Supposedly Fun Games You'll Never Play (...Out of Sentiment)


I tend to avoid anything developed by Daedelic: their Deponia series is so wildly racist, sexist and transphobic that I simply can’t touch anything else they’ve made.


The across the board appropriation underpinning the character and world design in HZD completely turns me off. Both because I find it offensive, but also because i feel it displays a massive lack of self examination regarding their world building and why things are the way they are per the narrative, and was an “easy” solution to a question that, with more examination, could’ve led somewhere much cooler.


I think GTA V is a really well made game but all the transgender background NPCs are really terribly done. Really dated and ugly portrayal. But I feel kind of petty about it since that’s literally 0.001% of the game.

Shadow of Mordor also kind of rubbed me the wrong way. The things you do to the orcs seem needlessly cruel, especially since the game goes out of its way to give them a very human characterisation.


I haven’t played DV3 yet, but I did have that part spoiled for me. It’s pretty much the reason why I haven’t played the game yet. Would have so much preferred if that twist was the other way around…


Not acknowledging Jontron’s involvement at all is a major turn off and why I wont play the finished game despite enjoying previous builds, but there were additional turn offs for me too. The lead dev has been accussed of scummy behavior. Not just the doxxing site linked, but also apparently having artists submit tests for a job, not hiring them, and then using the freely sourced work in the final game uncredited. I also didnt really like how they clowned on the Gamespot review for not liking the voice acting (and pretending that being able to turn it off should absolve any criticism of it) on the official Hat in Time account. They deleted the tweet super quick (like within an hour) but that they did it all spoke volumes to me.

Idk if this fully counts cus i did spend 80+ hours in the game beforehand but I had to stop playing BotW for a long time (i still havent picked it back up but ive been thinking about it). I was able to stomach the offputting Gerudo quest but there was an NPC at a stable elsewhere in the world dozens of hours later who acknowledged the gerudo outfit i primarily wore (which no one else that I met up till then - maybe people do in Kariko? I never actually got there and most of my playtime was on the western side of the map) only to immediately “see through” link and tell him off for trying to trick him. Despite knowing the “joke” was the dude is supposed to be an asshole, it still hit too close to home for me and that tied with not meeting anyone else out in the wild acknowledging the clothes except this weirdass trap moment left a mega sour taste in my mouth that put a huge damper on my experience with the game.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much storytelling potential wasted for the sake of cleverness. This was the only Danganronpa game I’d managed to keep myself from being spoiled on heading into. If you do ever play the game, though, maybe knowing what’s going to come will help you stomach it better than I have.

(In a very small, and petty, and shameful way I’ve been relieved to see DV3 wasn’t in game of the year discussions the way Danganronpa 1 and 2 were.)


I pretty much refuse to play anything by Rockstar based on how bad the GTA games are to women, PoC, and LGBT people.


Every game from Edmund McMillen and Jonathan Blow.

Edit: Thinking more about this. I also don’t play military shooters and games that mostly focus on progression systems and not much else.


There’s a pivotal moment near the end of GTA V where two central characters have maybe the best dialogue in the entire game (And honestly, that’s such a low bar to clear), but since it’s the first actual genuine, human moment in the game, the Housers decide to punctuate it with a gay joke. The writing in that game is just awful.

Even when they’re not using marginalized people as punchlines to jokes, the writing is still astoundingly bad. This section is three minutes long and has one of the worst writing I’ve seen in a big budget game.


I absolutely think Kojima is a really fascinating creator with a lot of interesting ideas and Death Stranding has looked really interesting from the moment teasers have dropped, but I am not ever going to play a Kojima game because at the end of the day, I just…don’t want to engage with his ideas about women. I just don’t.


I had almost the exact same reaction. I had to put the game down after that first game and rage write because it upset me so much. I ended up finishing the game, mostly because I paid for it, but it was disapointing overall imo


If we’re including games that aren’t out yet the news coming out about Quantic Dream has somehow made Detroit even less appealing to me than it already was.


Samesies. I wasn’t surprised by the news, but it was definitely an additional nail to add to that game’s shitshow coffin


I’m mostly amazed people still use the ‘Some of my best friends are [x]’ defense in the year of our lord 2018


Oh I’m with you on that, the garbage “she breathes through her skin” explanation is so transparent and so gross and I’m just not willing to engage with it, especially as I’m not already invested in the series.


I had to angrily walk around for a few days before I could put myself together to rage write haha. My dog might be the only winner here since she got to go on longer than usual walks while I worked out my thoughts. I’m impressed you finished it, even as I have no desire to.


Oh yeah, just like… fuck everything Quantic Dream makes. It’s all continues to be misogynistic trash.


I love nothing more than doing things out of spiteful stubornness lol. It ends up being…weird, even for a DR game


I mean, Cage even trotted out a BLM voice to a presentation of Detroit to basically say “look, my one black friend doesn’t think this is milquetoast exploitative horseshit!”

I will say Cage’s games are becoming more honest reflections of the shitty prestige filmmaking he adores, though. We’re all the way up to appropriating language & imagery from actual oppressed groups for whitewashed robot bullshit, and it was even announced in the year of Blade Runner 2049!

Oh, and the rampant sexual misconduct that most people knew was a thing a long time ago but only just started acknowledging the implications of. That’s another bit of prestige filmmaking Cage emulates wonderfully.


After the floodgates opened on Midboss upper management (specifically Matt Conn), I say adding 2064: Read Only Memories to this list is justified.