Psst: GOG will transfer some games to your account if you own them on Steam!)

Ugh, the Steam dilemma is really, really tough for me because I rely on the sales for a lot of access due to cheapness, even though they are symbolic of the issue. I was considering making a thread about it but gah a lot of things have already been said. The whole “all-in-one-place” is way more enticing than it should be. I totally fall prey to a lot of the tricks they pull, and it actually really frustrates me, but I can only help so much. I’ve been trying to spend more time on, and trying to convince myself to zero in on GOG and Humble but. You know.

Luckily, they aren’t making any games for you to miss out at this point. :wink:


i can’t play Breath of the Wild because while they’re are parts of it i like, getting a comfortable set of hearts requires grinding shrines and all of them are based on physics puzzles i got tired of doing years ago.

remember how when darksiders everyone made fun of it for having no new ideas and ripping off portal? or when the sequel got ragged on for ball rolling puzzles?

ok i’m done sorry please keep enjoying your games

@JackLeveledUp i find A Hat in Time especially bewildering, since when i reviewed it the character in question has like two lines and i missed him entirely until i looked it up. it’s such a minor part he easily could have been cut and not had anything lost. it really does make it feel like something else is happening there


I have yet to find a single person who’s played BotW and told me “Yeah the physics puzzles where you have to do the macarena with the whole console to finish the shrine are the best.” I fucking hate those things.


Not to invalidate your feelings but there are probably less than 10 motion control shrines in the entire game, which means that you would only miss out on 3 hearts by skipping them, leaving you 27 potential heart upgrades.

Or it could be that I just missed a bunch of sarcasm.


To be honest, my favorite part of Destiny 2 is that I can play for two hours a week and still feel accomplished. Destiny 1’s RNG mechanics allowed it to be played as a part-time job or more, which is mind blowing to me. I have talked and played with multiple people that put over 1000 hours into that game.


This is horrifying. That game looks really great but yeah, I cannot justify giving my money to someone like that.

Same with that cyberpunk game, The Last Light, that blew people away at E3 (although on Waypoint Radio at the time, someone - I think Austin - stated that the game this was being built out of was more style than substance in terms of its cyberpunk qualities, so I might not be missing out on as much as I expect).

On the other hand we’re getting Cyberpunk 2077 from the Witcher devs and there’s nothing yet to suggest a huge problem there as far as I know, and they’re more likely to try and take on a gritty subject in an honest way (or so I’ve heard, I haven’t gotten around to playing Witcher 3 yet), so fingers crossed.


TBH I don’t really think of “I don’t want to play this game because it’s got shitty bigoted bits” as sentiment so much as an eminently practical decision.

That being said, for me… probably most of the Really Good Games that lie in the unfortunate intersection of “super hyped up by pretty much everyone I run into so that I know exactly what I’m supposed to expect”, “would have engendered a mild but not all-consuming interest from me”, and “not ultra short”. Still haven’t played Undertale, e.g. Does instinctual contrariness count as a sentiment?


Looking at the replies here I’m obviously not the only one, but the Jontron collab completely kills A Hat in Time. Which bloody sucks, because the image of that dev playing Spyro when they were little then playing A Hat In Time 20 years later so speaks to me. I feel like I’d love that game too.


I don’t really see the difference between that and any other repetitive hobby that someone likes the moment to moment feel of. Some people enjoy playing the same areas of the same games again and again even without numbers going up or getting new outfits because the shooting [or other interaction] feels so good. It’s just not for everyone.


I think the party of Destiny that feels off putting is the intent behind this AAA shooter, and a lot of other games like it, which is basically to provide you with enough of a constant drip of the carrot to keep you playing as long as possible. It seems so cynical. The shooting is good enough that you’re happy to dive back in hoping that THIS time you get that Vertiginous Valkyrie medium range assault rifle on THIS evening’s daily patrol (this time shoot 45 Elevated in the Spire of Grace) and keep playing until the next big expansion, The Longing Requiem. Meanwhile you’ve poured ~70 hours into the amount of content found in the first third of Bungie’s old Halo games, just remixed and propped up by Loot Box rewards. Basically Phantasy Star Online but with good shooting.


Yeah, I don’t think some of the things the game does would be bad on their own. But all together it just paints an awful picture. When I first played the game, I convinced myself I enjoyed it, but after I showed it to a friend who doesn’t play many games, he complained that BioShock 1 was way better and this was just a shooting gallery. As I tried to defend it, I realized I didn’t like the game either. I don’t know why I pushed through the awful ghost and final fights.


That does seem like an improvement, then. Sorry to any Destiny players or there that legitimately enjoy the game, I’m just really wary of the cynical design ideas that seem to lie at its core.


Does “never play again” count?

Danganronpa 3, for me, was probably my most anticipated game of last year. I absolutely loved the protagonist, Kaede, since she was the first time the lead Danganronpa character had any real personality or flavour to speak of. No spoilers, but the ending to the first case in that game made me so angry that not only did I have to walk away, I’ve broken up with the series as a whole. Smaller issues I had with the series (female character tropes, mainly) overnight just became something I can;t put up with anymore. Like an ex, I’ll might keep up with them from afar to see how it’s doing, but I’m never touching those games again most likely.


Lets not forget the developer side that not being on Steam is pretty much a nail in the coffin unless you are getting really good coverage from news outlets/streamers. A shockingly large number of consumers will not bother with getting free games or really good deals unless it is through Steam or comes with a Steam key. The Game Deals subreddit for example had to setup their automoderator bot to post in every single GOG thread in bold and sticky it to the top that buying through GOG does not get you a Steam key. You still see people to this day making comments about “Gee that sure is a good sale too bad it’s not for Steam”. How do you deal with this if you are a developer trying to make a livable income but don’t want to support the gross monster that Steam is?

Anyone remember Desura? That was a pretty interesting time because it seemed like a store that catered to both indie games and modding, things that gamers at the time were super pumped about. I remember using it and seeing how it tied directly into ModDB to keep all your mods up to date and thinking it was a true competitor to Steam because not only were they focusing on that but they were selling indie games that Steam wasn’t even carrying but it never went anywhere because no one wants to move off of Steam.

Origin and Uplay despite EA and Ubisofts best efforts is never going to be on the same level as Steam because they will always have their reputations surrounding them. It’s easier to point at something like Battlefront 2 and say “This is why you shouldn’t use Origin or buy EA games” then it is to point out that Valve refuses to do something about their toxic community and that is why you shouldn’t buy games from them.

Even Humble has crumbled under the pressure for demand of Steam keys. Could you imagine if Humble today kept up with their ideal that all games they carry will be cross platform and DRM free?


Humble stopped being humble years ago. Right around the time they did their first EA bundle. I don’t care that all the money from that went to charity, it set the precedent that games don’t have to be DRM free IIRC.

I did for a spell play DOTA 2, I remember it being quite fun. But I ultimately stopped because I was frustrated at the amount of time it took and the way my friends took it too seriously. Since then I’ve had pangs to play it again with them. But every time I think about playing it, I remember the sheer outpouring of negativity that happened whenever we were losing. That game is toxic for friendships.


I didn’t mention motion controls at all.


@Wazanator What’s worse is that I’m totally part of the problem. I know it’s wrong, but I absolutely have less inclination to buy something if it’s not a Steam key. It’s fucked.

@Supa_Kappa: Yeah, I mean, Humble Bundle isn’t great anymore, when I buy a bundle I always push the charity slider highest and dev sliders higher than the tip. But I think when discussing alternative purchases, it’s super relevant.

But regarding DotA 2: I had this exact problem. I actually do go back and play it from time to time, and the friends happen to be cool enough to not care so much about victory. Distance helps a lot. I remember a friend of mine told me he punched a hole in his wall over League and realized he needed to change things. Dota is full of toxicity in the first place; most games of that volume are.


Kingdom Hearts is probably the lone piece of media that I actively dislike. The poor quality of writing and bad controls make it a mystery to me why that series is revered the way it is. People love Disney and Final Fantasy characters enough to look past how almost everything else about that first game is not good, I guess?